Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Running Into 2009...

By Frank

1916.84KM, 4 marathons, 25 races and 90 blog entries. That’s a few statistics for the year 2008 as it comes to a close. And with just 2 days to go till we welcome the New Year, it is time to take a journey down memory lane to recap back the memories of a truly wonderful year of running.

If I were to say that I took up running as a more casual approach in the previous year, then 2008 can be regarded as the year that I truly accepted the sport as part of my career, though at the same time keeping a low profile. It was a productive year for me in terms of my running career though it got off to a shaky start with the Great Eastern Pacesetters 30KM 2008. I didn’t fare very well and failed to complete the run within the qualifying time. Although I was awarded a finisher medal, I wasn’t too proud of it as I truly do not deserve it.

Then came the first marathon of the year, the KL International Marathon 2008 where I was rewarded by my first sub 5 hours timing. It came with a price though as I suffered from chest discomfort even before the marathon, a result from unstructured training. This has certainly served as a wake up call and I never look back since. With my working knowledge as a Personal Trainer in the health and fitness industry, I began studying and doing my self research on ways to improve my running and I successfully found my own formula in both training and nutrition. From here, I took training into my own hands using my new found knowledge and soon joined Choi, Jamie and Geraldine in their trainings which made things easier and fun.

Soon after, came plenty of quarter marathon and a few half marathon races and I used them to be part of my training regimes and soon was rewarded an improvement in time at the Sundown Marathon 2008 held at Singapore though still failing to meet my running time resolution for the year. Ran throughout the night and suffering my first cramp ever, it’s regarded my toughest marathon to date but I was glad I took part in it.

It was after a tough 6 months into 2008 and I decided to give myself a month break from intense running. And it proves to be a beneficial one as I managed to recover well and in the same time maintaining my fitness level. And not forgetting to regain some weight I lost from running. And in the month of August, I started training for my first ever fully sponsored race at the Nike+ Human Race 10K 2008 which I ran my first ever sub 50 minutes in a quarter marathon distance.

Building up from the momentum gained, marathon training was resume for my third and fourth marathon of the year. Introduced to me was back to back runs and also in trying to achieve a 100KM weekly mileage which I failed due to fatigue. Though the training was really painful, all was worth it as I ran my current personal best marathon time at the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2008. 3 weeks down, it was the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008. I took the risk in going for 2 marathons in a span of 3 weeks in trying to fulfill one of my running resolution for the year which is to run 4 marathons and I was glad I complete with no injuries at all. Though I did not run a personal best at Singapore, the meaning of friendship and companionship deepens within me as I bury inside my head, the true meaning of the spirit of marathon.

As the door closes for 2008, I’m glad I successfully achieve both my running resolutions for the year in running 4 marathons and also clocking a sub 4:30 time. Not to mention too that I have improved by “Leaps and bounds” as termed by one of my friends. Most importantly, to stay injury free.

Year 2008 was also a year of friendship. New friends were found and the friendship bond got stronger as each day passes. To my training mates of Choi, Jamie, Lawrence, Loke, Luc, Geraldine and Lynn whom we all make up the self named group called “Platinum Runners”, thanks for everything the past 1 year and for being with me throughout the tough times. Not forgetting my newly met friends of Andrew, Ben and Yee Hua, Chee Kong, Eugene, Fook, Jeff, Kit, Lionel, Pueh Tian, Chin Chin, Yen Erl and many more, it was really great to know you all.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the "Platinum Runners"...

I certainly have no regrets in taking up running. As time passes and I grow older, running will prove to be extremely beneficial to me. In running, I found a better life in terms of health and friendship, something in which money can’t buy. And till the day I can’t run anymore, 2009 will be another year that I shall follow my heart to run. At the same time trying to achieve my newly set running resolutions for the year ahead.

Year 2009 Running Resolutions...
- To run a sub 4 hour marathon
- To run 3 marathons
- To run and hopefully complete an ultra marathon
- Together with friends to stay healthy, injury free and to enjoy yet another fruitful year

And before ending my last entry of 2008, here’s wishing everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A GREAT RUNNING YEAR AHEAD!


Andrew Chiam Wei Han said...

Happy New Year! Glad to have known you as well buddy!


Carboman said...

A year of improvement! Here's looking towards many more exciting rides!

Loke said...

It has been a wonderful year with all those training runs and races that we had in 2008. Cheers & Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year.