Thursday, March 28, 2013

Monstering Into The Twilight Zone...

By Frank

The month of March, known to most Comrades runner as the monster training month where we pile the running mileage up, is coming to an end soon. And thus far, I am actually pretty happy with my progress. However, there is still one more obstacle to tackle, which is the Twilight Ultra Challenge (TUC).

The month of March which is a sentimental month for me where I was first diagnosed of Rhabdomyosarcoma some 21 years ago, happens to be a very busy month in terms of works for me. It's audit month and I just concluded it earlier this morning with flying colours! However, to my surprised, I've manage to execute my training program pretty well. Running mileage was achieved and I felt good and strong throughout the month. As of today since the beginning of the year, my running mileage is now standing at 633KM. And not forgetting other workouts like resistance training that I did too.

My third attempt at TUC will also be my Comrades simulation where I will TRY to attempt 87KM. Will go a bit further if I can, but will not be afraid to stop if my body says so. I am hoping to peak at around this time before entering the month of April where another scary month awaits. In this simulation run, I will also be testing out some of my actual race gear that I will use during the Comrades Marathon. From shoes to compression gear and also nutrition, it all will give me an idea on how these things will help me on the actual day. From the Saucony Virrata to Falke compression to GU Energy supplements, this will be my trial and error.

Some of the gears under testing...

Unlike my previous 2 TUC where I went in "commando" style hoping to save some cash and in the end perform very badly, I opt to travel down to Singapore a  day earlier this time putting a night at a hostel together with Roy and Lai Leng before running the next day. This hopefully will give me some better rest before tackling the long looping route at East Coast Park. And hopefully, my experience at the not too long ago Year To Year circuit race will help as it was certainly more taxing than TUC.

Fingers and toes cross, hope it will be third time lucky at Twilight Ultra Challenge for immediately after monstering out of the month of March with this, Armageddon April will begin.

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