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Kinrara Metta Run 2011...

Event: Kinrara Metta Run 2011
Venue: Taman Damai Utama, Bandar Kinrara, Puchong
Date: 24 April 2011
Time: 7.15am
Distance: 8KM (8.29KM by Nike+ Sportband)
Shoe: K-Swiss K-Ona
By Frank

Haven't had any runs since last weekend Energizer Night Race 2011. Just wanted to give my ankle some rest. With running resuming today, myself and Jamie initially planned out a 10KM ruJustify Fulln prior to the event start. However, as my stomach was giving problems and that I arrived some 10 minutes late, we decided to skip it, hence paying full attention for some speed work at the race.

Arriving at the race site was a major rush for me. I had to visit the potty pot again and with no help from the driver parking next to me so closely to my car which made maneuvering myself tough to get my stuff out and to put it on, I sprinted to the toilet only to run through some mud hence causing them to splash onto my shorts. This really looked that I pooed in my pants. Darn! And there's no water in the toilet hence I can't rinse it off. But lucky I had toilet rolls with me, else it's H3LL!

With all the necessary done, I hung out with Jamie and Jeff till 6.45am before performing our warming up ritual at a nearby neighbourhood to check them up. I though this place was a nice place to stay in due to the quiet surrounding. But that's for now and we won't know future developments there.

Fast forward, the men were let off at 7.15am sharp, while the ladies a while later. There was around 1000 total runners so running on the reasonably wide road is of no problem. I started off fast. Out on the main street, it was a slight descent but after 2KM or so, it also descent for me. Side stitch began irritating me and due to the earlier pace, I lost my breath. Instantly, I told myself that speed is nothing without endurance, but in a more truthful manner, I don't train for speed, more ever I'm in ultra distances now. With this in mind, at least I don't feel so bad. Hahaha...

Soon enough at around 3KM plus or so near to where our usual Sunday long run start is, we made our turn back. Just before that, there was a refreshment station and a familiar face, Wai Mun was there to serve me a cup of water. Thank you so much! On the return trip, I had Poh Meng with me for a while, while I try to battle my side stitch. Once gone, I managed to up my pace a little while attacking the slight uphill.

Back into Taman Damai Utama, as I was looking down the road, I suddenly notice a yellow figure in front of me. No, it's not the Digi Man. It was Pueh Tian armed with his camera snapping photos at me. And boy, the shot was really an "eye opener". Sorry but I ain't posting it here. :D

We had to run a short 400M or so into a junction and make another turn back out before proceeding to the finish. On the way there, Jamie who was at the opposite side making his way to the finish told me that the turn is just slightly ahead. I initially doubted him as I saw a long stretch of runners in front. I though he was trying to motivate me. But I was wrong as those were the 5KM runners. Indeed the turning point is just a short distance away.

The last 1KM was a climb. Not too tough, but I can feel the effects of it. While having my own sweet time heading towards the finish line, 2 runners who were trying to out run each other, passed me just at the finish while I was thanking Moey and his wife for calling out to me. All in all, distance was accurate as I managed to complete this very easy going well organised run in 00:42:59.

Refreshing cups of orange juice, an apple which was crispy, a red bean bun and a bottle of water made my recovery so much tastier. Pretty healthy too after earlier's purge. Medal was rather nice too but I personally think it isn't necessary as after all, this is a charity event in aid of a Buddhist society in helping them fund to build a centre for them. And they even gave a rather good quality shirt, which I took for my dad as he has been complaining due to lack of shirts.

Though my left ankle showed no discomfort this morning, it's still too early to judge as the run is only 8KM. Signs are rather positive but some attention to it is still needed. Before signing this entry off, a thank you note to Jamie for helping with my registration and race pack collection for this event.

Front view of the finisher's medal...

Rear view of the finisher's medal...

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Anonymous said...

I joined the run too and completed it in around 48 mins.