Monday, October 27, 2008

Triple Action...

By Frank
It's the final push towards my fifth and sixth marathon being the Penang Bridge Marathon 2008 and Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008 respectively. With only 19 days till my fifth, I'm pretty happy with my progress. Despite battling fatigue a couple of weeks ago, I can proudly say that I'm back to my very peak now. Now into my final week of training before I start to taper off, I'm here to run my first triple 3 days back to backs runs. So here's how it went.

25 October 2008
Despite having a sore and tired gastrocnemius, I still decided to proceed with my plan and handed my Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 3 it's second 30KM run.

The turnout was huge with the usual group comprising of myself, Lawrence, Loke, Luc and Lynn, and those from Ronnie's group. However, the run was ran in 3 groups with Ronnie heading the first group being the fastest. Luc was with them too. I ran in the second group of only myself and Lynn, while the others were in the third group.

I was glad that I had Lynn with me for throughout the journey as it was certainly punishing to go through the route alone and it was sure easy to call it quits if it wasn't for her. We paced excellently together for till 21KM before Luc joined in for the journey back. Knowing that we can't follow Luc's blazing pace, I told him to go ahead with 5KM to go.

With a time of 02:57:18, both me and Lynn arrived safely back at the Bukit Aman carpark. It would have been a photo finish should it be a race! It was my fastest 30KM run and also my first under 3 hours! Although feeling battered and tired, I certainly felt good. And speaking of my pacing partner of today, I guess myself and Lynn now qualifies to be Luc's new padawan learner (student in the Star Wars universe) after both Jamie and Geraldine graduated recently. Haha...

We ran 30KM...

26 October 2008
It was suppose be my rest day, but I just couldn't resist Luc's invitation for a 20KM run therefore triggering off the triple back to back runs.

The turnout was just myself, Luc and Lynn. I decided to put on my Nike LunarTrainer+ to save my legs but I guess it was the wrong move. Reason why, read on...

I've though that this will be an easy run, but I was wrong, as both of them was on fire. I managed to pace with them till the Duta Highway crossover before losing them slightly. With every uphill, I managed to catch up but only to lose them again later. Arriving at the Petronas Station, I checked on my Achilles wound which I suffered from the Mizuno Wave Run 2008 as I felt some discomfort. Despite bandaging it, the already damaged Achilles just couldn't take the punishment from further chaffing from the thin collar of the Nike LunarTrainer+.

The journey back was ran in a pretty easy pace for me with the other 2 taking off. I was running like a damaged F1 car driving slowly trying to nurse it, in my case, my Achilles. It was at Kenny Hills with approximately 4KM to go that I totally lost both Luc and Lynn. I was pretty happy that I could keep up with them till this area though.

And in the end, I completed the run in 01:56:19. Though my Achilles was hurting and upon checking, it was slightly swollen yet again, I guess this run was pretty OK. I personally felt that if I have ran 20KM the day before, this will be a much tougher run if it was a 30KM. Now, just one more run to go to make it triple back to back, something I have not done before.

My poor Achilles...

27 October 2008
It's back to the Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 3 for this run as I needed the padded collar of the shoe to protect my Achilles which was double bandaged this time round.

What was suppose to be a 15KM run was upgraded to a 20KM instead with a pretty fast pace warm up session with Luc running the Carcosa Lake Gardens route. With just the 2 of us as Lynn was pretty stressed up with work, I tried my best to keep up my pace with him which I successfully managed to.

Met up with Ronnie and the rest back at the Bukit Aman carpark before taking the remaining 15KM on. It was a blazing pace for me during the first 7KM or so thanks to the earlier warm up. However, as blazing as I was, I couldn't match the hyper speed of Luc. I was trying to keep up with him as I needed to guide him through the route as he wasn't familiar with. It was only after exiting from double hills that I slowed down as I suffered from stitch, probably due to the fast pace and the gradient. But I was glad that Ronnie caught up and had to pass the baton to him to guide Luc.

Back near Kenny Hills for the second loop, I decided to give myself a minute's rest to allow my diaphragm to adjust it's place which was causing the stitch. This also allowed Kei Ming and Wern Tien to catch up which was part of the plan so that I have a pacing partner to bring me through the remaining kilometers.

It was at the remaining 3KM or so that I managed to get my rhythm back and I managed to stick with it till I arrived back at the Bukit Aman carpark clocking 01:51:45 which was rather fast!

And with this, I successfully completed my first ever triple back to back runs in 3 days totalling up to 70KM! Darn, it felt good! For now, a much needed rest is needed which I did not get after the run as I was dragged by Ronnie to Prabu's house for his Deepavali open house where I refueled with a variety of sumptuous Indian food. Back home, I fell into a coma. zzZZ...


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mizuno Wave Run 2008...

Event: Mizuno Wave Run 2008
Venue: Padang Merbuk, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 19 October 2008
Time: 7.30am
Distance: 10KM (10.27KM by Choi's Garmin Forerunner 205)
Shoe: Saucony Grid Fastwitch 3
By Frank

I's been a while since I ran a race around the Klang Valley, the last being the Shape & Men's Health Run 2008 back in August 2008. I have been running my LSDs throughout the weekend in preparation for my last 2 marathons at year end. Not forgetting too that I was hit by fatigue a week ago which left me almost "training-less" for the whole week. But I guess that the almost "training-less" was a good choice as it allowed me to recover well from mainly all the recent back to back LSDs which took a toll on me. Anyhow, I took the Mizuno Wave Run 2008 as a form of speed training, which will certainly help as part of my marathon training. And I handed my Saucony Grid Fastwitch 3 its long awaited race debut, a shoe that I can't help resist going fast with it. And to make things even more interesting, this year's event is ran on the reverse double hills route, which I personally think it's much easier.

Feeling the need for speed with the Saucony Grid Fastwitch 3...

I came into the Mizuno Wave Run 2008 with wounds on both my Achilles due to wrong selection of socks the day before running on my Nike Lunar Trainer+. The shoe is so baptised in blood that it was painful to even think about it now. But anyway, I bandaged both my Achilles up pretty thick with cotton and micropore tape hoping that no further chaffing will occur. Besides that, I also gave my Oakley Flak Jacket a second try hoping to get more used to it, but it was a costly decision as I had problems getting rid of the sweat that flowed into my eyes thoughout the run.

I arrived at Bukit Aman carpark at around 5.00am listening to inspirational and motivational songs throughout my journey there. Was just in time to catch up with Jamie, Lawrence, Luc and Geraldine who was about to start their LSDs. Shortly, I found company in Choi, Lionel and Loke when they arrived. The car park was filled up at about 6.30am when we were about to leave for the race venue.

The Fantasic Four before the start...

The usual group photos, emptying the bladder and warm up session took place before we all group up like sardines at the starting point. A total of 2,800 runners participated in this run and the starting point spanned at least 200M long. I was in the middle pack with Adam, Chin, Choi, Loke, Keat Seong and Kevin chatting away till we heard the air horn went off.

The adventure started and it was really difficult to navigate through the sea of runners. And quickly enough, I felt the irritation on my right Achilles. Too late to adjust the bandage and so I had no choice but to run with it. Slightly more than 500M into the race, Jessica Tang overtook me and I decided to follow her as she was navigating pretty well. Then Chin Chin came from behind and this time, I followed her instead till the flyover above the Mahameru highway. I broke free from the crowd here I think my warm up was just enough as I got into my race pace.

Conquering the double hills route was rather swift but I took it the safe way coming down from it as I didn't want to hurt my knees. Refreshment station was the reward for the successfully tackling double hills but I skip it continuing on the straight road ahead till the steep climb at Tijani's. Into Kenny Hill I went and being one of my favourite place to run, I zoomed pass it with ease.

Arriving back near to the starting point and soon the route into the Palace and National Monument, Michael Gan (editor for Pacesetters Malaysia Footloose newsletter) was there to direct runners up the hill. He mentioned that there is still 2.3KM to go. At that time, I checked on my watch and notice that I have 11 minutes to run this distance if I were to dip below 50 minutes. Really wanting to do it, I went into burst mode and started running like I was chase like a bull! My Achilles wound though wasn't really kind to me especially the right side as it began to hurt. I was hoping it didn't open up causing blood to ooze out again as I was in my new pair of shoes!

Surprisingly, I saw Lionel just in front. In my mind, he was suppose to be way ahead by now, maybe even completing the race already. But I guess, his side stitch problem occurred to him again. I overtook him as a motivation gesture as I didn't want to call his name out to add pressure to him. That lighted a flame within him as he came from behind shortly and went for it.

Back to Jalan Parlimen, Jamie and Lawrence who had completed their LSD was cheering for runners at the traffic intersection leading to Lake Gardens. Jamie called out to me to cheer me on and I gave both of them a thumbs up. Jamie's cheer was really precious that time as I had less than 3 minutes left to reach the finish line. Just like how Lionel found the flame in him, I found mine too and sprinted like no tomorrow making my turns around Padang Merbuk's carpark till I hit the finish line crossing it at position 130 overall clocking 00:49:28!

On the podium but somehow, most of us are standing "crooked"...

Front view of the finisher's medal...

Rear view of the finisher's medal...

Though not my personal best, I was really happy with my results. To come back from fatigue, to run it with 2 Achilles wound and considering the hilly route, there is nothing more I can ask for. Congratulations to all my friends too for running a solid run. And a deep felt gratitude to Choi for organising a simulation run the day before which really help in understanding the route even more especially to those new to running. THANK YOU!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

He's Big But Yet He Is Fast...

By Frank

Running is regarded as one of the beneficial exercises around. But not only that, as running brings people together. I certainly agree to this statement. Do you? Ever since I started running back in March 2007, I’ve made many new friends, thus giving me the inspiration to name this running group as Runnerz Circle.

I’m here to introduce a friend of mine whom I met via the Runnerz Circle forum back in June 2008. His name is Chee Kong, a Kedahan from Sungai Petani but yet working over at Miri. It’s through the interest of running that brought him into the “family” and all of us were simply blown away by him. However, when I asked him to write me a short biography about himself, he was too lazy to do so. And so here I am doing on his behalf, of course without first letting him know. Take it as a suprise, my friend.

When he told me he was big, I wasn’t too convince that he is actually that big until I met him the first time at this year’s Siemens Run 2008. At that time, he weights at about 97KG! Yes, he is really BIG! But that didn’t prevent him in taking up running as most others too. Siemen’s Run 2008 was his first race and he simply just roared through the competition completing it in 00:45:52. Though just barely missing his first medal, he kept his heads up and remained positive. He participated in more running events though Miri isn’t a town with much of it.

Chee Kong completing his first race, Siemens Run 2008...

With his work commitments and his busy travelling schedule, he still has a very discipline training regime, which I really have to take my hats off. He has his own training log which I monitor daily and through it, I can see real significant results. One of it is that he is starting to lose weight! However sadly to say, he eats like there is no tomorrow. But I wonder. Is it the food that gives him all the motivation, energy and speed to run? It may be.

He just recently completed in his maiden half marathon race at the Borneo International Marathon 2008 clocking 02:05:47! Another truly amazing result and he finally got his first medal! Next up will be the Penang Bridge Marathon 2008 for him where he will be competing in the slightly longer than half marathon race at 25KM before the big one at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008 where he will make his marathon debut! And I’ll be there with him for both the events as running and travel mates. Most importantly, I will certainly be itching to know how he will do as I really have high hopes for him. If there is one word to describe him, I would say he's “Amazing”.

Proud of completing his first half marathon at Borneo International Marathon 2008...

Chee Kong, despite knowing he is “big” himself, didn’t bother much about it and most important how people think about him. He remained positive and is working hard for himself and all is paying off. And most importantly, he is showing the rest of us that size doesn’t matter in running! I’m really proud to have met him.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Team Hoyt...

Running a marathon itself takes a lot of discipline. When the road ahead gets tough, some of us seek inspiration from others. For myself, one of them is through getting to know incredible stories about extraoridnary people around the world. Therefore, be inspired by the following article courtesy from Sports Illustrated about Team Hoyt. It really inspired me a lot. Do watch the video too and do pay attention to the great lyrics of the song played.

I try to be a good father. Give my kids mulligans. Work nights to pay for their text messaging. Take them to swimsuit shoots.

But compared with Dick Hoyt, I suck.

Eighty-five times he's pushed his disabled son, Rick, 26.2 miles in marathons. Eight times he's not only pushed him 26.2 miles in a wheelchair but also towed him 2.4 miles in a dinghy while swimming and pedaled him 112 miles in a seat on the handlebars all in the same day.

Dick's also pulled him cross-country skiing, taken him on his back mountain climbing and once hauled him across the U.S. on a bike. Makes taking your son bowling look a little lame, right?

And what has Rick done for his father? Not much--except save his life. This love story began in Winchester, Mass., 43 years ago, when Rick was strangled by the umbilical cord during birth, leaving him brain-damaged and unable to control his limbs.

"He'll be a vegetable the rest of his life;" Dick says doctors told him and his wife, Judy, when Rick was nine months old. "Put him in an institution."

But the Hoyts weren't buying it. They noticed the way Rick's eyes followed them around the room. When Rick was 11 they took him to the engineering department at Tufts University and asked if there was anything to help the boy communicate. "No way," Dick says he was told. "There's nothing going on in his brain."

"Tell him a joke," Dick countered. They did. Rick laughed. Turns out a lot was going on in his brain. Rigged up with a computer that allowed him to control the cursor by touching a switch with the side of his head, Rick was finally able to communicate. First words? "Go Bruins!" And after a high school classmate was paralyzed in an accident and the school organized a charity run for him, Rick pecked out, "Dad, I want to do that."

Yeah, right. How was Dick, a self-described "porker" who never ran more than a mile at a time, going to push his son five miles? Still, he tried. "Then it was me who was handicapped,'' Dick says. "I was sore for two weeks."

That day changed Rick's life. "Dad," he typed, "when we were running, It felt like I wasn't disabled anymore!"

And that sentence changed Dick's life. He became obsessed with giving Rick that feeling as often as he could. He got into such hard-belly shape that he and Rick were ready to try the 1979 Boston Marathon.

"No way," Dick was told by a race official. The Hoyts weren't quite a single runner, and they weren't quite a wheelchair competitor. For a few years Dick and Rick just joined the massive field and ran anyway, then they found a way to get into the race officially. In 1983 they ran another marathon so fast they made the qualifying time for Boston the following year.

Then somebody said, "Hey, Dick, why not a triathlon?"

How's a guy who never learned to swim and hadn't ridden a bike since he was six going to haul his 110-pound kid through a triathlon? Still, Dick tried.

Be inspired...

Now they've done 212 triathlons, including four grueling 15-hour Ironmans in Hawaii . It must be a buzzkill to be a 25-year-old stud getting passed by an old guy towing a grown man in a dinghy, don't you think?

Hey, Dick, why not see how you'd do on your own? "No way," he says. Dick does it purely for "the awesome feeling" he gets seeing Rick with a cantaloupe smile as they run, swim and ride together.

This year, at ages 65 and 43, Dick and Rick finished their 24th Boston Marathon, in 5,083rd place out of more than 20,000 starters. Their best Time? Two hours, 40 minutes in 1992--only 35 minutes off the world record, which, in case you don't keep track of these things, happens to be held by a guy who was not pushing another man in a wheelchair at the Time.

"No question about it," Rick types. "My dad is the Father of the Century."

And Dick got something else out of all this too. Two years ago he had a mild heart attack during a race. Doctors found that one of his arteries Was 95% clogged. "If you hadn't been in such great shape," One doctor told him, "you probably would've died 15 years ago." So, in a way, Dick and Rick saved each other's life.

Rick, who has his own apartment (he gets home care) and works in Boston, and Dick, retired from the military and living in Holland, Mass., always find ways to be together. They give speeches around the country and compete in some backbreaking race every weekend, including this Father's Day.

That night, Rick will buy his dad dinner, but the thing he really wants to give him is a gift he can never buy.

"The thing I'd most like,'' Rick types, "is that my dad sit in the chair and I push him once."

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Phedippidations Wordwide Half Marathon 2008...

Event: Phedippidations Wordwide Half Marathon 2008
Venue: Bukit Aman carpark, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 11 October 2008
Time: 5.40am
Distance: 21KM (21.5KM by Lynn's Garmin Forerunner 405)
Shoe: Nike LunarTrainer+
By Frank

This is my second participation in the Phedippidations Worldwide Half Marathon challenge, a virtual race done globally. I ran with Andy last year and only managed 19.6KM. With a bigger group this year consisting of myself, Choi, Lionel, Wern Tien and Lynn, and also with the help of GPS sensors, it's a must for me this year to complete the distance.

My personalised bib although I did not wear it this year...

Some how and some way, I couldn't get myself to sleep the night before. I just rolled from left to right and back again on my bed for 3 hours before ending up on the couch watching Discovery Channel. And it actually rained at about midnight and I was hoping that it stopped soon which luckily it did an hour later resulting in a cool weather.

I arrived at Bukit Aman as early as 5am and no one was there yet. Took the chance to warm myself up and soon the rest arrived. Started our run and I was leading the pack with Lionel and Lynn following closely behind. Although not a race, I really enjoyed the pressure given to me as it helped me pushed myself. As we were running pretty fast, we soon noticed that Choi was left behind. Slowed down mid-way upon entering Kenny Hills and soon we all are back together again. But still, the 3 of us tend to break away and soon slowed down again just after crossing the Duta Highway to allow us to regroup.

Approaching Solaris, Lionel was now running beside me with Lynn still following closely behind. I have to thank Wern Tien for accompanying Choi although it didn't lasted very long as both of them slowly caught up with us. Choi seem to have found his pace and managed to take the lead as we approach the Petronas Station. Knowing that stopping will cause side stitches or even a tummy upset, I decided not to stop while the others did. Besides, I want to know how long my system can go on without fluid. It's a way of conditioning the system too. With this, I carried on alone along the Plaza Sri Hartamas route making my way back.

It was as I approach the income tax building, Lionel came into the picture and took the lead. This young man is certainly fast and soon he disappeared into the distance. I tried to give chase, but his pace was too much for me as my body is slowly experiencing the side effects from the lack of sleep. After crossing the Duta Highway again, my eye lids were really heavy and at certain points leading to the Tijani climb, I actually ran with my eyes closed for a few seconds. I know it's dangerous but I did make sure that there wasn't any vehicles around. But please do not do this. I'm not setting a good example here.

I could have fallen asleep if there was a clean mattress around but it's just too good to be true. I just have to complete the run and to go home to enjoy it. Kenny Hills felt short this time as I exited it with ease but I felt that someone was nearing me behind. Took a peek and saw Lynn closing in. This new friend is fast and running her pace well. Soon it was the Jalan Parlimen route and I know it's near now. With 2 corners to go before entering the Bukit Aman carpark, Wern Tien out of no where overtook me. That was certainly a super last minute run till the end by him. Lionel had completed his run earlier and was there waiting for us. I clocked 02:04:04. Nothing to shout about but at least I completed the distance this time based on Lynn's GPS sensor which recorded 21.5KM.

My World Wide Half Marathon 2008 certificate. Looks better than the previous year...

When everyone returned and refueled, we all continued for a warm down run around Lake Gardens using the Runners Malaysia 4.3KM route. Just as we started, side stitch struck me and I struggled all the way to the end. But I was lucky that Choi was with me all the way. The other 3 young runners has just zoomed into the distance.

Back at the carpark, we rested while joining in with Jamie and his group. Pretty long chat here before I finally drove home for a refreshing shower and also a much needed sleep.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hell Week Training 2008, Session 3...

Event: Hell Week Training 2008, Session 3
Venue: Bukit Aman carpark, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 4 & 5 October 2008
Time: 5.00am
Distance: 30KM on 5 October 2008 (31.51KM by Jamie's Garmin Forerunner 205)
Shoe: Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 3
By Frank

LSD 5, 4 October 2008...
My right shin is much better due to my ginger diet and extra dosage of multi-oil formula. The swelling is now gone and one can hardly believe that I actually had a knock on it as there's no bruising. So, a run is a must as I woke up on a rather chilly morning.

I got ready and was ready to leave home for a 15KM run, only to be greeted by rain. And a very heavy one too! Waited for a while but it's not showing signs of stopping and had not choice to cancel my run. Maybe it's a sign that someone is telling me to rest my just recovered shin. Hmm... SMSed Jamie, Lionel and Ronnie about it and they agreed. What a disappointment!

LSD 6, 5 October 2008...
What was suppose to be a 25KM run was upgraded to a 30KM instead due to the cancellation yesterday. Though it can't be regarded as one of my Hell Week Training runs (my weekly mileage ends on Saturday), I guess I will just blog about it here since it is the last run for this event. Besides, it's part of my training too for my upcoming marathons.

The weather was excellent. Not warm and not too chilly too. I started slow with Choi, Jamie and Loke. Geraldine and Luc was slowly disappearing and soon after 3KM or so, was no where to be seen. For the first 5KM, I was testing my right shin hoping there won't be any further damage which is not seen. Though I can feel a slight pain, it was nothing much (I hope) and soon it was forgotten. After crossing the Duta Highway, I up my pace a little attacking the hills at Mont Kiara, and soon enough arrived at Desa Sri Hartamas. Choi and Jamie stopped by at 7-11 to refuel themselves but I didn't as I had my trusty water bottle with me filled with dilluted isotonic drink. I carried on, on my own and arrived at the Petronas Station where I did 2 loops around it and continued on. While doing it, I bumped into Anil and Kit, both doing 30KM too! Anyway, I didn't stop as I was feeling good. Don't want to break the momentum.

I'm now running alone. It was certainy pretty boring but I know I have to go on. Arriving back at the income tax building, I bumped Jamie which really suprised me. He was with Geraldine and Luc and I wonder how did he got in front? My guess is that he did only 1 loop at the Petronas Station earlier on and while I was doing my second, he was already on his way. Later, I bumped into Lionel who was leading the pack of runners behind him which include Ronnie, Stanley and others. They are running 21KM. With them running off, I was left alone to run a loop around the income tax building before making my way back to the Petronas Station again. I went at a faster pace this time hoping to catch up with the rest but they were too fast and far ahead of me.

Upon arriving back at the Petronas Station, I told Jamie that I won't be stopping and went straight off. I took the Mont Kiara way back. It's my second time experiencing the way back and although my legs were pretty sore at this point, the climbs weren't as tough compared to my first. I guess this is where experience counts! Still running alone at this point, I was hoping that I could meet up with the rest as I hit the income tax building. Sadly, none I knew came.

As I crossed the Duta Highway, my legs were already giving way. However, I was lucky that many runners were present and I used them to help me as I struggled. As I arrived at Kenny Hills, I was just glad the route ahead is much easier except for one last climb heading towards the Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial.

Arriving at Jalan Parlimen and knowing it's the last stretch to go, I went for it and soon arrived back at Bukit Aman carpark completing 31.51KM in 03:11:51. Though my legs was sore, I was itching to run the Carcosa route to top up my mileage to 35KM. But I guess my right shin deserves a break after just recovering.

With that, I made my way back to my car and to my suprise, the rest was already back! And all the while I was thinking that they all were behind me due to their stops. Soon, I learned that they did not use the Mont Kiara route back, hence it's shorter. That explains the reason. Nevertheless, although I ran the extra distance and the last 20KM or so alone, I was really satisfied. Not only I was training physically, I was training mentally too. Running alone is not easy, especially at this type of distance. .

The Sunday runners...

I felt good at the end of my run. Caught up with the rest like Lionel and Ronnie. And thanks to Kei Ming who brought along his camera, we took a group photo of all the runners present before leaving for home for a much needed rest. With it, comes a close to the Hell Week Training, although I failed to meet my 100KM targeted weekly mileage due to my freak accident. Sad, true but that's the way life is.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hell Week Training 2008, Session 2...

Event: Hell Week Training 2008, Session 2
Venue: Bukit Aman carpark, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 1 & 2 October 2008
Time: 5.00am
Distance: 21KM on 1 October 2008 (21.43KM by Jamie's Garmin Forerunner 205)
Shoe: adidas Response Control 7
By Frank

LSD 3, 1 October 2008...
It wasn’t my day to be as I started my second session of the Hell Week training runs. I was awoken by the heavy rain and had trouble finding breakfast. Food stock has run out and therefore I only had 2 slices of bread with a cup of Milo with oats. Plus, dinner the day before wasn’t really a good one.

Started the run at 5.10am with Choi, Jamie, Lionel, Loke, Luc and Geraldine on a very cool morning. The rain stopped just in time. Off we went but quickly enough, the group was separated to 2. Lionel, Luc and Geraldine took off first and was soon no where to be seen. I was with the others leading them till the income tax building when I had to stop to relieve myself, which proves costly. I had some chasing to do which I did and went too fast. Probably due to the weather too. I managed to catch up with Choi and Jamie but only to lose them again as we approach Mont Kiara.

Refueled ourselves at the Shell station at Desa Sri Hartamas this time before proceeding to the Petronas station to run a loop there. While the rest stop for toilet breaks, I continued on but at a much slower pace and they managed to catch up. It was then just after Plaza Sri Hartamas that I slowed down, this time a lot. I was really tired at this point and taking each stride was really horrendous. I tried to stay within range of the 3 of them in front of me and managed to till the climb at Tijani. I kind of ran out energy here and as much I hate to admit it, I hit the wall here. Yes, hitting the wall on a 21K training run. What an embarrassment! However, I did not want to stop and carried on running, dragging myself to Bukit Aman and managed to complete the run in 02:09:37, my slowest 21K run this year! What a way to enter it into my record books.

And like that wasn’t enough, the guys went for an additional 4.3KM around the Carcosa Lake Gardens route which is normally taken by the folks from Runners Malaysia. I went with them thinking that a slow pace will actually see me through, but I was wrong. I had to stop after completing just 2KM. I just couldn’t take it anymore and had to call it a day, else risking any potential injuries. I was lucky that I had Loke with me and we walk back slowly to the car park where we met up with the others before leaving for home for a much need rest. Now I wonder if I can run a 30KM the next day…

LSD 4, 2 October 2008...
My bid for my first 100KM weekly mileage (currently standing at 52.94KM) ended today as I suffered from a swollen right shin due to a freak accident at home yesterday. I accidently kicked the metal sliding door upon entering the wet kitchen trying to prevent my dog from entering the house. Sigh…

Although I did wake up in the morning to see how well my shin is doing and hoping that I could after all join the 30KM run, my shin did not agree at all. Still swollen and I can really feel the pain even without touching it. Not wanting to risk it with my next marathon looming around 6 weeks time, I decided to forego the run with a heavy heart (and legs).

It’s really embarrassing on how things turned out. Right now, my meals will consist of ginger as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Besides, there will be lots of massage around the pain area and no, I’m not visiting the doctor. Some of you will know how stubborn I am in visiting them.