Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eating The Human Way...

By Frank

Eating has been one of my favourite hobbies. I’m sure it is for many out there. But as an athlete, I must eat the healthy way. I’m not a person who is fussy about food as I basically eat anything that is edible. And living in Malaysia which is a food heaven, it’s really tough to stay away from all the obsession. I however believes in the discipline key factor and therefore choose what I eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle especially when there is a major event coming up.

In preparation for the Nike+ Human Race 10K, besides training smart, a healthy diet is a must. And by mentioning a healthy diet, I stay away from oily and fatty food especially those that contains trans fat. In addition, I eat small meals a day and the only meal that I follow the normal routine is my dinner. My meals are made of mainly carbohydrates with addition to a little protein before a workout to help train better with the much needed energy. And after each workout, I replenish what I lost by taking in the same thing but with a higher dosage of protein to help in muscle recovery. Replenishing the glycogen level and nourishing the muscles after each workout is essential as it allows the body to prepare for its next workout.

Although I’m a meat eater, I don’t eat much of it. The only meat that I like would be fish. They are rich in protein and healthy fatty acid and makes good alternative to other meats. I’m more on a vegetable and fruit guy. With it, I get the anti-oxidants I need for a much needed resistance against most sickness.

I'm taking health supplements to enhance my health too. Some of them are like multi-vitamins and minerals for well-being, multi-oil formula (Omega 3, 6 and 9) for cardiovascular system, glucosamine for joint health and sports recovery drinks. Recently too, I have started taking probiotics supplement too as a way to detox my system. I felt better and lighter after having them but in comes with a price. Bowel movement has been increased as the system starts to purge the waste. To counter it, I take an activated charcoal pill once every 2 nights before going to bed. It helps detoxify the system too but in another manner which is easier to the system. It helps retain the waste by “sucking up" the water in the system which is then release easily without much stressful purging. Besides, it also helps in eliminating stomach wind. Therefore with these, I take in 1500ML of plain water each day to keep myself hydrated and also as the multi-vitamins tends to be very heaty with the heavy concentration of Vitamin B in them.

The heatlh supplements I'm taking...

With each days passing till the race day on 31 August 2008, it is not easy to eat healthy everyday. When people say that eating healthy is pretty dull, I have to admit myself that in certain aspect, it is true. Therefore, I still go for my “cheat meals” (e.g. fast food), although I tried to avoid it. The only time I have them is to reward myself after a good workout or race and so far this month, I only had it once. Sometimes, a “cheat meal” makes one feeling guilty and hence the next training session will be more intense, hoping to make up for what is loss. So if one think out of the box, “cheat meals” can be beneficial too. Besides, we all only live once and so why not enjoy some simple things in life while we can.

After completing a half marathon and a 10KM race, here’s an update on my fitness level. Though my fitness level has been showing positive signs, my right Piriformis muscle gave me a scare yesterday. In the morning, I felt a slight pull on it when I climb up and down the stairs. Not thinking too much, I still went running for a distance of 10KM. I did not feel anything during the run but upon returning home, I felt it again. Now with just 12 days to go till the Nike+ Human Race 10K, this is really scary. I guess I have to lighten my running these few days and concentrate on resistance and rehab exercises and see how it goes. And so, I guess this Sunday’s Shape and Men’s Health Run 2008 is going to be a very slow and easy run for me. Till then, I’ll just hope that there is nothing wrong.

A view of the piriformis muscle...


CapArnabBrand said...

Shit. I'm a sucker for food... I guess you can see it from my size.. haha..

Runnerz said...

Remember this simple phrase. "It is what you eat that determines how you train and what you become".

Cheong said...

Good post on sport nutrition. You are just about the only blog / club site I have read thus far that talks about this important aspect.

I avoid taking pills or detox medication. Also Glucosamine should not be taken long term. I went on it for 2 weeks base on Dr prescription. Once I drop my weight and strength train the surrounding muscle around my knee (taught by hospital physiotherapist), the pain gradually reduce. My continuous training in jogging / running also assisted in the situation.

Try fresh coconut water / meat (without adding sugar and ice). Its a natural rehydration and detoxification fruit. I do alot of work outdoors (hot and humid environment). I take between 4 to 5per week to rehydrate and detox my system. I combine these with lots of fruits and raw vegetables in my diet.

Runnerz said...

The probiotics I'm taking is actually natural, so no harm. I'm taking the activated charcoal pills as the probiotics makes me visit the toilet often. However, my probiotics intake is just for the time being.

As for Glucosamine, I used to take a high dosage as I have knee problems. It's now gone and I'm just taking a low dosage twice a week just to maintain my knee as I do run a lot and also do leg resistance exercises.

Coconuts has a weird effect on my tummy as sometimes it triggers the bowel movement, while sometimes it doesn't. I stay safe with my vegetables and fruits. I love my apples, pears and guavas.