Monday, May 24, 2010

Easier Doesn't Mean It Ain't Tough...

By Frank

My first 2 Sundown Marathon over the past 2 years has took me running the same route through East Coast Park, Bedok reservoir, HDB flats and climbing the same pedestrian bridges throughout the night.

For the 2010 edition however, a new route is introduced. Gone are the 4 route sections of Strings Of Lights, Heartland Twist, Waterfront Trail and Homerun. This time, runners will be starting from the Changi Exhibition Centre running along the airport road into East Coast Park till the end of it and back. And for the ultra marathon category which I will be running in, this will mean that I have to go through it twice. Definitely not a very "scenic" route compared to the original but I assume that it will be packed with supporters all around as this will be in a park after all, not to mention the smell coming from the barbecue pits as weekenders spend their weekends there.

The new race route for Sundown Marathon 2010...

The race route will now be purely flat. It does sound easier but remember that it is still partially running on concrete instead on tarmac. And running a 42KM and 84KM distance is not an easy matter. But I'm sure being a race held a Singapore, there will be lots of support even from those we do not know. This will really help as we run through the night.

I'm now in my tapering phase. An easy 10KM run earlier and with one more to come and a 5KM recovery run after that will call it close for this training. And being on a low carbohydrate meal is certainly not easy. Can't wait for Wednesday for I shall start fueling up. BURP!

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