Monday, December 01, 2008

Into The Lion’s Den…

By Frank

Continuing off from my fifth marathon at Penang, I shall take on my sixth at the upcoming Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008 in a week’s time. In terms of marathon races, this will be the shortest interval between 2 marathons, a span of only 3 weeks.

Singapore, the lion city...

Preparation to this race hit a hiccup with a week to go as flu struck me. My family was down with flu even before my adventure at Penang but I held on. But I guess my body defenses finally succumbed to it as I first felt it a few days ago. Quickly, I hit the panic button and became paranoid about certain things. I quarantined myself from my parents, took extra doses of multi vitamins and even rewash my bed sheets. I may even sound like a crazy person going around and spraying the house with anti-bacterial spray hoping to keep the viruses at bay. All these I do it just for the sake of getting my health back. Not sure if it was déjà-vu, but I ran last year’s Singapore Marathon with fever, flu and total lost of voice. Will it be a repeat this year again? I hope not.

After completing my marathon at Penang, I was back running in just a few days time although keeping my runs easy and the distance short. Weekend runs were still on but they were cut to a maximum of just 15KM, Even when I knew that something was wrong, I still went ahead. Bold or stupid move? But I guess it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

A visit back to the lion city this year will see a slight change to the marathon route at the first 10 kilometers or so. Instead of running to the Marina area, runners will now be taken straight into the city route before hitting it into the East Coast Park. Although I have absolutely no idea on the new route, I’m pretty glad that there was a change to it as the Marina area can be pretty dark and narrow, and not forgetting the large amount of runners this year.

My goal of my sixth marathon. The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008 was initially my main marathon to go all out before bringing my 2008 marathon running curtains down. But after my results at Penang 3 weeks ago, I have now no pressure to deliver myself the results, though I will still be giving it my all as it is still listed as my year 2008 main marathon. My primary goal will be to run a sub 04:30:00 which I should be able to do it unless something goes horribly wrong while secondary will be to outdo the time I clocked at Penang. And finally but not least, after giving it serious thoughts about it, a tertiary goal which I have never set before, to run a sub 4 marathon. To achieve my third goal isn’t something easy but I’m glad that I have Lynn agreed to run alongside me. Just hope I will be able to locate her on race day. I will try my best to help her achieve her goals and by doing so, I’m able to help myself too. Will used all my knowledge and experiences gained the past 11 months for this one important race. But even if I do not run a sub 4, I won’t be disappointed as after all, it isn’t on my year 2008 resolution list.

To my friends Chee Kong and Jeff who will be running their maiden marathon. Enjoy the race and rest assured that your life will change after you cross the finish line. And to Andrew who will be running his maiden half marathon, it’s a small step towards marathon running. Finally to all my friends, RUN STRONG! Have fun all of you! Till I return, I hope the following short write-up will be able to build some inspirations.

Arise, Runners for we run!
Legs shall be shaken!
Guts will be tested!
Feel the adrenaline!
Run now! Run now!
Run for your pride as something great awaits ahead!


Chee Kong said...

Good Luck! To you, Jeff, Andrew and to me! :D


Good luck Frank!

i think following a pacer will help a bit which i intend to do provided i can find the pacer in such a big crowd.

Carboman said...

Good luck and God Speed!

Cheong said...

Hey Frank,

Been trying to meet you at Bkt Aman for LSD but has not crystalise. Anyway, I hope to meet you at Singapore Marathon. (IF I do bump into you among the 50,000). If not - all the best for another PB on your part. I will also be doing my first full after a year of training (my last full was upmteen years ago - so don't count). Thanks for your feedback on first coach - will be riding with them (first time) and hope there will not be hiccups.

Loke said...

All the best and enjoy the run. I am sure you will roar louder than a lion if you manage to dip below 4 hrs.

Andrew Chiam Wei Han said...

Thanks Frank...and Chee Kong...everyone!

My first half excited and nervous as well.

See you guys soon

Runnerz said...

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Will give it my best shot!