Thursday, July 24, 2014

Remembering MH17...

By Frank

When  Roy delivered the news to me last Thursday, 17 July 2014 regarding the crash of a Malaysia Airlines flight, I was totally shock! I was driving back home and was caught in the jam at Persiaran Surian after having durian with Jason and Soon Chung. I ask him where was the flight from and heading to and he told me Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur and instantly at that time I knew it was flight MH17! Yes, for some reason, I do know this flight number by heart but at that time, I was hoping the news wasn't true. I quickly got home and turned on my television and saw the news. My heart sank and I was really sad when the news became a reality to me and upon seeing the images, it was heartbreaking. 

A week later, just yesterday, a vigil was held at Empire Shopping Gallery at Subang not only to remember flight MH17, but also the missing flight MH370. I was there to remember those who perish and to give my silence support to those affected. But as the ceremony was about to start at 9.30pm, I was told by Chee Kong of another aviation accident at Taiwan where a local domestic flight crash landed at Penghu claiming 47 lives. Indeed sad for there are just too many aviation accidents within this year.

Malaysian Airline flight MH17 meant a lot to me. I wasn't on board it nor do I know those who was. But it holds a special place in my heart, something which I only can understand myself. Today, MH17 is retired as a mark of respect and the duty taken over by flight MH19. Will continue to fly with Malaysian Airlines when needed for its a homegrown airlines, one that gives us fellow Malaysians a warmth touch to the heart.

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