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Craze Ultra 2014...

Event: Craze Ultra 2014
Venue: MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore
Date: 20 September 2014
Time: 7.00am
Distance: 161KM (164.1KM by Suunto Ambit 2 Sapphire)
Shoe: Saucony Kinvara 5
By Frank

After 2 back to back failure's, I am back for my third attempt at Craze Ultra. Though not a priority nor important run to me, I still went back to the drawing block to see what went wrong the past 2 years hence this time round, I was more well prepared. The strength and fitness gained and carried on from Comrades Marathon till my 7 weeks slam of 42KM Kuching Marathon and 100KM Penang Ultra before ending it with this run, it's going to be a real sense of achievement should I am able to complete it this time round.

As I am not going into each stretches details this time as I have more or less cover them in my past 2 runs, if you are interested, you may read up on my experience at Craze Ultra 2012 and Craze 2013.

So the travel down to Singapore was on Friday morning with Jason on board First Coach from Bandar Utama. Journey though felt slow was actually on time as we arrived at Novena at close to 2PM where we then continued to lunch. We soon found our way to where we will put up a night at Classique Hotel near to Lavender. We rested for a while before joining Zhen Yang and Junie for dinner. A simple dinner of noodles before we proceeded to MacRitchie Reservoir to collect our race pack and to deposit our special needs bag. This time round, I made use of all 8 check points as I will run as light as possible. Back at the hotel. a quick final check on the race gear as it was bed time.

Dinner selfie?

I had a reasonable 5 hours or so sleep though I woke up a couple of times in mid sleep. I do not think it will be sufficient to keep me awake through the distance but I kept positive. Coffee with a small pack of jerky and 2 packs of Meiji biscuits was enough I guess. And once all pre-race ritual was done, we checked out and departed to the race site.

Jason and myself are nuts.

Arriving at MacRitchie Reservoir half an hour from the start was all that was required. Deposited my luggage and lingered around with friends. I made sure I warmed up and stretch too. Unlike previous years, there was no research by Phil this time round. No urine and blood taking. But there were not on my mind this time as I've been unlucky the past 2 years by doing so. Perhaps a change of luck by not doing it this year? And before the start, I made sure my phone was put to silent mode as I just want to purely concentrate on the run.

A new bib, a new refresh strength and motivation. 11 is the number this time.

My bib was A11, a difference from  the past 2 edition of A4. Perhaps another sign here. I was among the first 28 to be flag off at 7AM. As simple flag off by Ben and off I went. As usual, I settled into my very comfortable pace based on the MAF method.  Runners were one after another passing me but I did not care much. To go the distance is to conserve as much as possible especially during this early stages. Half an hour through, my tummy began to rumble. I was hungry as I took out my energy bar and munch a quarter of it. Soon later, the urge to pee came as I quickly arrived at a coffee-shop to relieve myself. Upon exiting, I was joined by Renee and Barkley who was the among the second wave. We ran together till the first checkpoint at Mandai, 12KM from the start just below 90 minutes. All system was still good for me as I down a sachet of GU Roctane gel here and munch on a few slices of watermelon slices before continuing on.

The second checkpoint was located about 10KM away at Woodlands hence the journey there was a rather familiar for me. It was hot too as the sun began to show its strength.  Though I started off with Renee and Barkley, they soon fell back as I arrived at Woodland town. The stretch along the town here reminds me when I was travelling between Singapore and my hometown of Johor Bahru during my treatment days. Much has changed though some landmarks remained. Soon, I arrived at Check Point 2 which oversees my hometown of Johor Bahru on the opposite side. I was again hungry here and took a slice of Nutella sandwich which proof to be a game changer. It was not only delicious but it did not cause any tummy upset. David joined in and after mixing my Roctane Brew and munching a few slices of watermelon, we set out together.

It was good to have the company of a fellow Comrades runner as we set out to the third checkpoint at about 8KM to 9KM away. But unlike the previous journey, this was a shady one as we ran below the MRT tracks shading us from the ferocious sun. With multiple traffic lights junctions, we also had the opportunity to rest whenever the lights turn red. I also took the opportunity to mail Yik Yee's letter at Yishun MRT station if not mistaken. Yes, I was a delivery runner. Haha... Just doing a favour for my friend here. David was setting a good comfy pace here as we were joined by Hendra. My legs were still fine and honestly speaking, I am kind of enjoying myself here as soon we arrived at the revised location of Check Point 3, which is just behind the familiar Crab Village restaurant at Sembawang, a much better location.

A longer break at the third check point where a cup of cold refreshing Coke awaits. I had another slice of Nutella sandwich, a jerky and watermelon slices here before settling out again slowly with David. Next stretch takes us pass the Yishun township for about 9KM or so and we really have to enjoy as much here as possible for the next stretch after the fourth Check Point will be a hot affair! Some runners join in but I can only recognized Deborah who completed her 100 miles last year This year, she was running the 101KM distance instead. Halfway through the journey, I slowed down to munch on the balance of my earlier energy bar and this is where I lost David. Nevertheless, I continued on and soon arrived at the fourth check point where Yishun Dam is.

Lowering down the body temperature with mist spray at Check Point 4.

Check Point 4 was all about hydrating and keeping our temperatures down for it will be a long and hot journey to the next. Watermelon, Nuttela sandwich and cold HTwoO isotonic was what I had here before picking up a wet and cold "Good Morning" towel wrap with ice cubes. With that I started my journey only to realized shortly later that my wrist suffered a cut from my Suunto Ambit. A small piece of skin peeled off but the damage wasn't as bad yet. I used the towel given to wrap my wrist up with my watch sitting on it to prevent any further cuts. That solved the problem. All the ice cubes I've taken with me was inserted into my top at the back to keep my body temperature down.

Leaving Check Point 4 with ice cubes in hand.

Surprisingly, it wasn't as hot and sunny compared to the previous 2 years, Rain clouds was seen hovering up in the sky. However, don't be mistaken by my words here as it was still a temperature not to be taken lightly. There were small drops of rain coming down but it was the mini "sand storm" that was the main highlight this time. A ship, pumping sand from the sea bed to the land sent sand flying all over. I used my headwear and convert it into a mask covering my nose and mouth as I pass that stretch. Survived that and it was into Punggol where I met with Seah who was running the 100KM distance. We chatted for a while before he parted ways. The stretch here was better this time as the pavement was even this time. There was also a new row of shops with 7-11 near the mid span where I stop to buy myself a bottle of ice cold green tea. Needed a change of flavour as the HTwoO was not to my taste anymore.

On Halus Bridge into Check Point 5.

Fast forwarding ahead, I arrived at Check Point 5 at Punggol Wetland Visitor Centre feeling awesome this time round. Barkley's mum was there as we chatted for a while before I went to hydrate myself and take in some food which include half a cup of noodles and a cup of ice cold fruit cocktail. I thin I spent a pretty long 20 to 30 minutes here before setting out again and the mentally stretching 15KM round back to Check Point 6 which is actually the same Check Point 5.

With Seah at Check Point 5.

I started my journey with Gan who was wearing the bib A1. We chatted for about 2KM or so as I wanted my food to settle down well in my tummy before resuming my run. We had a good one. This stretch now is all about my mental strength as I try to conquer it alone. I did not had Jason with me this time so my main aim was to keep moving to avoid any negative thoughts of being alone. But all I can say that this time round, my mindset was a strong one. Though my friends are not physically with me, they are all in my mind and that kept me going.

There was an unofficial support by Marcus at the swimming pool area about halfway through the stretch. He gave me a packet drink which I think was mango flavour. It was really nice as my taste bud is craving for some sweet drinks now. I befriended 2 runners here, Eric and Ping running the same distance as me too. As I arrived at Buongkok neighbourhood, I befriended Alistair, an English residing at Jakarta and we kept each other company for a while till we arrived at Punggol Promenade before going our own way. And finally, the sight of Halus Bridge came into view and Junie was on the bridge supporting. I updated myself with the status of others from her and was glad everyone was doing fine before checking into Check Point 6.

With Eugene at Check Point 6.

An achievement for me here as it was I arrived earlier than expected and that sunset was still about 2 hours away.  A quick one and I was on the road again for Check Point 7 was just about 7KM away. And if can get quick enough before sunset, all I can say is that my buffer will be great. Into Pasir Ris township and the initial plan was to have my dinner here with McDonalds nuggets in mind. But as Nuttela sandiwches and jerkies was working great for me, I went ahead without it and soon arrived at the check point.

With 80KM conquered in day light, I was feeling confident already.The sun began setting as I started my journey to Check Point 8. Took out my headlamp and lighted the road ahead with my rear blinker signalling to others. I was running and fast walking as I pound the pavement in reducing the distance as I arrived at Loyang, the familiar sight of the last stretch of the original Sundown Marathon route. Halfway point was near now, with just about 3KM or so through the Coastal Park along Changi Beach. There were already runners making their return which includes David. But I kept my focus telling myself not to chase them for preserving my legs was up most important. It was a dark stretch here and with only my headlamp lightening the road ahead, it was sure a lonely stretch. The sight of a white tent with lights brighten up my mood as it signals the half way point where Check Point 8 was.

The volunteers at Check Point 8 was great as this is where I had my so call light dinner. Nuttella sandwich, jerky, watermelon and a cup of ice cold longan was enough to fill me as I will try push to where I had not been in Craze, the return journey. After walking the entire Coastal Park stretch to have my food settle down in my tummy, I began running into Loyang. There were still other runners coming in, but not many and I fear for Jason. The journey out of Loyang was not easy as it involves some mild rolling climbs.I walk the descend and jog the ascend. Sounds weird but that's what I do to protect my legs. And with that, it was into Pasir Ris and back at Check Point 7.

Phil was at Check Point 7 as I spent a little longer here chatting with him and also to check if Jason did arrive here. Sadly, he did not check in and I knew it was over for him. Took in some watermelon and filled half of my bottles only here to lighten my backpack for the next check point isn't far. And with the "not too far" distance in mind, I ran. As I closed in back at the Punggol Wetland Visitor Centre, there were volunteers on the bicycle cycling around to welcome us back and also perhaps to keep an eyes on stray dogs around the area. A nice touch by them. And when the area began to light up, I knew I was back.

The sky began to rumble as I arrived at Check Point 6 as news that certain areas are experiencing heavy rain came. I drank some Red Bull here for I needed the caffeine to keep me awake. The rest, I diluted it and stored it in a bottle for me to sip along the way. Poh Chye arrived shortly and asked if he can pace me. At first, I was reluctant as I fear being paced will mess up my rhythm. But I gave in at the end and allowed him. However, as he was still having his food and drinks, I started my journey first telling him to catch up. Most were using the anti clockwise direction, but I opt for the clockwise instead as I wanted to experience the so call original route back using the opposite direction from where I came from. There isn't any right or wrong, it's just me. But as I began my journey out, the rain arrived and it was heavy. It was so heavy that my shoe was soaked up quickly as there were many water puddles. Poh Chye indeed caught up soon as I was struggling in the rain. I asked him to go ahead if he can.

My pain was coming from in between my legs at my crotch area. The rain caused chaffing and it was a fiery pain with every step I take. I tried various ways to ease the pain but to no avail. I was in a miserable state as I exited Punggol Promenade and into the Buongkok neighbourhood. I told Poh Chye to go ahead giving him directions before I stopped by at a HDB flat and just sat there. In a sorry state I took off my shoes for the first time hoping to dry both shoes and socks as much as possible. And while doing so, I was surprised that Poh Chye returned to me. He was lost. Told him to turn on his headlamp and pay attention to the reflectors on the markers as I know it was there. He continued later.

After sitting down for close to half an hour, I restarted my journey. I believe I've stop for too long as my legs was stiff and my body temperature has drop too much. I was trembling in the cold night. I went off the run path and walk through the HDB flat sheltering me from the rain. However, the wind was channeled through here and it was really cold. When I was about to cross the street at the mental hospital junction, I spotted David at the opposite side and shouted before running over to him. He was going the opposite direction and after a short chat, we parted ways. As I was still navigating through the HDB flats, there was a point till I hit a dead end on the 2nd floor and had to take the lift down to the ground floor. A funny moment for me before I was back in the rain though I was glad it was reduced to drizzle. It was back into the Punggol connector and it was really dark albeit street lamps along the way.

I've already ran the longest distance of my running career here breaching the 105KM mark  I ran  recently at Penang Ultra. I had to shoulder on into the darkness and hope to find light at the end of the connector as soon as possible. Though there were no blisters on my feet, I needed a change of socks and of course my attire especially my shorts hoping a dry one will help with my chaffing at the southern region. I ran and walk and finally, I arrived at Sunshine Bridge where I bump into Alistair and David making their return trip to the fourth check point. And from there, it was Halus Bridg and into Check Point 5 again. In a miserable state, I asked for a hot cup of noodles before dragging a chair into the toilet to have shorts change. Yes, I needed the chair to sit down. And while doing so, I found the cause of my chaffing. My 4 year old BV Sport Anatomical Tights decided to tear on this very long distance race. What a time to tear! But I still thank it for the services it game. 4 years is indeed a long time.

After changing into dry attire, the hot cup of noodles was very welcome as I try to raise my body temperature up. My legs are starting to itch really badly and I believe are from the sand flies bites. I lowered down my calf sleeve before continuing and it brought some relief. Before leaving, I received a request from a pacer to would like to help me. However, I decline his help for I know that I am not in a state to be accepting pacers. I ran walk and managed to conquer the Punggol Promenade till the Marina Country Club without any much discomfort.

The next stretch along the 2 reclaim Punggol island was tough though. It was really dark and the amount of sand flies here is a huge problem. I could see them from my head lamps and I knew they were stinging me like no tomorrow. I needed to get out of this area as fast as possible and I can't wait to see the overhead bridge which was really far. I know it was my mental strength weakening here but when I saw the lights at the Selatar Airport where the bridge was, I was back in groove as I push towards Check Point 4.

Very helpful volunteers at Check Point 4 as they helped me with all my request as I swallowed in some jerky before continuing on. The drizzle has stop which was a good thing but my biological clock is also taking its toll. I am feeling really sleepy. I slept ran walk along the Yishun neighborhood before finally arriving at the Khatib connector where I found a bench and simply just sat down without realizing that I actually doze off for a few minutes. After 10 minutes or so, I know I can't keep doing this and had to carry on. Dawn came and soon twilight as I arrived at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and the streets were starting to buzz with people.

At Yishun MRT station, I spotted a Starbucks and need my caffeine boost. However, I ended up at 7-11 instead fot the coffee here was much cheaper, and probably the worst tasting cappucino I had. Probably it was due to my ailing taste bud. However, the caffeine did help a little as I felt more awake before Adam tap me from behind. He was on his morning run and cheered me on. He even volunteer to pace me but like earlier at Check Point 5, I politely decline as I am not in the state to run long. I will just probably ruin his morning run. Nevertheless, Adam if you are reading this, you have my sincere THANKS!

Completing Yishun Connector and arriving at Simpang Kiri Connector, I thought I've arrived at Check Point 3. I was wrong as the path kept getting longer. But still, I arrived at Check Point 3 at Canberra Sembawang Connector shortly later. Did a quick check on the status of runners behind and apparently, not may were left. Loaded my backpack with all the food I've stored in my special needs bag here, took a gulp of Coke and off I went without spending too much time here.

It was morning and my biological clock is some what back to normal. Or was it the effects from the coffee I had earlier? I was a little on a roll here as I began running a little longer. The chaffing is kept at bay too. There were lots of traffic junctions pass Canberra Sembawang, Sembawang and Woodlands Connector. I set my plan here to run each stretch and to take  a breather at the junction while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. A strategy that definitely works for me.

Arriving at Admiralty Connector, Boon Heng and his pacers came from behind. I thought they should be way ahead but it seems that they took a rest somewhere behind. But I could not keep up with his pace and thus ran walk alone till hitting Woodland Waterfront. A big turn around the park here and there was it, Check Point 2, where Sarah and her team was there. Here, I finally took out my phone to and 140 WhatsApp messages caused my phone to hang here but still managed to update my status for the first time to my friends. I loaded empty all my special needs into my backpack before deciding to have another shot at coffee from the dispense. It was a risk to gulp in the Pokka Premium Cappucino, but it was a risk I am willing to take at this stage of the race. Besides, I've taken this coffee before and I hope my tummy will recognize it. And it did!

Oun from Thailand arrived and we exited together. Our pace was different but we could still spot each other. I gave him some guidance whenever we are together for he was not familiar with the route especially with the junctions around Woodlands town. A half marathon was what stand in the way now and it was getting really HOT! The stretch was Marsiling and Woodlands Connector was really bad as there was no shades here. The major climb was at the Singapore Sports School and from there, it was all the way to Sembawang Connector before entering Mandai Connector.

Long but rolling stretch at Mandai Connector and I finally arrived at Check Point 1. 3 helpful lady volunteers helped me to my drinks and watermelon as I thank and apologize to them. Apology as because I can hardly move to bring over my stuff and needed them to help me do so. I am grateful for their help.  A quick look at my watch and it shows I've 3 hours to complete the remaining 12KM. It was doable even by walking and I know I was already safe. A quick check with the volunteers to know how many more behind and it seems there was about 3 more. And with that, I resume my journey.

I did not entirely walk back. I did some running too, but at a rather slow pace just to avoid any unwanted mishap along the way. Besides, I needed to protect those legs. I also began emptying my backpack eating up the food I had with me. I even detoured to a petrol kiosk to buy myself a bottle of herbal drink which was ice cold refreshing. It was for recovery too as my body was already overheating. The journey back took longer than expected though and it was a climb back into MacRitchie Reservoir. Not steep, but definitely can be felt by the tired legs. Thomsom Plaza and Upper Thomsom Road, it was getting nearer with every step I made.

The moment of truth came when I saw the huge traffic lights junction at Thomson Road which I remember. A familiar face suddenly appear as the sight of Jason running to me was really a happy one. I know I was near. Both of us chatted and shared our horror story as we walked together to the finish. Jason' completed only 75KM of his run due to a swollen arch. It was still a good effort though as myself took 3 attempts to get to where I am today. And as I entered MacRitchie Reservoir, Ben and Yee Hua was there to welcome me home. And on my third attempt, after spending on foot for 31:41:43 hours on the road, I am finally a certified nut! A Craze Nut that is! I AM A 100 MILER! (*pun intended. Jason will get this)

I am finally home!

A certified nut finally!

Some say this year's edition of the Craze Ultra is easier compared to the previous 2. At first I agreed but upon completion, I though it was just a s tough. Yes, the weather during noon was a little more forgiving, but this year's edition threw rain at the runners during the wee hours which turned the temperature so cold that I felt so miserable. Hot, cold, dryness, loneliness, swelling, chaffing, blisters, shivers, itchiness, soreness, pain and many more were thrown at us runners this year. And with only 16 certified finisher's in total for the 100 miles category out of 54, this is certainly one tough nut to crack.

Big to small nuts, peanuts to macadamia nuts, we are all nuts.

Conquering 100 miles isn't any easy feat for my frail body. In all, The entire distance and at all the time spent on the run course, besides my legs, my mind was working just as hard too. Yes, I've improved on the art of eating during long distance runs but its the thoughts of many people that help me through the distance and to endure the pain. Positive vibes and memorable moments from the past spent together drive me through as I am glad to have good people who have supported this journey of mine, be it this year, or the last 3 years or so. My sincere THANKS to them which includes, in no particular order:

- Jason, a travel companion, team mate and sidekick in Team Saucony Malaysia and for accompanying my final Kilometer walk back to the finish. And most importantly, a good friend!
- Ben , Yee Hua, Phil, Yek Bun, Tee Lee and the entire team at Running Guild for putting their effortless working spirit together in making this event a success for 3 years in a row
- Alicia, Zijill and the rest from Saucony Malaysia for the support and progress tracking back home
- Susanah, Roy, Hong Lan, Cham, Yen Erl, Ian, Teck Sim, Soon Chung, Alvin and the friends back home for the moral support and advice given. *am glad that Roy didn't scold me :p
- Runners from the Malaysian contingent, Zhen Yang, Karen, Jimmy May, Elgy, Nizar, Poh Chye, Bryan, Renee, Barkley and not forgetting Junie for her support crew role in driving around to catch us
- Friends I met along the way, whether runners, support crew and even strangers. Some of whom I remember the names were David, Alistair, Oun, Hendra, Deborah, Eugene, Gan, Eric, Ping, Marcus, Jennifer, Ngah Ling, Boon Heng, Seah and others.
- Last but not least my parents for helping me back while I train and also to oversee the operation at work while I am away

Dedicated to everyone for help make this journey a dream come true!

With my success in conquering the 100 miles distance and a 7 weeks slam of 42KM, 100KM and 161KM , my road running cycle can be considered completed. The sense of achievement is finally fulfilled as I don't think I can run any further. For now, it's time to switch back to my next focus which will be a marathon, one that will define a lot of things for me be it my life, running career and important people in my life.

* All photos here credited to the respective photographers. Many thanks to them.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Penang Ultra 100...

Event: Penang Ultra 100
Venue: Padang Kota, Penang
Date: 07 September 2014
Time: 9.00pm
Distance: 100KM (105.5KM by Suunto Ambit 2 Sapphire)
Shoe: Saucony Ride 7
By Frank

I initially registered for the 84KM distance for the Penang Ultra as the 100KM was already closed when I made up my mind. However, on one fine day, race director Andrew was at my work place and we chatted leisurely which resulted in my upgrade of distance to 100KM! Thanks Andrew! *grin* But before continuing, here's a marvelous video put up by Andrew and his team which describes this run.

After battling through Kuching Marathon which was a rather "hard" run for my body where recovery was a little slow, my aim for Penang Ultra was just to complete the run without any injuries or fatigue.  I even chose to wear the Saucony Ride 7, a higher profile more cushion shoe compared to my usual just to protect and pamper my legs. And this will also be my first implementation of the MAF method in an ultra distance after a very successful result at the marathon distance.

I journeyed up to Penang together with Jason and Yik Yee in the latter's brothers car on Friday noon arriving at Bukit Mertajam just in time for dinner with Jason's parents. Dinner was simple but yet awesome at the famous river fish stall. Highlight was when Uncle Tan ordered steam patin fish and when I am able to eat the fatty part, it will mean it's really FRESH! No fishy smell. Had a satisfying dinner before we returned to the hotel to rest. Instead, I watched Star Wars on the TV till it ended at midnight before I went sleep. Oops...

Had a reasonably good 9 hours of sleep. Could be better if the hotel's pillow isn't that high and firm though! Went across the street with Yik Yee for "wan tan" noodle breakfast as recommended by Jason's parents before we checked out from the hotel joining them for lunch at a nearby food court. Local favorites like char kuey teow, popiah, rojak and refreshing ambra juice was ordered. We then adjourned back to Jason's house to rest before heading over to the island at 3PM where we rendezvous with Dr Wong at Esplanade, Padang Kota. Collected our race kit and it's to City Bayview Hotel to rest while waiting for dinner time.

Dinner was a simple plate of fried rice at Padang Kota. It was then to check in  our halfway point essentials and to have ourselves registered in. However, due to lack of info, we left our race gear back at the hotel. Luckily, it was pretty near as we headed back. Fast forwarding, once everything is good to go, we hung around the start area to catch up with friends like CP, Ewegene, Zijill and some others.

With Zijill who will embark on her first ultra distance.

The race was schedule d to start at 9PM together with the 84KM distance, but however Chief Minister arrived only at 9PM.  The race only got underway about 10 minutes later after a short speech by him. The first task for the runners is to go through the busy street of Georgetown safely. Though the traffic police did a good job in manning the traffic flow, it was still up to the runners to navigate through safely. My blinkers were already turned on but not my headlamp was the area was brightly lighted. And once we arrive at the Jelutong Highway, we ran on the motor lanes before to the inner pavements.

I settled into a very comfortable pace, too comfortable for some I guess. It was just about average 145 beats per minute for my heart rate. It's a long distance to go and hence I thought of starting extremely comfortably to conserve energy and strength. Besides, this is my first time using the MAF method on this distance. I arrived comfortable at the first check point at Queensbay Mall. Took a gel here and refilled my bottle before I continued on to the second Penang Bridge via Batu Maung. A little scary here with constructions around and we had to run on the open road again. It was not until arriving at the industrial park that things got better.

I was till feeling comfortable here albeit rather lonely. I was thinking back about my run at Titi where I ran together with Susanah. We had each other for company and this time, I seriously miss it. I needed to think of something and the thoughts of those moments filled my mind as my legs moved. Somewhat of a motivational push.

Everything went well till the half marathon distance. The stretch here along the Batu Maung village is filled with construction sites and at certain stretches, there was no running lane. We just had to simply run hoping that vehicles will be able to see us and to move away. I was running my own pace when this runner caught up with me. He was following me so closely and fearing for his safety, I tried to move inwards only to kick the plastic barricade in the process. I came to a total stop as it hurt and this broke my running momentum. I continued walking trying to shake off the pain and slowly from there, I continued to run. And shortly after that incident, Zijill, Lai Ling and Vincent caught up. Together we, ran towards the second check point where David and Dr. Wong too caught up.

Andrew was there and I unwinded a little while having my first pack of jerky before resuming. It was run walk from now onward as legs began to feel stiff. Things began to become interesting at about 32KM as we attack the climbs there. It was so similar to the Inchanga climb at Comrades. And not only that, the road was leaning to one side. I literally walked up the climb together with Foo and had a great time chatting along with him before resuming my run at the top at Kampung Genting. From there, it was all downhill to the third check point in a school at Jalan Sungai Nipah.

With Foo climbing towards Kampung Genting.

Sean and Vivien was there supporting and snapping photos. I spent a little longer time here to have my legs stretch and massage. Siaw Hua was here too but she look battered. One after another, my friends like Yen Erl, Zhen Qi and Renee started arriving. I left the checkpoint walking while munching on my crackers. It was already 1AM plus and I was feeling sleepy. I needed to get to the next checkpoint for my can of Red Bull was there. But the problem was, this is the longest stretch at 15KM long. And not only that, it was dark, smelly and flat. I started alone but midway through, I was joined by Yen Erl and Zhen Qi. We did not run together until at about 45KM where we ran together till we finally arrived at the halfway point which is also the fourth check point at Jalan Sungai Rusa, once again in a school.

Our friends Jason, Zheng Yang and Alexa was there to help us out. Seng Heng who had called it a day was also there and he prepared a cup of noodles of me. Thank you so much Seng Heng! I had to eat and eat I did. Had some watermelon and cola too. The Red Bull energy drink I mentioned earlier was filled into my front bottle with some ice to keep it cold and diluted. It was a long rest and a moment of relieve for my swollen trapezius as I removed my backpack for the first time. I only resumed the journey when Yen Erl and Zhen Qi did. It was a long climb towards the Teluk Bahang dam and their company is much appreciated. We walked together in the darkness with only our head lamps and blinkers. Traffic was almost none and the only sound was dogs barking, our foot steps and sometimes the sound of water gushing. And fast forwarding to the top of the climb, we started our run descending to the dam. A few rain drops came but it did not help much. Zhen Qi was strong running downwards but as clumsy as I am, I took precautions. At one point, Yen Erl scream as she pulled a muscle. We stopped hoping it wasn't anything serious and was glad it wasn't, at least at that moment of time.

We finally arrived at the dam's jetty where a number of supporters and ambulance was there. We though it was the checkpoint but was told it wasn't. We were utterly disappointed that we had to run for another kilometer or so to reach there. Not having any choice, we continued on and soon got to the Teluk Bahang municipal hall.A quick refuel and off again we went, this time along the dangerous stretch of Batu Feringgi.

Dawn began to break and the morning traffic started. We had to share our running lane together with the traffic and it was the Rapid Penang bus that Jamie told me about that I fear most. I kept my blinkers on even though the sun is up. And surprisingly, like a solar panel absorbing the energy from the sun, I began to feel strong again. Both the girls asked me to go ahead and I did. But as the heat and dry wind came, my energy too subsided and both of them caught up again. I just wanted to get to the next check point then hence I pushed on and finally arrived. And here, I thought the organizers wanted to torture us as the checkpoint was located below a slope! Spent a little longer here than expected to relieve those sore muscles. My left trapezius was in no-man's land but I didn't want to know too much about it hence kept my back pack on.

I continued alone and the next task was to get to Gurney Drive. It was getting really warm and I started splashing myself with water from my front 2 bottles to keep my temperature down. At Tanjung Bungah, I spotted a drive-thru Starbucks and at that moment of time, I almost went in to get myself a frappucino but I did not. We were directed into Straits Quay and this was a nice place to run. However, this also increased the distance! I spotted a fellow runner name Pang sitting along the roadside. I told him to start walking and not just sit down for it's going to be even tougher to restart. He took my advice and started walking.

Exiting the Straits Quay area, I could see Gurney Drive and I pushed forward till arriving at the roundabout there. Seow Fung and Shannon was there to welcome me as this is the point of no return for the 100KM runners. From here, it;s the journey to the dreaded Penang Hill. Yes they are serving coconut drink up there but I told Shannon that even Gurney Drive has plenty of it! Hahaha...

I walked till Youth Park before resuming my run till the entrance to Penang Hill. Supporters and marshals were there as they welcome the runners. I ran up the first 100M or so before I realised that it is impossible to run. It was so STEEP that even by standing still, the body felt like tumbling backwards. Knowing it was impossible to run, I took out my second pack of crackers and started munching away. However, my taste buds were gone and it was so dry that I decided to ut them away. I met CP about 1KM into the climb and he reminded me it was a total 5KM climb. I've got another 4KM to go!

I climb and climb and climb and found a runner name Alan at the midway point. All his fingers were swollen probably due to blood flowing there. He wanted to quit and hence I flagged down a cyclist to ask him notify the volunteers below before I continued. Shorty later, a group of teenagers who are on their way up for picnic asked what was I doing. Told them about the race, and they gave me a bottle of isotonic drink. I was really grateful to them for I need something sweet at that time. This also helped me propel step after step as I caught up with Goh and Foo. And as we move closer to the top with about a kilometer or perhaps shorter to go, the terrain became slightly flatter and this is where I finally met Yik Yee. We were both so tired that we can only say "See you at the finish"! But as friends, this short conversation meant a lot to us.

I finally arrived at the viewing deck within the cut-off time. But the checkpoint wasn't there. Instead, its located 300M inwards! Another joke for the runners! Headed there, got our numbers check in before returning to the viewing deck for our well deserved coconut drink. As there is no cut-off time from here onwards with the exception of the final 18 hours, I took the opportunity to rest long here as I have about 3 hours to complete the remaining 15KM or so. It was doable! 

And just when I wanted to restart my journey down, Hailwa called out to me! I was really surprise to see her. She was a customer who then became a friend back at Titi this year. She apparently was there for holiday and what a surprise for the both of us indeed. We chatted a little before I restarted my journey alone. As I am pretty clumsy while descending, I was caught up by Alan who wanted to quit earlier. Was pretty surprise he continued though but welcome his company as we chatted and walked together. Soon Yen Erl caught up too and this is where both of us kept each other company. We arrived at the foot of the hill safely and spotted Zhen Qi ahead. We caught up with her at Youth Park and all 3 of us, reunited again push till Gurney Drive only to be broken up again by the traffic light. Zhen Qi went ahead while Yen Erl and myself was stuck while waiting for the lights to turn green.

Painful descend.

At the final stretch with Yen Erl.

At the final check point at Gurney Drive, it was about 5KM that stands in our way. We had about 2 hours and it was certainly more than enough. With Yen Erl and Poh Chye, we walked the entire Gurney Drive till Poh Chye decided to run along from the Northam Towers. Myself and Yen Erl only decided to start running from Citibank onwards. And we did just that till seeing the finish line at Esplanade.  Vivien and other supporters were there but we could not get to the finish although we can see it. We had to run around the field which is about another 400M to 500M or so! We walked around it with Chee Kin only to resume running at the final stretch. Holding hands, we ran the finishing chute and completed the run side by side in 17:31:26 hours!

Finishing it together with Chee Kin and Yen Erl!

One for the album with Yen Erl, Chee Kin and Zhen Qi.

Hung out at the race site to rest the tired body and legs while catching up with the others. Poor Yik Yee hurt his right knee and had difficulties walking. And when everyone has left, Jason drove us back to his house at Bukit Mertajam where his parent help Yik Yee out. Although I am proud of his achievement, it was certainly not a nice scene to witness a friend in pain.A light snack to replenish the energy and off we started our journey back to KL.

A very tough 100KM and frankly, I underestimated it. I even thought I am able to complete it in 15 hours or so! The route profile with the exception of Penang HIll was a little misleading. There were actually lots of hidden small climbs along the way. Coupled with a very humid weather, it made things even tougher. It was a lonely run especially the first half of the run as my mind was set elsewhere. The MAF method only lasted till the half marathon distance before the rest is up to my own survival mode. But I was glad to complete this very tough race without any injuries and met new friends along the way. And to Zhen Qi and Yen Erl, my grateful thanks for the company. And congratulations to Zijill for completing her maiden ultra distance!

A nice touch. Finisher's belt buckle.

The inaugural Penang Ultra despite being well organised is not without its flaws. And to list them down will be:

- The lack of information on both event site and Facebook
- Information on race day itself were not clear cut
- Long queue to have our mandatory gears check
- Lack of toilets at the race venue
- Food served at check points not really suitable.
- Checkpoints were under man powered and some volunteers were not entirely friendly.Was given a weird look by one of them when I asked him to refill my bottle which he asked me to do it my own.

But on the positive side:

- The team of Andrew, Seow Fung and Shannon has put up a relentless work to make this happen and they certainly deserves praises for it
- Good job by the traffic police in trying their best in manning the traffic flow
- Volunteers and marshals along the way for manning the checkpoints and critical junctions
- Strict check on mandatory gear and cut-off

And before ending this entry, my sincere thanks to the following:

- My parents for helping out back at work while I traveled or this run
- Jason, Zheng Yang, Alexa, Seng Heng for the support and care given 
- Jason's parent for their simple but yet awesome hospitality
- Yik Yee for the companionship and for borrowing his brother's car
- Dr Wong for allowing us to use his room at City Bayview to rest 
- Roy and Susanah back in KL, Chee Kong at Aberdeen and Junie at Vienna for their kind morale support  
- My friends, CP, Foo, Goh, David, Hong Lan, Renee, Lai Ling, Zijill and many more whom I met along the way. 
- Andrew, Seow Fung, Shannon and the entire team for a job well done!

* All photos here credited to the respective photographers. Many thanks to them.