Saturday, November 24, 2007

Approach To Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007...

By Frank

With 7 days to go till the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007, what needs to be done has been done. My official training came to an end this morning. My body and mind should be ready for this big race. And even, my “weapon” is now ready, the adidas adizero Tempo.

How do I prepare myself for this race? 42.195KM is certainly no joke. Unlike my previous KL International Marathon 2007 which took me a year to train, this time, it only took me a mere 3 months. Reason why is, I have been running and hence am a runner already unlike the last time when I was just about to start my running career. Training was tough. The first month, I trained 7 days a week, implementing the athlete’s method of training. It was the month of building muscles particularly on leg muscles. But the other major muscles are not neglected. Resistance and free weight trainings are done. However, the core muscles is one major component that I have been paying attention on, as it will help me with my posture especially during the second half of the race when fatigue starts to kick in.

The second month, I started with my long runs once per week. 10KM, 21KM and 30KM. I felt good running. Although running, weight training is still being carried out. I started training with plyometrics too. And now the final month, everything comes full circle. The final touch up is being done here. My hits and misses is being analysed and hopefully being rectify while I can, particularly on my tight hamstring muscles.

As for diet, I have been eating extra healthy for the past 3 months. Lots of greens and fish. Necessary supplements like energy drink, protein, multi-oil formula and joint supplements are taken. I also did shave my head almost bald. I heard being this way will help me run better. Therefore, a small sacrifice here. But the main threat here is, I questioned myself on how did I do it the last time at KL International Marathon 2007, surviving 42.195KM? This was my one and only mental barrier that I needed to overcome since the second month of training. And as each day passes, I kept remembering on who and what I though of during my runs. With this, I boosted my own morale and also motivated myself.

Strategy for the race, I will just stick to a steady pace with a heart rate of around 150 to 155 beats per minute, which is around 60% of my maximum heart rate. With a heart rate monitor, it will really help now. And also that I will pay attention to my breathing and hydration system as I have more knowledge to it now. I have done my plenty of research on the Internet and also on books and magazines over the past months for running related issues. Overall, if everything goes well, I foresee that my time should improve over my time at KL International Marathon 2007.

And now, my mind is strong and hopefully my physical self is too, as I endure myself in 42.195KM of madness!

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