Saturday, February 07, 2015

First Milestone in Training...

By Frank

It has been 7 days into February 2015, the second month of the Comrades training. Despite suffering an almost dead car battery, cracking my car's side mirror signal cause I bang into another side mirror and dropping my GoPro, it was a good start to the second month. My first 100KM per week of running distance this year, my very first milestone in training for this year (I don't consider Hong Kong 100 to be a milestone).

Neither was it planned nor was it accidental. It was a wake up call when I missed my morning run at the last day of January which I overslept which sent me thinking. "Can I do this training with my my health concerns and also limited time"? I looked into my regime given again and gave it a slight modification going against it, well at least a little from what was given to me. Sorry coach! The plan was to to hit this milestone, and then maintaining the fitness gained here while recovering the next 2 weeks during the festive season before the onslaught into the third month.

I took the modification with extra caution in hoping that I do not suffer any burn out from it. I took into lots of fluids, oats and went a little clean with my diet increasing in vegetables of all sorts of colours and at the same time increasing my fish intake while reducing meat. This cause extremely active bowel movement which resulted in a very "light" me and hence I do feel and run better. The lightness can be felt, but obviously I would need to wake up way earlier for my usual pre-run rituals.

Going WHOA with the all new Saucony Zealot ISO.

And with courtesy from Saucony Malaysia, I got myself a new pair of rubbers to help with the distance, the all new Saucony Zealot ISO and together with the Saucony Ride 7, these 2 heavy duty pairs offers propulsion and protection, and at the same time keeping my legs "safe". With a public holidays smack in the middle of the week, together with Roy and Si Main, we explored the hilly part of the Bukit Tunku route taking us to the hockey stadium route and also mayor hill which was challenging but yet satisfying.

View from mayor hill.

All in all, I was satisfied to be able to hit the 100KM distance per week this early without any burn out. In fact, I felt good and strong, just hope the internals are coping well. And after a hard 1 week of work, I guess it's time to pamper myself a bit before some "tough" running with Chee Kong next week when he returns for the festive season. Have mercy!

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