Thursday, December 31, 2009

Into 2010 We Run...

By Frank

Quickly enough, it's time to say goodbye to year 2009 and hello year 2010. Marking a decade into the millennium, I'm sure most of us, especially athletes will certainly have many plans for ourselves. Before moving ahead, let me review on what I have gone through in year 2009.

71 entries, which is 19 lesser compared to year 2008. Well, I guess it means less racing and more training? Yes... No...? Hmmm... But anyway, that doesn't really matter. Besides that, after coming so close in year 2008, I have finally broke the 2000KM running barrier by running a total of 2245.71KM this year, which includes a 300KM run over 19 days. Tired? No way but just very surprised that I actually managed it with 2 seperate months of laying off due to injuries.

Personally, I don't think I join much races this year. Instead, I focused on major races which I set my eyes on and used the other races as part of my training regime. That explains my running mileage this year. Therefore, not many medals this year but instead, I was rewarded with improvements which all matter more over that shiny thing.

I have made some resolutions for year 2009. One of them is to run 3 marathons which I did. Then to run an ultra marathon which I debut successfully in the Sundown Marathon 2009 and then followed by my second in the MR25 Ultra Marathon 2009. Yeap, I did 2 when I initially only wanted to do only one in my entire running career. Guess the ultra bug hit me hard. Next, to run a sub 4 hour marathon which I did in my final chance of the year at the Macau Marathon 2009, which also happen to be my first ever oversea marathon (Singapore excluded as I'm a Johorian). Halfway through the year, I decided to include an additional "secondary" resolution in trying to run my marathon dream timing of a 3:35 hours marathon. No, I did not achieve it missing it by about 5 minutes plus, but looking on the brighter side of things, I am still here to give it another go in the near future.

Lastly and probably the most important, to stay injury free myself and together with my friends. This resolution did not entirely materialised as myself went down with injuries twice, early in the year and mid year being sidelined for at least a month each. Besides, my very dear friend Lynn too went down with it and it has been dragging till now. Really miss running with her and I do hope the recent situation is showing positive results.

As a bonus to myself, I even "re-ignited" my cycling career although this time on the road and not off it. Pretty different from mountain biking, I kind of find it difficult at first but managed to improve from time to time from just races as I didn't even train on the bike. Hahaha... However, I did complete my first ever Century Ride and even debuted at the Powerman Malaysia 2009 in which both I had serious fun. And not forgetting too that I successfully conquered Mount Kinabalu all the way up the the peak on my first attempt. Truly an experience!

As for the "Platinum Runners", the group hasn't been too active together either. With Geraldine sorely missed as she migrated to Melbourne early of the year, Jamie decided to take a year's break himself after completing his 10th marathon. Luc himself is pretty busy with work travelling around and with Lynn sidelined, that leaves only myself, Choi, Lawrence and Loke to wake the early birds and insects at Bukit Aman on Saturday and sometimes Sunday mornings. Training has been pretty dull without the rest. But the recent "year end dinner" did show positives signs of the group coming back together next year so do watch out! Not to mention that Geraldine will be back for a holiday.

Overall, year 2009 has been pretty fruitful in terms of my sports performance. However, what matters most is friendship as I found lots of new found friends from Chin Ann, Foo, Henry, John, Pathma, Poh Seng, Raymond Hee, Raymond Ng, Tony, Michelle, Jennifer, Saya, Siok Bee, Shih Ming, Wai Mun and the list goes on. And my friendship with Lynn and Keat Seong really blossomed this year. I really enjoyed the time we spent together and the recent trip to Macau and Hong Kong was certainly a memorable one.

Happy New Year from the Platinum Runners (photo taken during year end dinner at Dragon-i, Pavilion by Jamie)...

As the door closes for year 2009, let us bring the fond memories together with us and leave the bad ones behind. And with another 365 days to till the next year, let's start getting things right. As for myself, I will guess it's pretty much the same although I'm raising the stakes a little. And here it goes:

Year 2010 resolutions
- To run 3 marathons and to attempt for my marathon dream timing again
- To run 2 ultra marathons and try to qualify for The North Face Challenge 100K Solo
- With my friends to improve, run more effectively and staying healthy and injury free
- Lynn recovering fully from her injuries

Thus with this year 2009 last entry, comes a close to yet another running chapter of mine. Before signing off, here's a toast to a wonderful new year ahead! HAPPY 2010! *throws confetti*


RunWitMe said...

Happy New Year!

Jessa said...

Wishing u a happy and blessed 2010, Frank

MeLiew said...

Happy New Year Frank...

Just noticed that you are active in this blog than the other old one... :-)

Ribbit @ Lynn said...

hhhhhhhhhhappy new year! Thanks for the well wishes..hopefully will be able to come back training with you guys...

C-CUBE said...

all the best in 2010 and let it blossom into a flower.....u know wat i mean :o)