Thursday, May 15, 2014

Staying Realistic...

By Frank

It's been a long and tiring but yet fruitful training journey since 1 January this year. Not without obstacles, but I've managed to pull it through till today. And with 17 days to go till the Comrades Marathon 2014, playing the mental game is just as important as the physical training itself.

For the past 2 years, I've been a Vic Clapham medal finisher. Though last year I was targeting for a sub 11 hour finish for the bronze, conditions weren't favourable and perhaps training too. This year, I will be gunning for bronze again though I know I have to be as realistic as possible. Based on the progress I made this year, a sub 11 hour may sound absolutely realistic though I am more happy to finish the race itself and even to better last year's time. So don't ask me to run a Bill Rowan finishing time!

This year, besides the awesome moral support I am getting, the folks at CARIF and Be Frank will be organising the Frankathon to have runners "run" with me. They will run on the treadmill in trying to accumulate as much distance as possible for a good cause while I run the actual race at South Africa. As I've told them, this mounts pressure on me but at the same time the pressure to do better is actually good. Just got to think out of the box. Besides, it was pressure the last year that I ran a better race.

I am grateful and thankful to a lot of people who are supporting my race and also my cause. It's all done for a good cause in raising funds for cancer research and awareness. To those who have pledge and donated whether money or Kilometres, you all will have played a part in making a difference in the fight against cancer and a future free of it. It all starts today with the each of us.

So back to the Comrades Marathon again this year. The couple of weeks leading to it was a hectic and busy one. Lots of interviews and press conferences, and not to mention work and ridiculous requests given by people across the causeway. I just hope to hang on and to remain healthy as each day passes. I came thus far and will hope to carry the momentum into the race. And to have the thoughts of many in mind will be the main thing that will keep me going. So yes, staying positive is one thing, and being realistic is how real it can get. To finish will be primary, to better last year's time will be secondary and to run a sub 11 hours race will be an absolute bonus! 17 days till race day. Let's do this!

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