Monday, June 13, 2011

Back In Biz...

By Frank

Remember when I mentioned that I was attached to a big project in some of my previous entries that I hardly have any time to train? And for those who read my blog entry regarding Runnerz Circle's closure carefully and found the "bread crumb" that I left behind (very smart and attentive reader you are), I guess it's time now to reveal my journey ahead on what this big project is.

Yes, Runnerz Circle as of 12 June 2011 has closed its book and reverted back to a blog. However, I was given a second chance which I believe was through the fair play I been practising all the past 1 year. Presenting my new venture... RUNNING LAB!


Yeap, it's the exact same multi sportsware store that you find in Singapore. It has finally made its way into Malaysia and I'm part of it together with the rest of my team down in Singapore. Yours truly will bring forward all the knowledge and experience gained through my studies and also working time from my previous venture.

It has been a very tiring past 6 months. But all in all, the results are finally showing. Running Lab Malaysia's first store is scheduled to be operational on 1 July 2011 at Tropicana City Mall. Product range almost 90% identical to Singapore's store, so be prepare to find footwear and gears from reknown brand such as K-Swiss, Zoot, Saucony, Vibram Five Fingers, FuelBelt, Nathan, GU Energy Labs and BV Sport, just to name a few.

Why choose to close Runnerz Circle you asked? As stated in my Tough Day... entry, the business isn't showing a good sign at the end of last year. We all will know when something isn't going well, and at that time, I knew it myself. Therefore, I seek support and when the opportunity came and with my working relation with Running Lab, this was a venture not to be forego. Therefore with this, I sincerely hope this long journey ahead will be a much brighter one.

My apologies to those who had asked me on what my future plans were. It wasn't the correct time to reveal this new venture and therefore I had to tell a "white lie". Only my team back at Runnerz Circle knew and perhaps some who found the "bread crumb". But I guess it's of no hiding now and so I hope to see everyone at Running Lab soon.

And here's another "bread crumb". Await our official grand opening!

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