Saturday, August 22, 2009

Let The Games Begin...

By Frank

My 2 weeks periodisation phase for Project DREAM came to an end at last weekend's Merdeka Criterium Race 2009, a bike race. I must say it went pretty well as my body manage to adapt to it. With 5 days rest with just a couple of short easy runs, I began with my next phase of training this morning, base training. This is where the real game begins as it's here where I will slowly build up my mileage to get my body and legs accustom to the stress it's going to take on for the next phase and also during the actual race. With time running short, I foresee this stage to last about 5 weeks. Distance for weekday runs will be increased to a 10KM distance while still maintaining my cycling, resistance training and swimming routine, once each per week. And since it's the start of the fasting month, there will be no races and therefore, I can hit the mileage during the weekend.

However, things got off to a hasty start for this phase as I decided to take on the 30KM distance for my first run, a situation pretty similiar to a few months back when I returned from my fractured knee injury. Perhaps a little daring, but I was really feeling good. I ran at a tempo pace, not allowing my heart rate to rocket over 80% from my maximum heart rate, though I believe at certain stages it did. Energy level was fine and I was really feeling good throughout the run. No heaving puffing and still managing a word or two. However, the same can't be said about my legs. Left knee wasn't yet 100% and there was still a slight discomfort especially on the descend. However, it's an on and off situation and hopefully this is a good sign of recovery. Fingers and toes cross.

I completed my run in 10 minutes pass the 3 hours mark. Feeling real good after it though legs were a little sore. More work needs to be done but since this is just the start of it, I'm pretty please with my results. Things are looking good and slowly shaping up. Hopefully by the end of 5 weeks or maybe 6 weeks max, I shall be able to run comfortably up to a marathon distance. But for now, I'm just happy that I'm back!

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