Saturday, November 17, 2007

adidas adizero Tempo...

By Frank

The adidas adizero Tempo, categoried as a performance stability shoe is certainly a very light and yet flexible shoe, suitable for fast running. Weighting at 303 grams, it is suitable for mild pronators. The design of the shoe is pretty similiar to other adizero series, the only thing is that the adidas adizero Tempo might be a bit bulkier. Colour wise, it came nicely designed in majority white with shades of red and silver around the overlays and heel counter. Without paying extra attention to it, some might even take it as the adidas Supernova Cushion 6. It is just so similiar!

adidas adizero Tempo...

Putting on the adidas adizero Tempo brought me to a whole new level of experience in a running. Being a performance shoe or some call it a racer, it's my lightest shoe I have to date. Compared to the adidas Supernova Cushion 6, this shoe is really a step, if not 2 steps above. Although it comes only in normal width, the shoe fits nicely with enough space for my feet to move around. The toebox too offers enough space for my toes to move and breathe. The overlays and vamps, though look nothing compared to the bigger mesh on the adidas Supernova Cushion 6, are actually made of perforated materials which allows superior ventilation within the shoe. And being built on a lighter material, it too offers the noseam technology which eliminates stitching.

The cushioning system just like all current adidas shoes is using the FORMOTION technology with adiPRENE 45, which the latter acts as a dampening system that allows the feet to be cushioned but yet not "bouncing" upon heel strike. The theory behind the "no bounce" is to reduce multiple impacts that might occur during heel strike which may lead to muscle soreness. At the inner heel area of the outsole too, was the presence of the pro-moderator technology which helps with the degree of pronation for the wearer. As for the forefoot, adiPRENE + was used instead for the cushioning and the responsiveness of it towards toe off was just excellent coupled together with the great flexibilty of the shoe.

A view of the outsole...

The most noticeable and only downside of the shoe is probably the very short lace. And to make matters worst, it loosens very easily even when I double tied it. Not sure the reason why, but I notice it’s made of a different material compared to the one on the adidas Supernova Cushion 6.

FORMOTION: Provides a smooth, balanced ride from heel strike to toe off, while controlling pronation.
adiPRENE 45: Provides added comfort and cushioning.
adiPRENE +: Excellent forefoot cushioning and provides a responsive toe off.
adiWEAR: Extremely durable outsole in high impact areas.

Overall, the adidas adizero Tempo is a shoe that offers great comfort, support and cushioning. Besides, I just can't find any downside besides the lace issue where it can be solve by just changing it. The adidas adizero Tempo retails at RM399.

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