Monday, February 25, 2008

UPM C-DEX Run 2008...

Event: UPM C-DEX Run 2008
Venue: Engineering Faculty, UPM, Selangor
Date: 24 February 2008
Time: 8am
Distance: 5KM
Shoe: Nike Air Max 180+
By Ija

To be frank I've only been training for this run for the past 2 weeks as my eyes were already set on KLIM 10k finishers medal/cert. I consider this race to at least show me where I'm at and keep me motivated for KLIM. I promised myself that it's a race between me and me and a medal would be a bonus. The distance is not daunting but I've never raced in a medium-long distance on 5km flat road before...

It's just another running day. I arrived there around 7:30am, parked at the nearest girls college (around 300m away) before slow jogging to the reporting tent. When I arrived there I realized that I've tercicir my reporting card. I told the girl and she told me that I could run but wont get any medal if I happen to be one of the top 50 finishers. Tough cookie ;). I ran back to my car and found out that I've dropped it when I was embarking out of my car. I ran back cause it's already 7:50 and registered. Woo. Body panas already with all that warm up. I covered 1km dy, man! :lol:

It's 8am and the aerobics was still on. I was like... er.... ok.. when the race supposed to start again? After 15 mins they released the boys. And we were flagged off some 5 mins later. The sun was already up @_@

I started at the back of the pack since I promised myself to pace properly. Most of the runners dont look like they've done long distance before so I know for sure I'll be blocking their way. I zoomed too fast during my previous 2 runs that I got side stitches early. Aiming 7:30min/km for the first 1km (10km practice), I WAS THE LAST PERSON during the first 200m!! wahahahahaha. The feeling of marshal van wanting to run you over is NOT NICE :D. I was so slow, got someone took picture of me :peace:. I upped my pace a bit around 300m and began to tapau people.

I enjoyed the tapauing process ... after 400m, most of the runners started slowing down or walking @_@. I began to pick my race bunny, tapau her, and then pick another race bunny :D. There were some tough ones. After I cut, they potong me back and then slow down and block my way :sweat:. Pacing was nice and good but I felt TOO COMFORTABLE. I increased pacing to 7:00 during the 2nd kilometer after I realize that I already passed the halfway mark and it felts like I was pacing for a 10k race :x I went too slow!

I upped my speed and left the pack. Number of female runners decrease. Distance from one runner to another was kinda far. I just aimed to cut one by one while NOT slowing down. But running on the road (as opposed to the curb) stretches my distance leh. The curb aint level enough and I afraid kena ankle injury again like Subang10k.

During the last 400m, my race bunny was a real fighter. I imagined her being the 50th person to get the medal and began sprinting. SHE SPRINTED TOO!! :sweat: :sweat: We were shoulders-to-shoulders and she tapaued me for a while. At the last few 20m I felt like I could cut her to the narrow ending lane but that will just mean I'll risk ramming into her and I dont think that's even a good sportsmanship. And if she could fight this hard, I think she deserves the medal :)

We got our placing. She 51, me 52. :x :x :x :x. As we queue up to record our details I congratulated her for being a good sport. Both of us laughed when we realized that we were actually fighting for the 51st place :lol:

I kinda regret with the placing cause if I would've been 30seconds faster during the first km I'd gotten myself a nice shiny medal. This is the 2nd time I kena like this, man. During Subang 10k I was the first person being denied a finisher's cert (cut-off time was 1hr:15min, I think they stretched it to 1hr:17min cause the iPod recorded me being 1:17:something) and for this race, I was so close to the medal! I'd kick myself if I kena like this again for KLIM. After the race I didnt feel tired, no lactic acid problem, no train-wreck feeling, no ankle pain, no knee pain. Maybe I was not trying hard enough......

This was my 3rd competitive run after Subang10k & Cardio Run last year. Kudos to organizer - it was a well-organized race albeit the late start.

Placing: 52 of Category B

Goodie bag: 1 x Ajinomoto Nasi Goreng Kampung, 2 x Cloud-9s, 1 x JobStreet handbook, 1 x anagelsic, 1 x Jack&Jill Rollercoaster, 1 x Ovaltine 3-in-1 sachet (so many junk food :lol:)

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