Thursday, June 23, 2011

Overcoming 100KM...

By Frank

It's the eve of the race day's eve. Nothing much can be done now except to exercise my mental strength. Been so busy with lifting boxes these few days that it had served as a upper body work out for me. And to makes matters worst, our local water authority decided to cut off supplies of water for 48 hours before I leave for Singapore leaving me a stinky traveller?

From Facebook, I see many fellow century runners to be building up the hype to it. A couple of them even managed to run in the name of charity. Not for me though. This run is about myself, my sponsors, Runnerz Circle and the team behind it, and of course in the name of my past and present.

I mentioned pain tolerance in my previous entry. A note on how am I going to get through it this time, I survived and gone through painful moments before and this will serve as a memory when I hit the critical zone come race day. While I run, thoughts of my fellow Aladdin Runnerz running mates for all the months of training will fuel me. The thoughts of having a needle inserted in my bone marrow will tell me that soreness and pain during the run is nothing compared to that. And while I run, I must tell myself that I am running because I can and I will complete it. It's only 100KM! Everything will be over when the sun rises on Sunday, 26 June 2011.

Preparation might not been well. I may have said that I wouldn't mind jumping on the wagon should I won't be able to run or continue on. You see, I don't mean what I said. When I run, I will give me all to complete it regardless of time. But of course, I must finish it before my plane takes off. Yes, once again, I have a plane to catch. Therefore, as much important will be my race pace, completing it will be my main priority.

What is more painful is written on my this left arm...

Till my race report, to my fellow friends running it this weekend from Yim, Shine, Paul and more, here's cheers to us all. It's Sundown Ultra Marathon 2011 weekend and it's just only 100KM!!!


Tekko said...

All the best. Enjoy the race.

Yimster said...

Frank, well said. Through it all and with pain, 100km is to be had. you know you want it ... bad. So it's time for you to rumble and show how it's done, Frank style ok! See you at the starting line!