Sunday, June 14, 2009

My 7th Hanging By A Thread...

By Frank

My upcoming 7th marathon, the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2009 is coming in 2 weeks time. I've signed up on the very first day upon it's launch back in March 2009. Sadly to say, today on my current condition, I'm not fit to race it. I might be able to complete it, but I will risk further injuries. And the idea of backing out from it came yesterday evening after analysing through my runs.

Upon completion of my 84KM Sundown Marathon 2009 a couple of weeks ago, I actually felt good. I recuperated pretty fast and was ready to go again in a couple of days time though I did not run until the 26KM Malakoff Penang 2009 race. It was at this event that I found a problem on my left leg. First it was my hamstring, then came the patella. My hamstring isn't of any concern now as I felt it was just the tightness as most male runners will experience it. What worries me is my patella. Though I'm very confident that it isn't the dreaded Iliotibial Band syndrome that plagued me a few years back on the same leg, it may still be a runner's knee problem or maybe worst a fracture. And being me, I will not visit the doctor until something goes horribly wrong. I will try to tackle this problem myself first before jumping to my own deciding on further actions.

When I first suffered the fracture on my right patella back in January 2009, I was already told that my left leg will have to substain the extra pressure in bearing my body weight. Though I recovered pretty well from that and returned to running in just about 2 months time, my thoughts now is that I've rushed into things. I have my reasons back then being the 84KM Sundown Marathon 2009.

I've did my last long run yesterday running a distance of 24KM. Though I went pretty well for the first 15KM or so, things went awful after that just like my race at Penang the last weekend. The knocking sensation on my left patella was really uncomfortable as it felt like popping out from it's socket. I can feel it's vibration, even sometimes when not running and I'm not able to squat. My knee isn't reddish, but I can feel that it's slightly swollen when compared with my right.

I do really want to race in the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2009. But with things turning out to be like this now, I may have to fore go it. To make me feel better, this event isn't on my hit list to perform well. I will still go however, as a support to my fellow friends.

But all hope is not lost yet. 2 weeks is the time that I have to find a way to tackle this problem. I've decided to stop training and to concentrate on rehab exercises. Plus, I will be taking higher dosage of supplements to help me from the inside. And some of you do know how fast I can recover at times. Therefore, I will leave it all to time and will eventually make my decision whether to run it 3 days before the actual race. In the time being, I'll just have my fingers and toes cross.


RunWitMe said...

All der best! :)

Tweet and Ribbit said...

Rest well! I hope to see you recover in time for it!


Runnerz said...

RWM & Tweet: Many thanks. Am hoping I will make it to the run too.

Jamie Pang said...

1 more week and hopefully you'll make it to the start and FINISH.

I'll be rushing off after the 10K for the Dog Show at Chinwoo Stadium.