Saturday, September 15, 2012

Going Crazy, Almost...

By Frank

Next weekend, I will attempt my longest running distance ever at 100 miles or 161KM at the Craze Ultra 2012KM. The extra 1KM came from an unexpected over distance of 500M per loop at the u-turn point hence an increase. If you did not know, Craze Ultra is an event brought to you by the people who brought you Twilight Ultra Challenge (TUC), my good friend Ben Swee, Yee Hua and Phil Tan from Running Guild. I have been supporting his event since the very first TUC back in 2011 for it's an event by a team of passionate runners, and not to mention friends.

Preparation for it is almost none to zero. In fact, after returning from the Comrades Marathon some 2.5 months ago and after suffering at the KL Marathon, I took a long break from running. I was to start a month later but to no avail due to work fatigue.

Then came my initiative to rejoin the gym as Jatomi Fitness open its doors at my workplace. Therefore,  by the end of August 2012, I resume my training at full force following the Comrades program. The program up till now is still on the easy side but I did up my tempo a little. Nope, it's not because of Craze Ultra as I'm not banking too much on this event. To journey through the entire distance within 32 hours with fun and memories is what I am looking for. What I am looking now is to run a better Comrades in 2013 and this event will just be one of my trainings.

There is quite a lot of unfamiliar faces according to the name list, but it's this way new friends are made. However, I've very good friends too who will be running the various distance from my ultra runner cum customer friend Jagdeep, mummy power Karen and to the very inspirational Yim. Not all of us will be running the same distance, but I'm sure they will each be there to support each of us. However, I will be missing a fellow future Comrades runner who is still recovering from a recent health set back. But I'm glad he took the correct path in making sure he is 101% before returning.

So yeah. Craze Ultra 2012 will soon go crazy next week. Although I myself is crazy enough to challenge this distance especially with my physical condition now, my mind is still pretty sober about it. To get to the start line is one story, to keep moving is another and whether to complete it or not, will be the ultimate conclusion. But for me, I will tackle it wisely for another ultimate objective awaits in the near future.

This will also be my first race that I will be wearing my first ever self made purple cancer awareness ribbon on my race attire. For those who are interested in getting one for themselves, it's priced at RM0.50 and proceeds will all go to CARIF which I am supporting. All you have to do is to contact me!

Going purple for a cause...

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