Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Heading South For North...

By Frank

Time passes so quickly that in a blink of an eye, a year has passed and TNF100 Singapore is here once again. In 5 days time, off I go again tackling the trails of Singapore. From MacRitchie Reservoir to Bukit Timah and Mandai, myself and my new team mate Jeff who just got hitched 2 nights ago will battle through the heat and the uneven terrain.

I did my last long run the past Sunday. Training hasn't been good. Although I been constantly maintaining an average of 70% from max heart rate, my running distance hasn't been great and I wonder how are my legs are going to hold up this time. I been wearing my Vibram FiveFingers all these while hoping to strengthen it and I hope it has done its job. I will be racing in them too, the particular model call TrekSport which I really like it. At only 4mm thick, it will be really one hell of a run for me.

I even got myself a new toy, the Polar RCX5. Gary from Athlete's Circle was kind enough to deliver a set to me which include the yet to be launch here G5 GPS sensor. Played with it on Sunday and it work remarkably well, especially the G5. Slightly larger than a matchstick box, the GPS chipset was strong enough to have reception even if I stored in my pocket.

My new toys...

And my final piece of gear will be my trustworthy Nathan HPL #020. I did not adjust it properly for my earlier Sundown Ultra Marathon hence causing discomfort. I re-did my homework and VIOLA, it fitted superbly. Besides, I been running with it even for a 5KM run, so technically speaking, my shoulder should be fine with it.

I hope the race will be an enjoyable one. I even hope for a better post race time with my Singaporean colleagues where some of them will be running too. Just hope I am still sober enough. See all of you at MacRitchie Reservoir!

* Oh... And not forgetting that this run will mark the start of my training for something great that I may sign up next year. 8-)


Jamie said...

like someone once said "Gud Lak!" Team RL should be able to finish in a faster total time than last year. You have a siao fella as partner this year!

Harry said...

Good luck!