Sunday, May 11, 2008

Putrajaya Night Run Simulation For Sundown Marathon 2008...

Event: Putrajaya Night Run Simulation For Sundown Marathon 2008
Venue: Palace Of Justice, Precint 2, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 11 May 2008
Time: 12.30am
Distance: 29.3KM (by Anil's Garmin Forerunner 305)
Shoe: adidas Supernova Cushion 6
By Frank

In preparation for the upcoming Sundown Marathon 2008 which is going to happen in just 3 weeks time, a night simulation run was organised at Putrajaya. To me, it's a very interesting event and it would be fun to run in the night. With only 3 hours of sleep after participating in the earlier Larian Bersama Bomba 2008, I just hope that I can run the distance of at least 25KM.

I did not know how to get to Putrajaya, and therefore asked Cheang for assistance. We both left from his house at USJ at around 11.15pm and managed to arrive at sharp midnight. Tony Quay, the organiser is already there with some others and is in the midst or preparing the necessary things. Shortly, Jamie and Kit too arrive and I was introduce to Anil. Familiar faces too was taking part in this event. Some of them were Ben, Yee Hua, Fook, Yen Erl and Haza.
.Group photo (we all should be sleeping instead)...

Jamie, Kit, Frank, Cheang and Anil...

After all the runners has arrived with close to 75 in total I guess, we all took a group photo and went through a short briefing. With all done, together with Jamie, Kit and Anil, the 4 of us started at 12.30am. The first 10KM was on a easy pace. To my suprise, we were greeted by a light breeze which made conditions very cooling. We were the king of the road for the night as we were running on the streets with almost no vehicles at all except for some who were hanging out at night. The 4 of us were running strongly together till the 5KM mark when Kit and Anil slowed down slightly. I continued on with Jamie and on the way back to the starting point, we met up with a few other runners making their way. Back at the starting point, we had a quick sip before making our way to the Prime Minister's office area. Upon returning to the starting point again, we have already ran a distance of 11.16KM. Not bad.

However, at the start from the 12KM onwards is where I began to struggle. I suffered from some blister on my right toe and feet at the earlier Larian Bersama Bomba. Though I did bandage the affected toe, I guess the condition of night running and also the moisture from my sweat worsen it. I continued running despite the pain and am still managing to pace with Jamie. Kit managed to catch up here while Anil is still behind although within a catch up distance. Jamie laid down the gauntlet at around the 15KM mark and began to pull away. Not wanting to increase my pace, I was lucky I had Kit with me. We both pace together till we arrive back at the starting point for a slightly longer rest period. Continuing on, I paced with Jamie this time as it was Kit's turn to hammer the road. He was very strong from here on. As for me, I can feel some fluid on my right feet. First thing that came into my mind was blood! Though I felt like stopping upon returning to the starting point to check on it and to have it bandage up should there be a wound, I did not. I bear the pain and went on and this time, I had lost both Jamie and Kit although I can still see them. I spotted Anil behind me and I slowed down so that he could catch up with me. We both ran together from here onwards.

At the 25KM mark at the convension centre, I guess fatigue is crawling into Anil as he slowing down a lot. I broke slightly away from him though I'm struggling a lot on the pain on my right feet. Not wanting to to further impose any damage, I decided to finish off the run upon reaching back at the starting point clocking 03:04:26, a distance of 29.3KM according to Anil's GPS sensor. Jamie and Kit were still running though. Jamie returned shortly later as his calf was hurting and decided to call it a night too. Kit was the king of the night. He ran a distance of 33.3KM strongly in a pair of new shoes without any problems. Kudos to him!

After completing the run, I did my warm down and stretches while chatting with Ben, Jaime and Kit. Cheang who had completed his run ealier doing a 20KM distance was already dressed up to return home. I guess everyone was already tired a this point. I took my post-run meal and supplement, and checked on my right feet. To my horror, my right sock was blood soaked at the ankle area, and not my toes. Although my toes blistered, it was my ankle that had an open wound. Not wanting to risk an inflammation, I quickly clean and dry up the area.


Overall, it was a good and interesting run. Thank you to Tony Quay for organising it such a good simulation run and by now, most of us will have a feeling of what is awaiting runners at Sundown Marathon 2008. After hanging out for a while, I adjourn from the place at 4.30am. I still have one more run coming up in 4 hours time and I decided to return home for a quick shower.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! That's what I call blood, sweat and tears effort! And then you raced some more? Salute you Frank!

Runnerz said...

Thanks haza but hey, no tears ler. Hehehe...

Kit Weng said...

Thanks for the encouragement Frank. You did well to run three runs in a short space of time! Amazing effort!

Owe you 10 bucks!