Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shape & Men's Health Run 2009...

Event: Shape & Men's Health Run 2009
Venue: Dataran Putrajaya, Putrajaya
Date: 25 July 2009
Time: 8.00pm
Distance: 11.5KM (11.42KM by James's Garmin Forerunner 405)
Shoe: Nike LunarGlide+
By Frank

The Shape & Men's Health Run which made its debut here last year was a successful running event that offers not only a well organised run but also attracted lots of sponsors which in the end benefited the runners with a superbly packed goodie bag. This year's edition was upgraded to a distance of 11.5KM and instead of a morning run at the streets of Kuala Lumpur city, a night run at Putrajaya was held instead.

This was my first ever running event after going down with injury at the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2009. Though I did a couple of short runs being a 2.7KM and 5KM respectively followed by a 160KM bike ride last weekend, I still do not know if my legs especially my left will be able to withstand the pounding of a 11.5KM run, plus the hard surface at Putrajaya. Therefore, I do not have high hopes for this run. Just taking it as a test run and to have fun with my friends. Besides, I will be testing out the Nike LunarGlide+ which I received a couple of weeks ago which I have yet to test them.

I arrived together with Pui San and Shih Ming as I bump into them halfway through the drive to the venue. With close to 2 hours to go, we hung around the race village and soon was united with the rest of the THG group from Lynn, Chin Chin, Michelle, Siok Bee and Raymond. Lynn decided not to run though and she came armed with her camera. Thanks Lynn! I even met up with Henry whom I was chatting through Facebook in the noon while he was waiting for a flight back from Penang. And the big suprise was, I bump into James who came together with Yoke Kuan, both student and ex-colleague respectively from Taylor's Business School. Was realy good to catch up with him again.

The run started sharp at 8pm. The weather was really warm and humid. The first 3KM or so was rather flat as it took us towards the Putrajaya International Convention Center. Though I burst out of the starting pent like a charging bull, I was no match for Choi who overtook me with just 1KM into the run. I suspect it was due to the durians he ate earlier. Haha... On the Seri Gemilang Bridge just before arriving at the convention center, Pui San waved and passed me. As like the previous year when I paced with her, this year I couldn't keep up. She soon disappear into the darkness as I started my climb around the convention center's hill.

As I arrived down from the climb, my left knee started to twitch a little. Little vibrations were felt on the knee cap and it was uncomfortable. I slowed my pace down as I made my return to the Seri Gemilang Bridge. There was a refreshment station here and I was forced to gulp down a cup of water due to the dryness. I can even feel the heat coming up from the tarmac as water were spilled over it. Both my foot was getting really warm too, due to the poor ventilation of the Nike LunarGlide+. Continuing on, I spotted Shih Ming on the opposite side and she was looking good for a podium finish. I did not call out to her though as there were too many runners around. Loke passed me just after the bridge as we ran into Precint 4 passed yet another bridge, the Seri Saujana Bridge which offers some best views of Putrajaya. As my pace was slowing down here, I get to enjoy them. As Choi always said, "Slow is beautiful". Keat Seong passed me here, and though we chatted for a moment, he was off soon.

It was a long stretch here around Precint 7 and to the third bridge I ran, the Seri Wawasan Bridge. Beautiful bridge which I'm sure the newly weds will agree too as they were doing their photo shoot there. Making my way into the last 2KM, more and more runners passed me as I was conserving my energy for the final kilometer. And upon seeing the marker, I went a little faster bearing the discomfort on my left knee. Yee Hua coincidentally passed me at this point. I felt bad having to pass her immediately after that though. I know it felt like a racing gesture but it was of no intention.

A final climb was all it stands towards the final 200M stretch towards the finish line as I took it just like any hill climbs, small steps with fast cadence. As I took the left turn and immediately saw the finish line, I was just glad that I made it and eventually crossed it in a time of 01:01:28. All 75 finisher's medal were snatched up as expected, but I was rewarded with a goodie bag worth RM300 which was just as good. I was also rewarded by a tummy ache which I had to pay a visit to the toilet. Darn...

Contents of the goodie bag...

We hung around the race village sharing our race experiences with each other. Victor was there too who came to support. Pui San and Shih Ming came in 4th and 5th in their own category respectively. Well done! After getting the prizes and cleaning up, we all adjourned to a nearby eatery till almost midnight before we left for home for a good nights' rest.

Overall, the Shape & Men's Health Run 2009 was a runaway success. Though the weather was really hot and humid, this is something which we all can't control. As I said, just suck it up and run. And though I did mentioned that this was a test run earlier, I was a little disappointed for not able to run a sub 1 hour run, but was consoled by Keat Seong saying that I have yet to recover. Maybe that's true. Thanks pal. Therefore, I'm just currently so out of shape that I got to start everything from scratch. Till my next run next week at the adidas King Of The Road. Now left knee, be good OK?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

KRI Century Ride 2009...

Event: KRI Century Ride 2009
Venue: Bukit Kinding Resort, Tanjung Rambutan, Ipoh, Perak
Date: 19 July 2009
Time: 7.00am
Distance: 160KM (155.8KM by Polar CS100)
Bike: Merida Road Race 905-Com
By Frank

This will be my first ever cycling entry as I prepare myself for dualthon and hopefully triathlon soon. Not as easy to write though compared to running, as cycling is a fast pumping adrenaline sport and I can't really remember the places and the time taken to pass each of them. Hence my apologies here as this report isn't as informative as I would like it to be.

It's just 15 days since I have gotten my bike and with barely 2KM of pedalling with it, I'm off to a 160KM bike ride expedition in the state of Perak. And since I have never been to Ipoh, it's a great way to explore the town and state's surroundings. Century Ride is not a race for me, just something for fun and experience since it's my first time on a road bike. To complete is my priority, even if it's outside the qualifying time.

18 July 2009. Pre-ride day.
The journey up to Ipoh started early at 7.50am where I met up with Shih Ming and Pui San at the Sungai Buloh overhead bridge rest area. We agreed to fom a convoy up to Ipoh as I'm not familiar with the roads in Ipoh. Heng and Vin was a little late and decided that we should meet up during the drive up which we did at the Tapah rest area. The drive was smooth but awfully boring and lonely for me. Was hoping someone was travelling with me. Sigh...

My first trip to the town of Ipoh...

Arrived at the small town of Ipoh in about 2 hours plus time and off we all went to a dim sum restaurant called Foh San. And we were lucky that they just shifted into a new place which was rather high class with a hotels' touch to it. But the unlucky part was Heng got a parking fine. Not really his fault as we were searching for a shop to purchase the parking coupon which took us 5 minutes or so. Back to the car, the officer was already done with his job. Don't understand why is the parking coupon still being used instead of the dispenser type, and why isn't Saturday free or half day?

Anyway, had a good time indulging with the dim sum and catching up among ourselves before off to another famous eatery place call Funny Mountain Soya Bean. No doubt the "Tau Foo Fah" was good till Shih Ming and Heng gulped down 2 bowls of it. We parted ways with Heng and Vin as they are on the way back to Penang, and the 3 of us made our way to our hotel.

The scene at Foh San dim sum restaurant...

Did a late check-in for my hotel room at Hotel Fair Park before Shih Ming came from her hotel to pick me up to attend a briefing session at Tower Regency Hotel. It was here that we joined with the rest of the group from Jennifer, Michelle, Siok Bee, Keat Seong, Raymond and Yip. Lynn and Chin Chin was still at Penang though as they were paddling in a dragon boat charity race.

Part of the THG gang...

Off for tea-time after the short briefing and back to the hotel next for a short rest before it's dinner time at a restaurant call Lou Wong for Ipoh's famous beansprout chicken rice. Nothing spectacular about the chicken rice but the beansprout was really fat and juicy. Filling only half of my hungry stomach, it's back to the hotel to call it a day.

Ice cream for tea-time...

19 July 2009. Riding day.
I have set my alarm to go off at 4am but somehow, I woke up instantly at 3am. With 4 hours till the start of the ride, I slowly got myself ready while keeping myself very carefully not to produce any sound that might disturb both Raymond and Yip who were still sleeping. By 5.30am, I was all set to go and shortly later, Chin Chin, Lynn, Pui San and Shih Ming was already waiting for us at the lobby. Jennifer and Keat Seong was already ready too but I opt to stay with Raymond and Yip instead and asked the rest to make their way to the starting venue first.

The route map...

By the time we arrived at Bukit Kinding resort, we only had 20 minutes to get ourselves ready. And by the time we did so, both myself and Raymond found the cyclist pedalling out of the gate at 7am sharp! Since the time will only be started upon exiting the gate, we both decided to start from here, hence no rolling start for us. Raymond went ahead first while I waited for Chin Chin, Lynn, Pui San and Shih Ming as we agreed to pedal together. Waited till a marshall came out on a motorcycle informing that there was no cyclist left behind. I guess I have missed them , so off I went. 13 years of no pedalling, it was time for my cycling muscles to be awaken, though this historic moment of my comeback was a little comedic as I had a little problem getting my shoe clip on to the pedal hence a shaky start. I even went for a short off road trip when I lost my balance when the support vehicles passed me on the narrow road. Was glad that I wasn't threw off my bike or suffer any puncture. Haha...

My strategy for this 160KM ride is just to keep pedalling even at a slow speed as I have learnt this from John's blog as he particpated in last year's edition. And at times, I will do a sprint followed by a recovery ride. Just want to balance everything out for a first ride. Fun , experience and techniques.

After getting myself warm up after pedalling for 1KM and with the road slightly cleared, I pedalled hard trying to catch up with my friends. At about 5KM or so, a few cyclist passed me and I thought there might be some others at the back. Decision time and I made up my mind to slow down hoping my friends were at the back instead of the front. Soon, I spotted Shih Ming closing on me from behind and I was glad I made the correct decision. Pedalled with her for a while, while chatting before she left after informing that the rest of my friends are at the back. With this, I stopped at the roadside at 8KM to wait for them but I was told off by the policeman. Off I went again but at a very slow speed and this saw Pui San rocketed pass me. 200M after my restart, I finally spotted Lynn and Chin Chin and off we went together.

With no knowledge on drafting and with my inconsistent speed, I decided not to draft them or let them draft me. Kept a minimal distance from them as I pedal, the 3 of us cycled passed Sungai Siput into Kuala Kangsar. The town of Kuala Kangsar was a busy one and I had a little problem as the roads were narrow and traffic was a little heavy. Somewhere around the town's exit, there was a confusion on whether to take a left or right turn as the junction was lacking the direction marker. Was lucky that a support vehicle was near and they directed us. Phew... Talk about getting lost in Perak.

Arriving at 40KM, my bum was already hurting. Another 120KM to go still. I had to stand at times to relieve the pain and pressure from sitting down on the saddle. Eery stroke I took, my poor glutes hurts. Argh... I was glad that the emergency lane here was wide though, hence I can cycle without fears of vehicles coming close to me kept at a minimal. It was about 75KM, we were greeted by a steep climb into a village. It's probably the toughest climb but Lynn showed her strength here powering up the slope like it was so easy. Bravo! As I got to the top, I heard a battle-cry let out by Chin Chin. Kudos to her too, pedalling through it. Shortly in front, we were greeted by the first checkpoint. Refilled our tumblers and off we went again now into Sauk.

Nearly got lost again as there were no direction marker at a turning point. I sprinted to the front to have a quick check and was lucky I spotted a marshall sitting on the pavement just shortly in front. Signalled to the 2 girls to join in and off we went into another beautiful area and into Karai. Had a short chat with Lynn here as we cycled side by side enjoying the view which includes scenic mountains and even a railway bridge. Wonderful!

Lynn and Chin Chin looking great after 108KM of pedalling...

Yours truly looking the opposite though...

Can't really explain much here as I'm not familiar with the surroundings, but we were greeted by the second checkpoint at 108KM before cycling into Lintang. At 120KM, I spotted Yeap from KSH Merida taking a break at the side. He was helping people around, hence he was left behind. Talk about being a bike technician. I stopped for a chat with him before we cycled together for a while as I'm too slow for him. 141KM saw the third and final checkpoint. My left knee here was starting to give me problems and it's a different area from the injury I suffered at the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2009. Hmm... Another 20KM to go, I told my knee. Please hang in there. Same goes to my poor bum too which was squashed at that point.

Lynn happily zooming pass me...

20KM long and almost a straight road was the difference between success and failure. Keep pedalling, keep pedalling! At 150KM, Lynn passed me saying 10KM to go! At 154KM, she said again 6KM to go! She was going for it at this stage while I was still conserving my energy for the final sprint. A support vehicle passed me informing me another 3KM to go and this is where I began my sprint. Lynn was about 300M ahead of me as I engaged a higher gear with each kilometer conquered to try close down the gap. I was huffing and puffing as she was really strong at this point. At the last corner into the resort, I zipped up my jersey as a final climb awaits us. I finally caught up with Lynn here and we crossed the finish line 2 seconds apart with her being ahead. 07:53:04 was the time I took, almost 7 minutes from the cut off time. Chin Chin came in 6 minutes later.

Senior riders (Yip and Raymond) together with the 3 newbies (myself, Lynn and Chin Chin)...

Together with Yeap (1st from right) from KSH Merida...

The only disappointment was the lack of support at the finish line. No refreshment was given and we had to search for it. They even ran out of medals. Sigh... Never mind though as they did promise to mail them to us together with the certificate. However , all in all, I was really satisfied with my ride and was glad that I didn't suffer any mishap. Even my legs weren't as sore as I though it will be. It's just that I suffered sunburn on my arms and legs. And my poor squashed bum. I need a new saddle!

My arm got barbequed...

Rested at the canopy just outside the hall, while waiting for Shih Ming and Pui San to join us. Lynn's mum was there too. Got ourselves clean up and off we went for a light snack before heading back to Kuala Lumpur and Penang respectively. Lonely and sleepy drive home for me but was glad that a friend kept me entertained with SMSs. Whoops... I was SMSing while driving. Shhh...

One for the album before leaving Ipoh...

- Jennifer, for an awesome job in helping register for the ride.
- Keat Seong, for the advices and concern shown to us especially the first timers.
- Shih Ming and Pui San, for the tour around Ipoh and for great company.
- Lynn and Chin Chin, for the company along 152KM of the ride.
- Raymond and Yip, for arranging the accomodation and being great room mates.
- The rest of the THG gang for the awesome time together at the small town of Ipoh.
- KSH Merida team for the advices and into the building of my road bike.
- To those who have played a part but not mention here, you know who you are. THANK YOU!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ASICS GEL-Kayano 15...

By Frank

16 years has passed since the introduction of the first ASICS GEL-Kayano. 14 editions later, the 15th edition was introduced and quickly enough in February 2009, Runners World awarded the ASICS GEL-Kayano 15 the Editor's Choice award. Upon reading about it, I was really impressed with it and at the same time, I ran out trainers. Therefore, a check with with a friend of mine who works as a foot care consultant reveals that the shoe is highly recommended for me and therefore brought me and the shoe together.

The ASICS GEL-Kayano 15...

However, somehow for some reasons, it took me a while to actually review this shoe due to the long testing sessions I have to go through with it as I can hardly find any major faults with this shoe! I may sound bias here, but I can assure you that I am not.

A medial view of the shoe...

The ASICS GEL-Kayano 15 falls under the stability category which is suitable for those who pronates a little more than usual and those looking for mild arch support. No doubt it looks big and bulky but ASICS has done a superb job in maintaining the weight at just about 350 grams for a size US8. That's an impressive weight for a trainer that offers much comfort and protection for the foot and not to mention the excellent durability from it. I wore it with no problems lifting the legs stride after stride.

Let's start with the shoe's upper feel. I personally likes memory foam around the shoe's collar. Not only it feels good wrapping around the ankle, it does help prevent chaffing on the Achilles region. Personally, all shoe's collar memory foam are more or less the same but ASICS choose to name theirs PHF which literary stands for Personal Heel Fit. Next up, the Asymmetrical Lacing Design, a first in the ASICS GEL-Kayano series. A quick look on the lacing reveals that is very different from conventional lacing system. It is tilted to a side! The reasons behind this design from ASICS does make sense however as it aligns the medial and lateral quarterly-panels evenly which is how our feet is shaped. A more natural protection and movement for the metatarsal and tarsal bones, runners can look forward to an irritation free and perhaps pain free run. I'm sure that this system will soon be featured in all major ASICS shoes and probably in other brands too. A quick note though is that it may take a little time in getting use to it for those who have yet to try this system.

Asymmetrical Lacing Design...

The shoe's ventilation is good but not great. For those with sweaty foot, they may experience some squishy runs with it. But as OrthoLite technology is used here, bacteria and fungus growth are kept to a minimal. Just don't go smelling your shoes though. And as for the flexibility, it is actually pretty good here considering it is a trainer. Built upon a system called the BioMorphic Fit Technology, this allows the shoe to stretch and expand at certain movement areas of the foot, thus moving together with the foot and reducing any potential irritation.

Next we look at the ASICS GEL-Kayano 15's midsole. There is no secret that ASICS are well known for their GEL cushioning. It can be found all around the shoe's midsole from the forefoot to the rearfoot. However, to further enhance it, a new material is added this round known as the Solyte midsole material which helps cushion the foot even more. And ASICS claimed that the Solyte material at the heel area does deform faster to allow enhanced shock protection by allowing it to shape according to the runner's gait. How true is it, I do not know? But I certainly have no problems running with it.

Front overlays and the Solyte logo...

The GEL cushioning for the heel...

No stability shoe is without a medial support. And ASICS choose to name theirs DuoMax. What I really like about it is that ASICS has chosen to feature the DuoMax for the entire midfoot area hence providing an even support for the arch. Together with the arch support call the Space Trusstic System, not only I find my run pain free, but absolutely comfortable as my foot collapse inwards due to my pronation rate. And what's good to know is that as the shoe does come in gender specific models, as the system is built accordingly to each gender's running style. So no worries on hip injuries.

DuoMax medial support...

The gender specific Space Trusstic System (men's version seen here)...

To the outsole now, the layer of rubbers that come in contact with the earth. Runners who knows ASICS will know the awesome durability of the shoes. One factor that contributed to it is the carbon rubber used called ASICS High Abrasion Resistant rubber. A word of note though, for those who are used to Nike's BRS1000 or Saucony's carbon rubber system, you may find this just a little on the stiff side though. However, together with the outsole's cushioning rubber call the DuraSponge, the shoe's lifespan is prolonged which I believe can easily reach an average of 1,000KM running mileage.

The outsole is built to last...

There is certainly a lot of technology used in building this shoe. But how well will it go to serve each and every individual? I have heard praises on it but also at the same time heard some struggling with it. Personally, I have no problems. My advice however to those finding it hard to adapt to it, will be to have the shoe "run in" first which should take around 50KM to 100KM depending on running style. This will allow the shoe to be "molded" to the runner's foot. To make things easier, I do recommend to walk with the shoes first maybe around the house for a couple of weeks as I do find this rather helpful.

To end my review on the ASICS GEL-Kayano 15, all I can say that it is a great shoe. It really deserves the awards and through 15 generations, it has proven to the running world that it's not only a running shoe, but a legend of its own. The ASICS GEL-Kayano 15 is now available at retail at a recommended selling price of RM599.

Comfort: 8.5/10
Cushioning: 9/10
Design: 8.5/10
Flexibility: 7.5/10
Weight: 7.5/10
Overall: 8.2/10

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Rocket Science...

By Frank
Don't be worry about the title. I'm not blasting into space. It's the theme Nike is using to promote their latest running shoe, the Nike LunarGlide+, the successor to the Nike LunarTrainer+ which made it's debut a year ago.

The Nike LunarGlide+...

The stage is set. Not blasting into space though...

Nike shoes and apparels galore...

A year has passed since Nike held the Nike LunarTrainer+ shoe trials for the media team and runners. This year round for the Nike LunarGlide+ saw a larger turnout with both media team and runners turning up at full strength. Lynn, Pui San, Justin and Lionel took part for the first time, while making their return are Shih Ming, Jamie, Loke, Pueh Tian and Rashid too. Geraldine who is now in down under is greatly missed. 2 friends from the media team, Richard from TimeOut KL and Niki who both ran last year's Nike+ Human Race 10K with me was present too.

Lynn collecting her "rocket shoe"...

The trial started off with a short introduction by my pal at Nike, Wong Li-Zren explaining the core technology of the shoe and how different it is to its predecessor. Though my first impression of the shoe wasn't really a good one, the explanation that Wong gave was indeed pretty interesting. Designed as a stability cushioning shoe which is something I have never heard before, I felt an arch support within the shoe which was something I really am thankful to have. And though the medial rear of the shoe is slightly higher compared to the lateral, the latter was built with more cushioning to balance things out. And when I first wore it, I find it rather tough on the heel. A huge chunk of carbon rubber was used and I believe this contributed to it.

Wong Li-Zren explaining the A to Z of the Nike LunarGlide+...

One very important thing about this is shoe is the overall fit is much better than its predecessor. Sensitive areas were now padded especially the collar and it holds the feet nicely like a glove thanks to the seamless design. And the great news is, this shoe comes in gender specific models with the mens model coming in Black/Orange while the womens in White/Grey/Orange. After all the good stuff Wong described and after some tough decision making on whether to join them for a short run due to my injury, I decided to give it a shot.

The sky open up and our run was slightly delayed till about 5.45pm. It reduced to a drizzle and off we went for a 2.7KM run around the Mutiara Damansara neighbourhood. I was going slow following Loke and those from the "Injury Club" being Lynn, Pui San and Shih Ming. The run was good and the shoe gave a "bouncy" feel and the toughness I mentioned earlier was gone. Even traction and stability was much improved and I need not worry now running on pavements. Too early to comment on other areas of the shoe but at the end of it, I was glad that my legs held up.

The shoe is pretty good for a short run like this. Though heavier than the Nike LunarTrainer+, it is very acceptable. Not sure how will it hold for further distance but will give it a go at the upcoming Shape & Men's Health Run in about 2 weeks time. A full review will soon follow then.

A word of thanks to Wong Li-Zren and those at Nike Sales Malaysia for their great hospitality and generosity in organising this trialing session. It was certainly a fruitful one and I'm sure all those who were present will gain that extra knowledge to be shared to the running world out there.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Project DREAM...

By Frank

Project 84 ended successfully just slightly more than a month ago and here I am announcing yet another project of mine. Project DREAM wasn't suppose to start until next year as it's going to be one extremely tough objective to meet. Unlike Project 84 which is just to complete the distance, Project DREAM will see me trying to fulfill my marathon dream, something which I can only dream for now.

Running a marathon is something I really love to do. I compete against myself to prove to myself that I am capable of doing it. I know I'm able to complete it, but one question remains. How fast can I complete it? This is where Project DREAM comes in, to complete a marathon in my wildest timing. Far from my current personal best of 04:04:44 clocked in the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2008, it's a time that I have no chance to achieve in the coming couple of months. Not to mention, I have yet to run a sub 4 marathon. But one thing for sure is that I got to believe that I can, and to train really smart for it.

1 July 2009 is the date I started. I started off with my diet, implementing on a food ban. I was indulging with all sort of food after completing my 84KM adventure. With all the good food in, it's time now to start eating healthy again. Speed is one element that I do not practice while training for my runs. But this time, I have no choice, and speed requires a strong pumping heart. I would really need one to achieve my marathon dream and that is where I hope a healthy diet will help me achieve. A new diet, new training regime and a new mindset with all the past experiences is what I'm looking for.

Reason I'm bringing forward this project of mine is because I would like to jump into the dualthon then the triathlon scene soon before competing in the IronMan, provided I can pick up swimming. Yeap, that will see yet another project of mine. For some of you who might have known, I have just purchased a road bike. A mid range competition road bike from Merida call the Merida Road Race 905-Com. Yeap, I'm back in the saddle after laying off for more than 10 years although in a slightly different way.

My new ride...

And with this new bike, I am able to train differently yet still maintaining my fitness level after suffering from injury during the recent Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2009. An update on it, I'm currently out of the running scene. Am recovering well, but it's a slow process. I even have sold 2 of my running bibs for 2 upcoming races in this couple of weeks. I hope to return in 3 weeks time for the 2009 edition of the Shape & Men's Health Run. But in the mean time, I will compete in a 160KM bike ride in the state of Perak in 2 weeks time. Maybe not a really wise decision, but I'm just there to soak up on fun and experiences.

After all these blabbering, what is my marathon dream? I will sign off with a cliffhanger here as I will only reveal it a week before the Macau Marathon 2009 in the first wek of December, where it will be my ultimate test of strength and speed. 5 months is all I have to make this a reality. In the mean time, wish me luck.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Runnerz Circle Store...

By Frank

As of midnight 1 July 2009, I hereby announce the launch of the Runnerz Circle Store. Hosted at, it is created under the same profile as Runnerz Circle and both sites are linked together hence the ease of navigation.

Working hand in hand with official distributors offering the best deals at a fair price, some major brands that I'm carrying are ASICS, Polar and 2XU. To know more about it and the other brands that I'm carrying, do visit the site as the catalog will be updated on a frequent basis.

Thank you all and am certainly looking forward to your support.