Sunday, January 09, 2011

Back To Back...

By Frank

Successfully completed my first back to back long run for the year 2011 and also for my road to century distance. It wasn't easy considering it has been a while since I included this in my regime. Memories of end year 2008's back to back came rushing back, with the soreness included. Only Jamie from the original group was part of my training partner and I certainly miss the great times with some of the old gang. But fear not, new friends are always nice to have and in just this 2 days, I've made a few and also to run with those I have yet to run with.

We started yesterday's long run from our regular spot at Bukit Aman carpark. Only had 2 hours of sleep as I mysteriously woke up at midnight when the run only starts at 5am! Sigh... Organised by Jamie, we were joined by Cynthia, Bernard, Michael and Azhar. Instead of running to Sri Hartamas, we did 4 loops around bird park before heading out to double hills. Close to 21KM but I did near to 17KM only with Cynthia as she had some tummy issue. I took the role of sweeping the run from behind as someone had to perform this duty especially running with the new blood. Yes, the pace is slow, but I have no regrets. In fact, I felt honoured and satisfied to have played the role.

This morning, a revisit to the Newton route. Besides Jamie, all are new faces. Christine, Vince, Rao and few others. All I have never had run with before. Myself, Jamie and Christine did about 20KM. Pace was generally faster than yesterday but still pretty tough for me. Probably because of lack of sleep (only had 3 hours), but most probably due to the conditioning of the legs. Felt twitching on my left knee. Hmmm...

But a 17KM then 20KM back to back is a great start for me. Distance will be increase but it will be a gradual one. I don't see a point in running really long but not gaining any positive improvements. Patience I should.

Overall, I enjoyed a lot on my return to back to back long runs. Will be more to come, but today I learnt that to fully make use of it, sleep is really important. And it's something which I didn't have the privilege to enjoy on my first back to back long run due to work commitments. *YAWN*

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