Thursday, October 13, 2011

GUing All The Way...

By Frank

There are a lot of nutrition products out there. The most famous being the one from the company that manufacture Milo and Nescafe. Easily available in the market, sadly to say, my tummy just didn't agree with it. Whenever I take them, you will see me detouring to the toilet after some delay effect. Taste wise, it's just too hard to swallow.

Then I was introduced to GU Energy about 3 years ago. It was being sold at a world re-known local nutrition shop at a really expensive price of RM8 per sachet. But I had no other alternative as this brand just works for me. Taste was great too (chocolate remains one of my favourite cause it's made of pure dark chocolate) and no hitting the potty pot after taking it. Only downside is that GU Energy does not manufacture energy or protein bars.

After the energy gels, the product line up grew to chews, electrolyte tablets, recovery drink and my favourite of all, the Roctane! Being an ultra-endurance gel, people always mistaken it to have higher contents. In fact, it's the other way round. It's slightly lower but this time GU Energy added the OKG amino acid to slow down muscle fatigue and lactic acid build-up. And if taken correctly, it really works wonder for me.

Being a sport science person, I took into calculation the nutritional facts of each of GU Energy's product and based it on my body composition. With this, I'm able to know the quantity to take each time and also when to take them. And the good news is, effective just last month, the pricing of the gels has been revised to RM6.50 per sachet at Running Lab. Yes I know this is where I work and it seems like free advertising, but hey, I do purchase it for myself you know.

Let's GU....

This weekend at The North Face 100 Singapore, my backpack will be filled with all GU Energy products. GU Energy Gel, Roctane, Chomps and Brew. One big happy nutrition family to help me GU all the way!

* This entry is written based on my acceptance of GU Energy products. While it may work for me, I will recommend you to try out a sachet first before committing as what may work for me, may not work the same for you. WHY? Because we are unique!

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