Friday, August 01, 2008

An Interesting August 2008...

By Frank

And so here I am. After a month’s breather from running, I’m back running at full again. Results from my break, I managed to bulk a little. A couple of precious KGs in fact from the resistance training I been doing, and of course an adjusted diet that I was on. Today’s the first day of August 2008 and I am resting after a tiring workout yesterday and also for my big test tomorrow, a 20KM run. I wonder how I will fare. After all, it’s been a month since I ran such a distance. Not sure on how my body will re-act and not to mention my endurance level. I’m sure it will be affected, but the main question is, by how much?

The Nike+ Human Race 10K 2008 is just a month away now. With 28 days of training before a 2 days rest period before the race which includes two 10KM races and a half marathon in between, it’s time I regain my running form which I was in, a couple of months ago during my race peak period. I want to do well in this race. After all, I do not want to travel all the way to Singapore just to do a 10KM race and then coming home with just a normal result. I want to achieve something there! A personal best will be my main target!

With a month away, I’m now still thinking on which shoe I should wear for the race. I have tried on the Nike Zoom Victory+ at the Nike boutique and it really felt comfortable although I did not run with it. And I am certainly looking forward to the new ultra light Nike LunaRacer+ which is to be release soon. I hope I will be able to make up my mind on the 5 August 2008 being it is the LunarTrainer+ and LunaRacer+ preview day at Nike Malaysia. That will leave me with 23 days to break into the shoe before the race. Shouldn’t be a problem, I guess. In the meantime, stay tune for my next entry as I now begin my official training for the Nike+ Human Race 10K, all made possible by Nike.

The Nike Zoom Victory+...

The Nike LunaRacer+...

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