Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Running On Marshmallows...

Event: Nike LunarTrainer+ Trial Run
Venue: Piazza, The Curve, Selangor
Date: 5 August 2008
Time: 6.00pm
Distance: 5KM (4.1KM by Jamie's Forerunner 205)
Shoe: Nike LunarTrainer+
By Frank

I was thinking at first on my writing format of this entry since the run I had earlier was a trial run. But finally, I decided that I should just follow my regular event report format as after all, it involves a run.

Nike is helping us accomplish this...

And so, today is the much anticipated preview day of the Nike LunarTrainer+ and LunaRacer+ (the shoes will only be available for retail in October 2008). And what a day I must say! Prior to the upcoming Nike+ Human Race 10K, this is certainly a very important day for me as runners is introduced to a product jointly developed by Nike and NASA. The preview event was attended by runners around and also those from the media totalling to about 30 of us I guess. Some of the familiar faces that joined me, Jamie, Loke, Pueh Tian, Rashid and Geraldine were like our national triathlete Kimberly Yap and Rudy from Hitz FM. Before the preview started, we were treated to some light refreshments consisting of marshmallows and bananas which was also used to advertise on the shoes. I get to that shortly later. .

How the Nike LunarTrainer+ and Nike LunaRacer+ looks like during development...

This is where all eyes were on, the Nike LunaRacer+...

Everything started at slightly after 5pm with a short talk and video presentation. I must really admit that Nike are really creative in making some advertisements as they are just way too funny. There was one that caught my attention (shown below) where an astronaut was jumping on the moon and then floating in space with the Nike LunaRacer+. I just simply like that.

Now if I only can do this with the Nike LunaRacer+...

A pillowy ride...

After the presentation, came the shoes. Each of us were presented with the Nike LunarTrainer+ as the racer were not available. Nevertheless, it's still one great shoe. Upon putting it on or rather to say holding it, I must say that this is one very light shoe. Weighting at only 240 grams for a US size 8.5, it's even lighter than my sandals! Now go imagine the weight of the racer. Oh by the way, it's even lighter than a regular sized banana, hence the bananas that I mentioned earlier. Hehe... Next after putting it on, I found that the width of the shoe was just a bit tight, but still manageable. I jump around with the shoe and I must say that I was really impressed, something that I have never felt before. The cushioning, built upon a technolgy call the LunarLite is simply amazing and that's where the marshmallows comes in. "The correct amount of softness with that springy feel" as how the Nike footwear designer explains it.
The Nike LunarTrainer+...

Upon gearing up, everyone gathered at the Piazza area just outside Fitness First at just around 6pm. Damn we look so good as each and everyone of us were wearing the exact same shoes! Weather was just fine although a bit hot. But the lucky thing was, there was no haze. Probably thanks to the short drizzle earlier. Off we went then. We ran around the Mutiara Damansara housing vicinity, a reverse route used in the BHP Orange Run 2008. It was pretty flat here and I tried various running patterns like landing on the heel, the midfoot and the forefoot. All was great but I had to say that the response provided by the forefoot is just amazing! Plyometrics can be easily done with it.

Traction is good. However on sandy areas, it tends to be a bit slippery. This is probably due to the design of the treads. Back to the run, I was running at the front pack with Jamie, Kimberly and few others. I felt like running in one of the marathon majors. I know it's a trial run but I guess I have to let my imagination run wild a bit here as I never run at the front pack before. Haha... Upon exiting the housing vicinity, we were greeted by a hill climb before a downhill segment. From here on, I was leading the pack after some confussion on the running route by some others. Now I felt like running the Olympic marathon event and being chased by elites at my back. When I mention elites, one of them is Kimberly Yap! Hehe... Anyway, during the downhill, I again tested the shoe with plyometrics. I felt running faster here as I started to float on air! WOW!

Shortly later, I was back at the Curve as we ended the run at the courtyard just behind TGIF. I clocked 00:20:33 and no, I did not complete the run at first place as a few runners, mostly elites overtook me as we entered Curve. :p

Nike was kind enough to order some refreshments from TGIF to rehydrate ourselves as we all gathered to share some feedbacks on the shoe before returning to the office just above. Back at the office, we had a "post-mortem" session on how each of us felt about the shoe. From my point of view, the shoe is just simply amazing. I just wished that it has 2E width although as I ran earlier, I did not feel any discomfort due to the width. But nevertheless, today's run was just a trial run and I would not go too deeply into the Nike LunarTrainer+ just yet. Besides, it's only a 4.1KM run and it's just too early to judge it although first impression was great. I will test it out for a longer period of time which a review will soon follow. But this shoe, will certainly be my shoe of choice for the upcoming Nike+ Human Race 10K, unless I can get my hands (or rather feet) on the Nike LunaRacer+. *hint hint*
Overall, I really enjoyed this day. It's not everytime that I have the chance to run together with the elites and also to let my imagination run a bit wild. And to end this day and blog entry of mine, many thanks to Nike Malaysia for what is offered today.


RunWitMe said...

Cool shoes! :)

C-CUBE said...

this shoe looks cinya saileh, space technology, but no midfoot support leh. did NIKE missed that out!!!! maybe get CROC to develop a running shoe and fight NIKE.

Runnerz said...

In fact, there is as it's hidden. It's very mild though. It's a neutral cushion shoe and will suit those who slightly over pronate, like myself.