Sunday, October 30, 2011

PJ Half Marathon 2011...

Event: PJ Half Marathon 2011
Venue: Stadium Petaling Jaya, Petaling Jaya
Date: 30 October 2011
Time: 6.30am
Distance: 21KM (21.05KM by Polar RCX5 G5)
Shoe: K-Swiss K-Ruuz
By Frank

Probably the oldest running event in the Klang Valley, the PJ Half Marathon made a return to the running scene this morning after a 3 years hiatus. I remembered clearly that in the year 2007, I ran together with Rashid and Ferdinand as part of the members of LYN Runners which today has been sabotaged. Anyway, was really looking forward to the run hoping a good run out of it (I even chose to run in one of my favourite racer), but sadly, it didn't went as planned.

The Ruuz is back in action...

Surprisingly, I slept pretty well last night. Preparation was swift but when I arrived to the race venue with an hour to spare, my tummy sent out a distress call. Time to hit the potty pot! After making my deposit, I met up with lots of friends like Raymond, Michelle, Shine and Yim which the 2 latter I spent some quality time with chatting until the gun went off out of a sudden signalling the start of the run.

I quickly settled into pace trying to make my way past other runners as I started way at the back. Just after 100M or so, Yim disappeared into the front. He was fast! Weather was kind of humid and by the time I hit Federal Highway, I was already experiencing problem with my vision as sweat is slowly stinging both my eyes. Where is the Halo headband when I need them?

About 3KM into the run, Rizal called out to me only to let me know that Jamie is slightly at the front. I gave chase and soon join him and Calvin. Making the turn at the LDP overhead bridge, I slowed down a little for about 1KM to recover myself before going for it again. Then it was on to the airport road and I was joined by Jamie again where we ran together till about 10KM near to where the entrance to the Subang highway interchange was.

Thing started to go awry for me here. Remember the 4 blisters I suffered at The North Face 100 Duo a couple of weeks ago? It actually didn't burst leaving loose skin on the affected area. The main bloody blister on my right big toe burst as I felt a warm sensation followed by pain. To make matters worst, another one above it and the other over my left feet too decided to join in the "fun". It affected the way I run and I had to shift to heel striking at times to avoid as much as possible the contact of the blistered area.

The airport road was long but I soon find myself just before Skypark where the u-turn was. Made my way back and along the way was joined by Paul Dimaandal and Karim. Grin my teeth as I continued on but just couldn't find the way to forget about the burning sensation. As I arrived at the exit of the Subang highway interchange, I tried to control the pain and shifted into gear as I know the finish is close. Then I entered the stadium and suddenly the memories of my Macau Marathon 2009 flash back into me. It really felt the same. I managed to find an extra gear out of me and managed to overtake a few runners leading up to the finish line with a time of 02:02:43.

Front view of the finisher's medal...

Rear view of the finisher's medal...

Overall, pretty disappointed by my run but at least I did not end up at the medic tent like 4 years ago as I couldn't breathe properly. But still, I had fun meeting friends before, along and after the race. Cheering other runners at the entrance to the stadium was fun too while chatting with Jamie, Shine and Jeff. Anyhow, I'm now hoping that the PJ Half Marathon will be an annual event from now on.

* Also CONGRATULATIONS to Roy Yeow for running some marathon at New Zealand and achieving a 04:01:20. Very huge improvement since starting to pick up long distance running late last year. He already outran his trainer and therefore I think his trainer deserve a treat from him. *hint hint* :D

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Project Love Sneaker Malaysia...

Ever wonder how long will a pair of shoes takes to breaks down after having them laid in their final resting spot at a local landfill? The answer is an astonishing close to 1000 years as the EVA parts of the shoes are just that lasting! Sports companies being environmentally friendly now are trying their very best to create better shoes which are friendlier to mother nature while maintaining comfort and technology aspect for us runners to enjoy the sport we all love.

As much has been done, the amount of shoes that land up over at the landfill is still at a worrying state. Runners tend to change shoes very often not knowing that the shoes can actually still be worn, at least casually for walking. Hence with this, Running Lab has came up win an initiative to donate that runners "thought" has reached its end of life while at the same time rewarding them with something. These shoes will then be donated to the needy communities in helping them live a better and more comfortable life. Make someone's life difference today by donating a pair of your old reusable sneaker now at Running Lab Malaysia.

Project Love Sneaker - Running Lab Malaysia
An initiative by Running Lab's founder Walter Tan since 2008 in Singapore, this is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in its 3rd year running, to collect shoes for the less fortunate who cannot afford to have proper shoes in their daily lives. In commemoration of Running Lab's fourth 4th branch in Kuala Lumpur, Project Love Sneaker will once again lead the way in providing the donated shoes to the Orang Asli/Indigenous Community of Malaysia at the end of this campaign.

"Regular runners are advised to replace their running shoes after clocking about 800KM mileage in order to prevent from running injuries. Most of the time, these shoes are still relatively good condition and it is too wasteful to dump them. Hence, instead of throwing them away, we want to provide an avenue for runners to give a second life to these used running shoes. The shoes can be donated to protect the feet and make a difference to the lives of the less fortunate people locally and abroad", said Karen Chua, Marketing Manager of Running Lab.

Terms and Conditions
Take a stroll to Running Lab at Tropicana City Mall and donate your pair of previously loved running shoes* and receive one RM100 cash voucher from Running Lab.

* Adult sizes in cleaned and reusable condition. We are looking for footwear that is in good condition that might be useful to someone who is less fortunate, including Running Shoes, Cross Trainers, Walking Shoes, Hiking Shoes and Trail Shoes.

Collection period: 09 Nov - 11 Dec 2011

Terms and Conditions of the RM100 shoe voucher are as follows:

1) This voucher is valid till 31 December 2011.
2) This voucher is for one time use only.
3) This voucher is valid for purchase(s) of regular priced running footwear, excluding purchase(s) from "ASICS".
4) This voucher cannot be combined.
5) This voucher is not exchangeable or redeemable for cash or credit.
6) This voucher is invalid if any of its part is found tampered with and/or in any way.
7) Running Lab should not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of this voucher.
8) This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or discounts of Running Lab.
9) Terms and Condition are correct at time of printing, and Running Lab reserves the rights to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The TNF100 Drama...

By Frank

The North Face 100 Singapore is over. And apparently it didn't go as well as previous years. Frankly speaking after joining it for the first time last year, I do not deny that this year's standard took a dip. But on another side of me, my hats off to everyone who had worked behind the scene in making this inaugural event happened. I may sound bias as the title sponsors are actually my colleagues from Singapore. But trust me, I'm just speaking on how I felt. Take not they are title sponsors and not event organisers. However, I just want to state, that this is my very own personal opinion, my 2 cents worth for it.

The drama started a week before the actual race back at the race pack collection. What appears to be the usual 7.00am starting time for the 100KM duo has been move later to 8.00am and this came as a huge surprise to many participants especially for those catching a flight back home. 2 of my friends Karen and Yim were affected by this as they are going to run another marathon later in the evening. However, their situation was quickly resolved by the organisers. So what actually went wrong? It appears a certain gate at a certain stretch was not to be open before 8.00am by the Singapore Public Utility Board. The organisers had tried to appeal for it but sadly, it wasn't granted hence the last minute decision to change the starting time. Whose fault is this then? My take is, there is no one at fault. Everyone had tried their best to resolve it.

Next we have the race pack collection. Though the goodie bag this year has seen its quality being upgraded, there were problems with the event t-shirt sizes. I was lucky to receive mine but many others who indicated size M and above who collected later only received smaller sizes. This not only happen to TNF100 but also to many other events, some big ones like Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, Sundown Marathon and even our very own events here in Malaysia. Technically speaking, this problem should not happen since participants had already indicated their sizes during registration hence this will be purely the sponsors and organisers fault.

Then come race day. Everyone was excited. Despite the change of start time for the 100KM Duo, runners turn up full strength. The came the drama. Route signage that was put up a week before the event went missing or even misleading. This had caused runners including a few of my colleagues taking the wrong turn and some even ended up running more than the actual distance. Yeap, even my colleagues which are the title sponsor do not know the route themselves before hand. I was one of the victim, but thankfully I did not take a wrong turn. Just had to stop to wonder. What really happen, I do not know. But the things I know is that the signage will most likely be sabotage by humans whether passer-bys or even runners themselves or perhaps even monkeys. Yeap, you heard me right, monkeys. Even our own Singapore Blade Runner aka Shariff had caught an uncle trying to turn the signage to mislead runners 2 days before the event. Shame on you uncle! I myself even saw some empty poles which should be housing the signage. They were not there. Therefore, what really happen, I do not know. My understanding is that biker patrols were sent out to check on them a couple of hours before the race, and some of them even were patrolling during the course of the race. Perhaps marshals shall be stationed at critical junctions so this will be one matter organisers should look into for next year's edition.

Hydration during a hot and long race like this will be critical. Water and Milo were the only planned fluid for runners but upon request, isotonic were then included in. Despite all efforts, a few water stations ran out of water. I've seen the amount of water brought to each station but also witness the ugly side of us humans. Some runners took the whole 1.5L water or isotonic drinks to themselves and carried along with them only to leave it on the run way later, probably only a quarter consumed. Why can't they drink it on the spot before resuming their run. This is rather selfish considering they are other slower runners behind.

Knowing the hydration issue, the title sponsors then took matters to their own hand. Upon completing my run, I saw them communicating with water stations on the volume they are left with. I too then share some of my insights with them indicating which station is running low on it. This gave them an idea and they quickly mobilise themselves and sent it out on their own. This swift action of theirs deserves praises as a few title sponsors are participants of the race themselves and they do understand the needs of runners.

Yesterday, the results were released. Yes, it took a while and there were many errors to it. Some who finished were listed DNF, or have misleading time. I myself have a missing first check point. But do the title sponsors and event organisers deserve to be called names and vulgar words? Come on runners, where are your manners? This time round was a new event organiser and yes they may be inexperience but please just share your insights with them instead of using vulgarity. As long you yourself knows that you completed the race, no other means can deny it. Not even a finisher medal or t-shirt can justify your own satisfaction and glory.

Despite all the drama and problems to this year TNF100, I personally think that the title sponsors has given their all. How do I know it? Simple. It's because I witness it. Humans are prone to error and there are limits to our work force and will. I've seen and heard my colleagues working day and night to prepare for this race but yet in return, what they receive was not a very pleasant. Running events sometimes do not go accordingly but do give them a chance to rectify things. Many events started off as flop but greatly improved the following years. Of course they sometimes take another dip, but hey, look outside the box before condemning them down.

Once again, this is my personal take on TNF100 this year. You may agree or disagree with me but here's my hats off to the title sponsors, The North Face who happen to be also my colleagues down in Singapore. Kudos to you all if you are reading this. WT, HN, MP, DY, KC, CO, RC, YT, NT, JL, JP and may other volunteers (I just use your initials rather than your full name).

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The North Face 100 Singapore 2011...

Event: The North Face 100 Singapore 2011
Venue: MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore
Date: 15 October 2011
Time: 8.00am
Distance: 50KM (50.2KM by Polar RCX5 G5)
Shoe: Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport
By Frank

Can't imagine it has been a year since my first TNF100 race. I still remember when having dinner with Jamie and Justin last year, popping by BV Sport office to get our gears and a year later, I was with Jeff instead.

The race route this year...

Trip via the usual First Coach was the usual smooth journey. Arrived at about 1.45pm and went immediately to Marina Square to collect our race pack from The North Face store there. After a quick lunch which we were joined by 2 out of 3 of our Malaysian 100KM solo runners, Allan and Victor at my favourite Marina Square food court, we then adjourned to Fragrance Hotel, Oasis at Balestier Road to settle down while unpacking our stuff, not to mention preparing our race gear.

Team Running Lab Malaysia...

With nothing to do and it was still early about 5pm, we decided to go shopping for race essential. Upon doing so and with still available time and unsure if Dannie and Carrie were to join us for dinner, we gambled and proceeded to Fragrance Hotel, Rose to try meet them there after all calls to them failed. Surprisingly at 7.30pm, they really appeared! Haha... The 4 of us including Dannie's 100KM Duo team mate Wong then proceeded to have dinner at apparently a famous chicken rice place which I find pretty slacking. However, it was fully packed! Probably just the hype.

Back to the hotel and called it a night soon after cleaning ourselves up. Didn't have a good sleep as it was a little noisy outside. But was instantly up the next morning at 5am and the adventure begins.

Myself and Jeff all geared up...

After all the fiasco of runners complaining on the change of start time to 8am for the 100KM Duo category, I was delighted to see the number of runners turning up. The only thing was that there wasn't a little gathering among Malaysian runners like last year. The contingent this time was a little smaller. Upon completing my preparation, Jeff caught a glimpse of Shine completing his first 50KM loop. I chased him down to try snap a photo of him running but just can't do so. He was still fast and looking good. Caught up with him at his resting tent where he tries to rectify his blister problem. Allan too check in soon.

I caught a glimpse of Nic and Carey and off I went over to have a little "colleague reunion". Wearing last year's race gear, I checked into the starting area as the start time nears. At 8am, we the 100KM Duo runners were let off and I soon set into pace after waving to Nic and Carey. Like going to war!

With my colleagues Nic and Carey...

The starting field for the 100KM Duo...

I immediately settled into my heart rate zone. Yeap, I have planned to run within the zone of 75% to 84% from my maximum heart rate and have set my Polar RCX5 to give out a reminder should I hit 85% and above. As this is my first official start to my training for that something great next year, my aim is just to complete the run comfortably and within the cut-off time. And after all, it's my first time wearing Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport on trail so I needed to be careful too.

1KM on tarmac, I soon hit the MacRitchie trails. First step on it on the TrekSport and I was like "Hey, this isn't so bad after all". It was actually really nice and not as painful as I might have though so. The only thing was it was a little slippery at certain moist areas. I had to be careful not to end up like a young lass that trip over at about 3KM into my run.

7KM, I saw Shine taking a breather at the water station. Ask if he was all right and he said he was, asking me to go ahead first. Dannie and Wong soon arrived and I was surprised that Dannie mentioned that he wanted to call it a day. Myself and Wong motivated and pushed him and we ran together will about 13KM.

I continued on my own from there on, and occasionally other runners caught up. I took it slow descending certain areas as it was just too slippery for my TrekSport. Arriving at the second water station at 15KM, I nearly got a heart attack seeing Jeff came from behind. He should be way ahead by now. It seems that he took the wrong turn and ran extra. With a flight to catch at 4.30pm, it wasn't helping. Here also, I took off both side of my TrekSport and starting taping up hot spots near both my big toe areaa as it was becoming a little warm. Signals of blisters coming up.

With Syah just after the Mandai exit at 20KM...

Continued on into Zheng Hua Park and back into the trails, I soon arrived at Mandai, 20KM into the race and it was here I bump into my KLCC run leader, Syah. From here we ran together side by side and occasionally changing places a little to keep each other motivated. It was HOT as we run into Lorong Asrama and soon at 27KM, DE JAVU! It was Hill 265. Took a rest at the hut as water was servd. I took the chance to call a few of my friends and even being cheeky, I sent a SMS to Nic jokingly asking him to prepare ice cold dessert for me at the finish line later. Haha...

Syah and myself getting ready to tackle Hill 265...

A cheeky SMS to Nic. Hahaha...

When myself and Syah was ready to again, we attack the hill only to find myself stuck at halfway up on all 4! It was my TrekSport acting up again as I couldn't find traction. One wrong step and I will go tumbling down. But luckily I managed myself and I'm sure Syah had a good laugh from behind.

At about 30KM near the huge hut at the exit of this area, someone called out to me. It was Tekko and I'm glad I finally met him in person. He offered an orange ice bar which was just heavenly sent. Super duper nice as I think he must have made it from freshly squeezed oranges.

Back into Mandai trails, I soon find Syah stopping by the side to tape up his blistered toes. He offered me a preserved plum (assam boi) and it was a wake up call for me. It was really nice but as I was having a recovering blister under my tongue, it gave me the "SYIOKNESS". Haha... I continued without him and back into Zhenghua Park and soon the 35KM water station where an anonymous volunteer handed me a can of Coke. A can was probably too much but he just asked me to take it which I did with a lot of THANK YOU coming out from my mouth. I gulped the whole can down pretty instantly and off I went again burping a little along the way. BURP!

About 2KM ahead, I saw a fellow runner laying flat on the ground with his team mate and a volunteer with him. Offered him help but it was all already taken care of as medics were on the way. I hope he is fine.

I have something to confess at the final 10KM or so. I was holding on to the call of nature since about 8KM into the race earlier. The toilets that appeared on the map did not appear along the race course and I had to hold it. But as time goes by and with a can of Coke downed earlier, I can't take it anymore. Found a secluded area and "showered" the trees there. Sorry Lion City but hopefully some nice tree will pop out next year. :D

With about 8KM or so to go, I got a little lost at a junction and waited for other runners to arrive. A French name Vincent soon arrive but he himself was unsure. Later it was a Singaporean lass who guided our way. I soon found out that Vincent is actually from KL too and stays only at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. What a small world. We chatted briefly before I continued on before accidentally kicking a huge rock. My poor right tiny toe.

Seeing the entrance to MacRitchie Trails was a love and hate thing as this stretch marks the last stretch of trails before the finish. But it can also be mentally challenging as it can feel pretty long due to fatigue. I took it easy and soon enough, I saw the light at the end of it. I was 1KM from the finish line. Recompose myself and saviour all the moment and soon I saw it with others cheering from the side.

Enter the MacRitchie Trail...

Light at the end of the tunnel. Another 1KM to the finish...

With no team mate to wait upon this time round as I was the slower one, I finally completed my second TNF100 Duo with a time of 07:38:39. Boon Yeong was there as an official photographer and we exchanged some words before I proceeded to the rest area where I refuelled and caught up with Walter who was so busy himself organising hydration to be send to respective water stations.

My completion time...

While doing my post run recovery, I caught up with the rest of my colleagues like Huey Na, Marc, Carey, Yati, Nancy and Janet. I also went to look for my ice cold dessert from Nic. Hahaha... Soon, I was reunited with my Syah and Allen too who had completed his 100KM Solo in about 13 hours plus! Respect this guy!

Withnot much time to spare, together with Syah we had a slow walk to the locker area to have ourselves clean up as we are leaving back for home shortly. And this is where I first remove the taping on my toes and VIOLA, bloody blister on my right big toe. I was still able to run earlier as it did not burst but it didn't look pleasant though.

Some love after the gruesome 50KM...

After cleaning myself up, I went back to find my other fellow Malaysian runners and was delighted to see Razif, Ian, Dannie, Wong and even Shine completing their run. Walter was back and we also exchanged some ideas on the event and now I understood it more on what was the fiasco all about.

After hanging out with Carey and Yati for a while, at 6pm, I left the race site with Allen to Novena where my bus is scheduled to be at 7pm. It was a long trip back home alone and I was freezing in the bus. But it was a smooth trip and I found myself back home at 12.30pm. And with this, it was another TNF100 Duo completed.

Front view of the finisher's medal...

Rear view of the finisher's medal...

This is some statistics and findings from my run:
- I took 3 servings (4 per serving) of GU Chomps, 2 GU Roctane, 1 GU Energy Gel, 1 preserved plum, 500ML of half diluted Gatorade (from the start), 8 cups of 100Plus, 14 cups of plain water, an ice bar, a can of Coke and survived on 2 litres of water in my hydration back pack. Yeap, I did not refuel along the way and it only got depleted at the finish line.
- Suffered 2 blisters on each feet with one bloody version on my right big toe.
- Running on the Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport on trails isn't as painful as many though will be. Legs was just as good as new upon writing this entry. However, it was slippery especially in moist surfaces.
- Ran within 75% to 84% from my maximum heart rate and a reminder beep from my Polar RCX5 should I hit 85% and above.
- Didn't experience any cramps though had ice cubes inserted into my calf sleeves twice to manage it.
- Although weather was really hot, I did not have temperature issues even though clad in black.

- Walter for sponsoring me as part of Team Running Lab Malaysia and Karen Chua for managing my registration.
- Jeff for being my team mate this year.
- Gary from Athlete's Circle for specially bringing in a Polar RCX5 G5 in advance for me.
- Syah whom I share some company with from 20KM till 30KM.
- Tekko for the heaven sent orange ice bar.
- The anonymous volunteer at 35KM for giving me a can of Coke.
- My team mate of last year, Jamie whom I know will have been again my team mate if work permits.
- Karen Loh, Yim and Paul for the comfort words and heads up a few days leading to the race.
- Mohan for offering a space in his car booth for my luggage although I didn't take up the offer.
- To all my colleagues whom I met and have played a part in this gruelling race and to all volunteers, a big THANKS to you all.
- And to those not mentioned, as usual you all know who you are. THANK YOU!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

GUing All The Way...

By Frank

There are a lot of nutrition products out there. The most famous being the one from the company that manufacture Milo and Nescafe. Easily available in the market, sadly to say, my tummy just didn't agree with it. Whenever I take them, you will see me detouring to the toilet after some delay effect. Taste wise, it's just too hard to swallow.

Then I was introduced to GU Energy about 3 years ago. It was being sold at a world re-known local nutrition shop at a really expensive price of RM8 per sachet. But I had no other alternative as this brand just works for me. Taste was great too (chocolate remains one of my favourite cause it's made of pure dark chocolate) and no hitting the potty pot after taking it. Only downside is that GU Energy does not manufacture energy or protein bars.

After the energy gels, the product line up grew to chews, electrolyte tablets, recovery drink and my favourite of all, the Roctane! Being an ultra-endurance gel, people always mistaken it to have higher contents. In fact, it's the other way round. It's slightly lower but this time GU Energy added the OKG amino acid to slow down muscle fatigue and lactic acid build-up. And if taken correctly, it really works wonder for me.

Being a sport science person, I took into calculation the nutritional facts of each of GU Energy's product and based it on my body composition. With this, I'm able to know the quantity to take each time and also when to take them. And the good news is, effective just last month, the pricing of the gels has been revised to RM6.50 per sachet at Running Lab. Yes I know this is where I work and it seems like free advertising, but hey, I do purchase it for myself you know.

Let's GU....

This weekend at The North Face 100 Singapore, my backpack will be filled with all GU Energy products. GU Energy Gel, Roctane, Chomps and Brew. One big happy nutrition family to help me GU all the way!

* This entry is written based on my acceptance of GU Energy products. While it may work for me, I will recommend you to try out a sachet first before committing as what may work for me, may not work the same for you. WHY? Because we are unique!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Being Sponsored...

By Frank

Who doesn't want to be sponsored? Ain't it nice to have loads of goodies or complimentary entries to a certain event? But understanding the role is different. As a sponsored person, downing the gears given and going through the Terms & Conditions is a golden rule that we must follow.

I was sponsored by a few brands throughout my 4 years plus of running. And I'm damn proud to say that I honoured each of them down my throat even through the bitter side of it. I use and wore the products given, I race and trained with them, and I even consumed and went to the toilet with it! And yet, I did not complain.

Accepting the contract is easy. Just a signature will do. But living with it will be tougher. It all depends on the person willingness to go through with it for the rest of the contract period. But the main question is WHY accept it if you are not willing to honour it. It's like why marry your partner if you are not willing to spend the rest of your life with him or her?

This entry may cause a few upset but I think I have been too easy going. I need to highlight it out so hopefully it won't happen again. But I will also dare to say that if I'm going to give sponsorship out again, it will be the past, present and future that I will look into and that 4 person that I have previously worked with will be the usual first choice candidates. The 4 of you, you know who you are! Damn proud of you all!

Be grateful, be thankful and be loyal!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Heading South For North...

By Frank

Time passes so quickly that in a blink of an eye, a year has passed and TNF100 Singapore is here once again. In 5 days time, off I go again tackling the trails of Singapore. From MacRitchie Reservoir to Bukit Timah and Mandai, myself and my new team mate Jeff who just got hitched 2 nights ago will battle through the heat and the uneven terrain.

I did my last long run the past Sunday. Training hasn't been good. Although I been constantly maintaining an average of 70% from max heart rate, my running distance hasn't been great and I wonder how are my legs are going to hold up this time. I been wearing my Vibram FiveFingers all these while hoping to strengthen it and I hope it has done its job. I will be racing in them too, the particular model call TrekSport which I really like it. At only 4mm thick, it will be really one hell of a run for me.

I even got myself a new toy, the Polar RCX5. Gary from Athlete's Circle was kind enough to deliver a set to me which include the yet to be launch here G5 GPS sensor. Played with it on Sunday and it work remarkably well, especially the G5. Slightly larger than a matchstick box, the GPS chipset was strong enough to have reception even if I stored in my pocket.

My new toys...

And my final piece of gear will be my trustworthy Nathan HPL #020. I did not adjust it properly for my earlier Sundown Ultra Marathon hence causing discomfort. I re-did my homework and VIOLA, it fitted superbly. Besides, I been running with it even for a 5KM run, so technically speaking, my shoulder should be fine with it.

I hope the race will be an enjoyable one. I even hope for a better post race time with my Singaporean colleagues where some of them will be running too. Just hope I am still sober enough. See all of you at MacRitchie Reservoir!

* Oh... And not forgetting that this run will mark the start of my training for something great that I may sign up next year. 8-)