Sunday, April 06, 2008

What's Next...

By Frank

KL International Marathon 2008 has gone down into my history books. And people are asking me when is my next? Oh well, I have just recently signed up for my second full marathon of the year which is the adidas Sundown Marathon 2008 scheduled to be held on 31 May 2008 at Singapore. And yes, it's a night race. A whole new experience indeed. The race being just 8 weeks away from now, and most of my Sundays being pre-occupied with other shorter distance races, I guess there wouldn't be much isolated training but instead to attack, attack and attack! With the race route being told to be mostly flat, I have been pressurised by some to outrun my KLIM08 time! *sweat* I hope to do so too. But anyhow, here's the other races I will be participating in as I await the arrival of 31 May 2008.

13 April 2008 - BHP Orange Run. Although there's no registration fee for this run, I aim to do well this time after a bitter experience last year. The route will be tough and hilly and I'm sure it will prove beneficial for upcoming races. And not forgetting the absolutely incredible goodie bag I received last year. Hoping it will be as equally as good this time.

27 April 2008 - Bidor Half Marathon. A first time for me and I have heard praises for this race everytime it was held. Not sure about the race route though but as Bidor is a small town, I will expect minimum traffic obstruction.
10 May 2008 - Larian Bersama Bomba. I missed this event last year although I registered for it due to a boil I suffered. The route will be through Bukit Tungku and then to Jalan Duta, a route which I have not run for quite some time already. Not too much hill but the traffic at Jalan Duta might irritate some runners. A good run a week before hitting the 15KM.

18 May 2008 - New Balance Pacesetters 15KM. A high profile race running through the ever famous double hills. It's a tough race route but runners will be rewarded with a beautifully crafted medal (leaf shape in year 2007) and also a personalised certificate with their finishing picture.

25 May 2008 - RMAF Half Marathon. Another first time for me. Running on the aircraft runway will certainly be cool! Not too sure about the race route but I heard it's a bit hilly. I will need to tackle this race carefully as it's just a week before the big Sundown. Probaly will treat it as my last long run before the mighty 42KM!

31 May 2008 - adidas Sundown Marathon. A new race route. A new race time. A new challenge. And it's in Singapore. My second full marathon of 2008. It all comes down to this!

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