Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Picking Up The Fallen Pieces...

By Frank

The North Face 100 Singapore 2010 is now open for registration. However, my dream of participating in it was shattered 9 days ago at the Sundown Marathon 2010. Missing the qualification time by 00:30:23, I had to opt for the next available category which is the 100KM duo instead, where a team of 2 runners will have to run a distance of 50KM on trail each.

I know there may be a chance for participation in the 100KM solo category if I write in to the organisers, but I guess the chances will be slim as 30 minutes is a pretty huge margin. If I were the organisers, I would have rejected it too. Besides, I did not want to keep my friend waiting as I will only know the outcome on 15 August 2010 which is pretty late.

Therefore, as of today, I have registered myself for the 100KM duo. The friend or shall I say my team mate will be Jamie. I'm very sure he will make an extremely good team mate as we have been running and training together for since early 2008. Though we do not need to run together during the race, I know what is he capable off and therefore, I'm sure I made the correct choice.

There is another option for the 100KM solo qualification which is to run and complete the 100KM duo in a time of 7 hours. Definitely much easier compared to the 84KM in 10 hours option. Therefore, with this year's participation in the 100KM duo, I'm given another qualification chance to try qualify myself for next year's edition. All is not lost yet. I just have to be discipline and not slack like how I did for the Sundown Marathon 2010. Now, who is with me for training?


RunWitMe said...

Cinya! The big black bag strikes back! Good luck to your both. :)

Frank@Runnerz said...

Hahaha... Doubt I be carrying the big black bag for this trip. Going be very rush as will be leaving immediately after the race.

Jamie said...

Training has to be specific ie on the trails. insert *shudder*