Sunday, April 20, 2008

Olympic Torch Relay Fun Run 2008...

Event: Olympic Torch Relay Fun Run 2008
Venue: Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 20 April 2008
Time: 7.30am
Distance: 5KM (5.82KM by Polar RS800G3 GPS sensor)
Shoe: adidas adizero Cushion 6
By Frank

With the Beijing Olympics 2008 just 109 days away and also being the Olympic torch is now here in Kuala Lumpur scheduled for a relay tomorrow, it was certainly a must to have a running event which relates to it. The Olympic Torch Relay Fun Run 2008 is much more of a fun run for most people, but some took things seriously as there were medals offered, 20 medals each for the men and women categories. As for me, I took it as my speed training for my upcoming runs.

Group picture with the Pacemakers before the run...

I arrived at Dataran Merdeka as early as 6.30am and found a great parking spot. Ronnie arrived shortly and we chatted for a while before the rest of the runners arrived and we made our way to the starting point. Before the race started, we actually had the chance to catch a glimpse on the actual Olympic torch which was just stunning. At 7.30am sharp, we were let off. I started very fast and managed to follow closely behind Lai FS and Ryan. After a short flat route, runners was greeted by the first hill climb behind Bank Negara. I attacked the hill as part of my training. I was going very strong all the way till around the 3KM mark when disaster struck. Side stitch came on my right side and I swear, it was the most painful side stitch that I have ever encountered. I guess the change of gradient and also my pace caused it. However, I still kept running. I was still very near Lai FS and I was actually hoping to complete the run with him side by side. But then, as I entered Jalan Parlimen near to the Lake Gardens entrance, I just couldn't bear the pain anymore. I slowed my pace down and nearly wanted to start walking, which I didn't. I continued running slowly as Lai FS eventually just disappeared in front. I struggled all the way to the finish line completing the run in a time of 00:30:56. Not a very good time for a 5KM run but then, I checked my GPS sensor and it recorded 5.82KM! With this, I'm more satisfied with my timing. Ronnie informed me that my estimated position is 72. And also, congratulations to Geraldine as she complete the run on the number one spot in the women's category.

My finishing video...

Certified Olympic runners, in a way...

Overall, the run was pretty ok except that it was pretty dull along the way. Not many runners participated too as it was announced late. But anyway, the certificate of participation is certainly very nice. Probably the nicest running certificate I received to date.

The bright orange coloured certificate of participation...

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