Monday, February 28, 2011

I Got A Feeling...

By Frank

I never done any LSD (Long Slow Distance) prior to my first ever marathon back in year 2007. All I had in my arsenal is my current fitness at that time, and the knowledge gained in the fitness industry. I ran non stop for 21KM back then using my head and managed to complete the entire 42.195KM distance with a smile on my face and injury free. But it was a lonely run for me. I know no one in the race scene besides although I know celebrity runners like Jamie Pang existed at that time.

A couple of weeks after that, I did my first LSD. Rashid brought me to Bukit Aman carpark to attack the 30KM distance. Met Jamie and Geraldine back then but it was a "Hello" and "Bye Bye" meet-up. Their pace was just too fast for the noob in me that time, I was lucky I had Rashid to accompany me back as I had to resort to walking due to discomfort on my legs. A few more sessions with them, we bonded our friendship together.

Both Jamie and Geraldine quickly became my close training partner. Though I couldn't keep up my pace with them at the earlier stage, it was their guidance and down to earth characteristics which partly made who I am today. Then Lynn and Luc came into the picture at end year 2008 and my circle of running mates became even more happening. Lynn at that time was at her peak and injury free and is the one person who can run with me together side by side. We understood each other and my run became so much more energetic. Luc otherwise, although much faster, sometimes do slow down for me and even advice me on running. To me, he is my advisor.

Of all the above, no matter the pace, gender or our different philosophy in running, there is one thing we share together, which is the bonding. Somehow, we manage to build a special channel between each of us, that without any word of mouth, we do understand each other. It's like a feeling that every living object has, something like a relationship.

As time goes by, Geraldine has let for down under and I lost someone who I can run and talk too. Lynn herself was injured the following year and though returning a year later, things have changed. Luc is busy with his new found job that he travels so frequent, and that we seldom can meet each others timing. That leaves Jamie whom had been my training mate since agreeing to partner together for The North Face 100 2010 back mid last year. We have been training together since then and we managed to build a strong partnership in the past 9 months or so. Though training for different distance and goals now, we have tried to accommodate each other and this has prove to work best for the both of us.

Third quarter of last year, I met Karen. Today, we often run our LSDs together. The same bonding I shared with the above 4 friends is starting to show between Karen and myself. We both ran together in her first marathon and her first 50KM. Though not throughout the entire distance, there was something in it that made it memorable.

There are still many running days for each of us here, and I hope my running circle will each day grow larger and stronger. I do strongly miss my running days with Lynn and Geraldine, but since time travel isn't an option, they will just remain sweet memories with me. Running brings something out of everyone. Everyone has a special story to tell and this is what make the person stronger. But it's the feeling we all shared together that made running so special.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

That Caltex Station...

By Frank

It's been around 2 weeks since I updated this site. At one time before that, there was plenty of updates, but due to the recent Chinese New Year holidays, everything went quiet. And when I returned, so many problems crop up and my stomach wasn't too well. Perhaps too much munching during the holidays. :D

Fitness is still pretty all right though I can't show it out due to stomach discomfort. Last week while running a slightly modified Newton route, I struggled as the discomfort was just there to remind me. I had to detour to a Caltex station while on the way towards Seri Kembangan. I was glad the station was open and the toilet was reasonably clean for a petrol station's standard. But anyway, I was just happy to be "relieved".

This morning, I ran the same route again with Jamie, Rao, Fui Cheng and errr... (sorry forgotten your name). I tested my spanking new pair of K-Swiss Blade-Light Run sponsored to me for my training runs for my upcoming Sundown Ultra Marathon. Thank you K-Swiss. I didn't run the entire week as I was really busy, had some personal issues cropping up and stomach going bonkers again on Thursday. And this time, it was "massive" that I had to give yesterday's run a miss. When everything settled down, I decided to run this morning but still had to pay the same Caltex station a visit. However, this morning's run was more productive as Jamie slowed down to accompany me. Oh yeah, and the shoe works well.

I just hope that all these stomach issues won't bother me in future runs. It's really irritating and I can't run a fruitful run. But anyway, I'm grateful to the Caltex station for being there out of no where in the dark and well equipped with a clean toilet. Perhaps, there's something with me and Caltex as I have visited them 2 weeks in a row on the same "business". Hmmm...