Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 16: The Star And The Nova...

By Frank

It's been 16 days since I had the adidas adistar Cushion 6 (refered to as adistarC6). The testing has been going pretty well although certain things are still too early to tell. However, this entry today isn't about any test feedback I had on the shoe. It's actually a head-to-head comparison with my adidas Supernova Cushion 6 (refered to as SupernovaC6) which I just decided to retire it from the race scene.

From left, the adistarC6 and the SupernovaC6...

Having done more than 400KMs since they day I got them at 9 February 2007, I guess it's time I retire my SupernovaC6 from the race scene with one final and special event, the KL Tower Towerthon 2008. It was a wonderful shoe which I used for my first running event, the KL International Marathon 2007 doing a full marathon. Of more than 400KMs, the only problem I had with it is for a distance of the half marathon at the Penang Bridge Marathon 2007 where I was hit by a plantar problem at both my feet at a very early stage of the race. Other than that, no other problems what so ever. However, after retirement, I'm still going to use the shoe for training purposes as there is still "life" left to it.

After more than 400KMs, there is still "life" for the Supernova C6...

So here's 5 comparisons I made with the 2 shoes.

Design and structure: Both shoes were designed almost pretty equally. They were after all launched at about the same time back in early 2007. As for the structure, it's pretty too early to judge the adistarC6 now though it does looks pretty "heavy duty". The SupernovaC6 has done more than 400KMs till today and I assume it can hit at least 600KM! Therefore, this segment is a fair draw.

Comfort: The adistarC6 wider design gave my toes more room to move around compared to the narrower SupernovaC6. However, problems with the adistarC6's tongue moving to the side prompt me for some solutions on the laces as mentioned in my Day 8 report.

Cushioning: The adistarC6 wins hands down on this segment. Not to say the SupernovaC6 isn't good, but it's just that the adistarC6 is better. The implementation of a second FORMOTION plate does makes a huge difference. It worked so well with the adiPRENE and adiPRENE + that it actually adapts to the ground more effectively.

The extra FORMOTION plate for the adistarC6 (bottom)...

Ventilation: Both shoes are well ventilated as both are using the seamless air mesh. However, I felt the adistarC6 to be slightly better in this segment. Maybe the tiny holes at the front side of the soles did help.

Weight: The adistarC6 is certainly a heavy shoe with all the technologies implemented in it. It's after all, a very good cushioning shoe. However, not everyone is suitable for it as some will find it too draggy. Therefore, the SupernovaC6 which is lighter takes the crown for this segment for it's ideal weight.

Well... There you have it. Just some basic comparisons. The adistarC6 will win hands down if not for it's weight. I understand t's a cushioning shoe but I felt that the shoe can be somehow lighten. Maybe the next edition will improve on it. But anyway, it's still pretty early to judge the adistarC6 now. And after all, after a year of more than 400KMs, the SupernovaC6 has proven itself as an effective shoe for me. Therefore a big THANK YOU to my first running shoe.

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