Friday, January 31, 2014

January Survived...

By Frank

Before starting this entry, and since it's the Chinese New Year, here's taking the opportunity to wish my readers a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!

January 2014 came and went, and I survived my first month of Comrades training and I am feeling great about it. The first month of the official training to me is dubbed to be the base building month. Of the estimated given 242KM worth of running distance, I managed to achieve 251KM, a slight increase on what was given and definitely an increase from last year. Easy runs, long runs, speedworks and also strength training were part of the training and I must say that I really hated speedworks which falls on Tuesday. Am just so breathless.
An improvement over a year ago.

I managed to follow closely to what was given with the exception of long runs on the weekends where I've to do it over 2 sessions due to work and time. The main advantage will be allowing me to recover in between for the next session but the downside will be minimal chance to build strength over one single long run. Anyway, I felt good throughout the month and this certainly is a confidence booster. Tiring indeed but after a good rest, I felt rejuvenated again and will always be looking forward to a hot cup of coffee for breakfast the next day. And this has to be done with putting in quality recovery food and drinks. I been trying to maintain my weight but sadly,it has been dropping due to the heavy session. But the good news is, it isn't dropping dramatically hence there is still chance for me to quickly top it back.

My training program overlooking my work desk.

And so, base building January 2014 is now behind me and I have February 2014 dubbed improvement month ahead. To troubleshoot my weakness and to improve within a shorter month with a longer given estimated distance to conquer, it will be a challenge indeed especially  with a "centurion" awaits. Onward it is...

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