Thursday, January 06, 2011

Making Up Loss Ground...

By Frank

Last year, I've slacked. Results do not lie. I suffered in most of my runs due to lack of training. I myself am the one to blame. This year, I hope to regain the momentum on what I have been trying to build on. To run effectively and then to score. I want my Macau Marathon 2009 legs, motivation and guts back.

Time is something we are given to manage. A day may be just 24 hours, some say short, while others long. However, if manage properly, each and every seconds can be put to good use. I'm seeking to implement that theory for this year's training.

I still want my ticket to The North Face 100 solo category. And I'm using again this year's Sundown Ultra Marathon to try to gain entry to it. It won't be an easy task, but it's worth trying for. Training has started and though I can skip most of the basic stuff, I went back to square one. Step by step, structure by structure, I'm intend to rebuild what I built during the second half of year 2009 and perhaps even to surpass it, I hope.

The journey will be a long and rough one. But I'm glad I have the friends to join me. One of them will be the person whom I have look up to and followed even before I even started running, my running team partner for last year's The North Face 100KM Duo category, Jamie. This year started with the both of us running a steady long run on new year's day. And come this weekend will be the start of our back to back runs. He has set his eyes on his 16th marathon and while mine is an ultra distance, I'm glad we are training together. Never know we might even partner together again at this year's The North Face 100 should my quest for the solo fail. I hope as we run, more and more will join us in our adventure. Training should be fun, so whoever is reading this, do join us.

Last year is history and I shall look forward. Do not want to give myself any excuses for not even trying or coming close to what I am going for. Results at the end will speak for me, and results isn't everything about timing. For now, let me regain what I lost the last 365 days.

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cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

alright! let's make training fun!

u run i run! hahaha!

let's make 2011 a PB year!