Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shape & Men's Health Run 2010...

Event: Shape & Men's Health Run 2010
Venue: Dataran Putrajaya, Putrajaya
Date: 31 July 2010
Time: 8.00pm
Distance: 12.3KM (12KM by Nike+ SportBand)
Shoe: K-Swiss K-Ona
By Frank

I was conned into running this race. I was debating whether to join the Century Ride at Ipoh or this run. After being persuaded by Keat Seong not to go Century Ride, I decided to sign up for this, as after all, I think it will be better for I do not need to leave town as I need to look after my shop which is just into its third opening day (I have yet to blog about it). However after registering for this run, Keat Seong told me that he won't be running it. Darn... And with most of my friends at Ipoh, I know this is going to be a lonely run.

I arrived at the venue with about 45 minutes to spare. It was such a small world as I parked just in front of Cheryl and Yann Kai whom both I just met earlier in the noon. It's always good to meet new friends and shortly later, I bump into Peck Yah. I'm glad she recognised me. And just before entering the start area, I bumped in Tony which I was so happy to see.

At 8pm sharp, while still chatting with Au Yong Pui San and Ah Ming, off goes the gun shot which signaled the start. Took me a while to cross the starting line as I was lined up smacked at the back of the thousands of runners. Started reasonably well, maintaining a steady and comfortable pace. Similar with the previous year, it took us around the Putrajaya International Convention Centre before proceeding to some highways which I can't remember the name. It was at 6KM that I saw Lee Fong taking care of the timing system and I joked with him to run together. One fine day, I must get him to start running. Hehe...

Shortly ahead, Dinesh came beside me and I called out to him. We started chatting and soon he told me that he will "Bong Out" at 8KM. I told him not to worry as I will pull him along, which I gladly did. As we ran, we chatted and I really enjoyed the company. It was such a comfortable run maintaining my heart rate at about 75%.

As we approach the 10KM point which is between the Prime Minister's Office and also the starting venue, this is where it differs from last year's course. With an additional 1KM this year, the organisers took us behind the Palace of Justice before we run the final stretch towards the finish line located at the opposite side. I finished the run closely together with Dinesh in a time of 01:09:45 which I was very satisfied of.

Feeling really hungry after the run, I just hung around for a moment catching up with a few friends before I left for home for I need to rest for tomorrow's work. Overall, a very well organised run although it's located at a far far place for me. And also, I do hope the organisers will look into the registration fee for it's priced a little too high. Other than that, well done!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Port Dickson Triathlon 2010...

Event: Port Dickson Triathlon 2010
Venue: Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson
Date: 25 July 2010
Time: 7.30am
Distance: 1.5KM Swim, 40KM Bike, 10KM Run
Shoe: K-Swiss K-Ona C
Bike: Ceepo Katana
By Frank

A crash last week and diarrhea yesterday did not stop me from making my triathlon debut. However, one thing did. Read on as I experience the cruelty of endurance multi sport events.

The decision to use the Ceepo Katana was made at 11am, pre race day. I told myself there's always a first time, so there's nothing to be afraid off. And so, in it went into my car.

Pre race day...
Nothing much happen on Saturday except for diarrhea. Body purge 6 times including once while on the way to Port Dickson. I travelled with Raymond Hee in my car and soon arrived at our destination at about 3pm. Collected our stuff and met up with our friends at Avillion Admiral Cove before the both of us went ahead for our very late lunch. Then it's free time for everyone as I went on to test my bike for a few rounds around the car park area at the apartment I'm staying at, PD Perdana, which is located just 1KM from the race venue.

Later in the evening, it was the carbo loading dinner and briefing too organised by the organisers. Dinners was just so so, but it was enough to fill us up. Then it's back t the apartment to gear up and to have some quality rest. Oh, did I mention that besides Raymond, I was staying with Michael Dolan and Dloris too. Slept close to midnight as I had a good chat with Raymond, one that is really worth it.

Race day...
My wrist watch's alarm was set at 4am but I guess I couldn't hear it as probably I slept on it. Waking up and seeing that it was 5am made me jump out of bed. I was lucky everything went smoothly from breakfast to the other usual stuff. And by 6.25am, everyone was ready and off we went.

Upon arriving at the race village, I panic as I couldn't find my transition area. Raymond gave me a shock when he told me that I had to carry my bike and wait for him. But luckily he was wrong as we found it, located just beside the main transition area. Geared up and we waited...

As I waited, I felt really anxious. I was thinking of my safety and how am I going to tackle the bike course. And it was here I made a very regretful decision as I removed my "bento box" which had a spare tube and tyre levers in it. I saw Raymond running towards the transition area at around 8.25am, about 25 minutes into his swim. Our transition went very smoothly and off I went. The first couple of kilometers was about getting used to my bike. I was on the handlebar till I entered a wide open road. I felt comfortable here and soon went into aero position. Now, I felt the advantages of a tri-bike. It was so easy to pick up on speed, and coupled with the knowledge I gained from Shem Leong's big gear training last weekend, I made it to good use.

Chee Kong came into the picture at about 4KM. He was supporting me, looking out for traffic for me. I felt really good, averaging a speed of 32KM/h, hitting a top speed of 42KM/h, something which I have never done before on flats and rolling hills.

However, things went down for me 17 minutes into the bike course. At 9KM, I felt wobbly and discovered I had a punctured at the front wheel. Pull over at the side and with Chee Kong's help, we tried to remove the tyre which was really tough without a tyre lever. Tried to flag down a few others, but to no avail. One helpful guy threw me a single tyre lever which I was grateful of as Chee Kong was using allen key to try remove it was really worried me, as it may damaged by wheelset. Soon, Terence spotted me and stop to help. With his strength, we managed to remove it but then another nightmare came. Chee Kong's tube isn't suitable for my 50mm profile wheelset. Arghh...

A glimmer of hope when I saw Siok Bee when I asked her for tube as I knew her wheelset's profile is the same as mine. However, hope was gone as she did not have one. Here, I made a critical decision on my own, I will quit from the race. Soon, the official car arrived and up I went being drove back to the race venue. The end after such a promising start. Sigh...

Into the race village, I spotted Raymond and called out to him. I can see how surprised he was to hear my voice though I think he did not see me. Keat Seong and Yee Tze saw me and I asked Keat Seong for help with my bike and wheelset.

Upon placing my bike on the transition area, I went to look for Raymond to share the bad news. I was really sorry for all this, as it could have been prevented if I didn't have remove my "bento box". Sigh...

I decided to run, to help either Michelle or Jennifer, depending who arrive first. It was Michelle although Jennifer followed closely behind. I hope I didn't mess up Michelle's pace though as I paced her till the end before I detoured off course as I'm no longer a competitor.

With this, I collected my stuff and took a slow walk back thinking back on things. Caught up with Shem too to thank him on the "big gear" tips. Showered, pack up, lunch and it's back home.

And so came to this cruel end of my triathlon debut as I suffered my first ever race DNF (Did Not Finish). It's really cruel when mechanical failures causes things like this. I don't deny I'm sad, but I have to accept the fact. There's another triathlon but it won't be this year. Therefore, my eyes will be set on Powerman this year.

A post mortem done by the mechanics at Specialized Malaysia showed a small particle hidden between the wheelset and tube which caused the puncture. As the wheelset is new, we both agreed that it was there since the installation which was "cleanly" done. If this is true, I know who to blame, but the damage has been done. Let's move on...

Before ending this really sad entry, I would like to say THANK YOU and SORRY at the same time to my teammate Raymond Hee for trying to motivate me into joining triathlon by becoming my teammate and at the same time for the cruelty I had to share with him.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rough Weekend...

By Frank

The past weekend started well, but it ended pretty rough for me. But don't worry, I managed it.

As mentioned, Port Dickson Triathlon is coming up this weekend. With the weather absolutely beautiful on a Sunday afternoon (yesterday), I decided to go out for a short brick session as I know that my time will be filled during weekdays. However, half an hour into it, I crash on my bike (road bike). I blame it first on the road conditions where a pot hole which was there since last year was not fix by the authorities. With a 4 wheel drive zooming passed me, I felt the turbulence and soon lost control of my bike and into the pot hole I went. Being still on my clip-on pedals, down I went. Blood oozing out from my right knee and palm was a small matter, but I was lucky there weren't any passing vehicles as I landed on my right, where vehicles pass.

First thing that came into my mind was whether will I suffer the same injury I suffered at my fall last year at the Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride 2009/2010, as my right knee did hurt from the fall. Am limping around now as I walk. Lucky this time round, as a check with the doctor earlier today revealed no fracture, no tear nor any blood clot. Just a knock and some superficial bruises were all I suffered. Phew...

I guess Port Dickson Triathlon may still be doable for me, though being slow already, I may even be slower. Haha... But it's as previously mentioned, it's experience and fun I'm looking for. Just hope my teammate doesn't mind. Right know leading to the race, there be no more activities for me. I just want to concentrate healing the injury to the max so that it won't become worse (I hope). More Omega-3 and ginger needed!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Du The Tri...

By Frank
Missing from the blogging scene for the past 2 weeks shows the sign of how busy I am. As I'm rushing for the opening of my store which is scheduled in about 2 weeks time (soft opening), my training has taken a major dip. Last week was a mere 20KM run, while this week if not for today's 1 hour turbo session with Athlete's Circle, it will have been zero.
I told myself to shift my focus to the Port Dickson Triathlon which will happen next weekend after my adventure at Sundown Marathon 2010. That didn't happen. I only managed to put 1 super short brick session on my own. I'm kind of worried about the "jelly legs" syndrome which happens normally on the run after the bike. I guess I will take it as it comes.
The Port Dickson Triathlon will be my triathlon debut. Most you you knows that I do not know how to swim. So how am I going to do this? Relay of course! I'm glad a friend of mine which most of you knows who it is now agreed to partner me. While he swim, I will do the bike and run. So technically speaking, I'm more into a dualthon instead. Hahaha... The main reason is to motivate me to pick up swimming to enter the triathlon scene. I'm grateful to my friend for his gesture and I will try my best to do so.
I haven't been to Port Dickson officially except for night trips during my college time with collegemates to enjoy the night sea breeze. Therefore, I'm looking forward in visiting this small town in daylight now and also to spend quality time with my friends. So in a week's time, I shall "du" my triathlon debut! Weee...