Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Post Sundown...

By Frank

It's been 10 days since I ran the 84KM Sundown Marathon 2009. The hype is slowly fading away but the event will go down into my history books as my first ultra-marathon that I ran in, and completed it on my first attempt. Proud I am, but life goes on as usual for me. Therefore, I would like to sign off from my Project 84 entries with this one last entry.

A post Sundown dinner was held yesterday together with my friends from THG (Team Hyper Gila) at a Peranakan restaurant called Mum's Place at Damansara Perdana. Those who came are Lynn, Jennifer, Michelle, Pui San, Shih Ming, Dr. Ray, Raymond, Tony and Victor. Stories were shared about the adventure I had together with Victor. Questions were asked and in anyway I can, I tried to inspire them to actually give it a go at next year's edition. I believe all of them will be able to complete it, maybe with ease to some of them too. One thing though, I was glad was that "certain" questions weren't asked as I do somehow prefer to keep them to myself, well at least for now.

Back to the dinner, a 7 course dinner was served which includes chicken, beef, vegetables, bean curd and the signature cencaru fish in petai. Some dishes were kind of spicy and we all certainly had a "good" time munching them down. Some faces went red, some perspired and myself having a leaky nose struggling to put the dishes into my mouth with my yet to heal wound on my lips. I actually bit myself on my lips a few days back. However, all in all, we all enjoyed it while chatting ourselves away till the restaurant closes.

Thank you all for the great time...

To the 84KM run now. Yes, it was tough and to make it tougher is the conditions and the route of the Sundown Marathon 2009. But it doesn't take a crazy person to do it. Honestly speaking, I wasn't actually ready for it, but when I stood at the starting line during race day, I thought back of many things from my friends, training and so on. Though physical strength is much needed, I relied on my mental strength to help pull me through. My tag line was an extremely important one which fueled my mind throughout the entire race. It kept me away from negative thoughts even when I cramped up as early as at the 24KM mark. Besides that, I actually enjoyed the race, especially at the second loop. Personally for me, running an ultra-marathon for the first time especially, isn't about timing. It's all about competing with ourselves and to complete it. And to help other runners out whether friends or strangers, it's really a feeling that I can only describe as "satisfaction".

Anyhow, here you go. A closing entry for my first ever Project 84. Though still undecided if I will ever to take up the distance again, I do hope it will be able to inspire many to actually take it up, at least for once. It's really a good experience and all you have to do is to BELIEVE!


adrian said...

been following the proj 84 posts. i have to say that it's inspiring to experience you complete your 84k marathon albeit from the comfort of my pc.

i've recently taken up running to get back my fitness (unfortunately i let this slip once i joined the workforce). hoping that with some training and stamina, that i'll be able to put myself through a 10k event first. who knows where i might go from there

Runnerz said...

Thanks a lot Adrian. A 10K is a decent distance to start. Hope to see you around.

Khairul Anuar said...

Your achievement is awesome. 42k is insane enough for most people, let alone 84k. I'm definitely inspired to do it next year. Was supposed to run in the 42k this year but was let down by some personal matter which made me unable to travel to S'pore. Ended up staring at the bib and vest which was brought down earlier by a friend.
I personally think you should do it again and then only decide whether to quit ultras altogether. You'll be better prepared in 2010 and who knows, other ultras around the globe. Thank you for the wonderful and informative reporting Frank.

Runnerz said...

Khairul: Thanks for the awesome motivation. I'm still currently thinking about next year's paticipation. I do not deny that although I did suffer, I actually enjoyed the whole experience.