Friday, December 30, 2011

The Year That Was 2011...

By Frank

Another year is coming to a close. It was like I just step into the year 2011, right now I'm saying goodbye to it. A year that was filled with work a plenty, meeting new friends and colleagues, a closure of a chapter and also the opening of a new one. Running was extremely minimal this year, but a few achievements was achieved and all I have to say is that I'm grateful that I'm still able to enter this entry here.

The most obvious turning point of my life in 2011 that affected me most will be the closure of the Runnerz Circle physical store. It was not an easy decision to end something I created from scratch but when something is beginning to go wrong, it's better to end it before further damage is done. In the 1 year journey, I'm glad I have good people who have stood by me yet even till today, and I have absolutely no problems with mentioning their names here. In fact, I'm proud to have them as part of a team. Jamie, Yip, Eugene, Raymond and Michelle, I sincerely THANK all of you for the assistance giving in believing in the principle that I've always believe and stood on.

A new chapter continued on. As Runnerz Circle ended its run, a new company was established with the company that was supplying me the most brands back then. But never did I though that I had this chance to actually establish Running Lab Malaysia with its founder from Singapore, Walter. Although it took a lot out of me even till today, I cherished the opportunity and trust given to me and will give everything to build the company and also to give back to the running community with the knowledge I've gained over the years. And it's also through here that I met new colleagues whom has been very helpful though we are separated apart by countries.

Though I may not be running fast or as long as before anymore in the year 2011, I'm glad that some friends especially Karen, Yim, Roy, Paul and Chee Kong are making really great progress themselves. Even without running, the knowledge towards the sports on how to listen to our body and being patience is something Khairul proudly showed out to the community. Chasing dreams is in everyone's mind, but these friends has shown to many out there, that it can be done in a fun way without risking much in life. And also, running isn't a sport about one self. It's about everyone around us, sharing the joy, pain and laughter together with every step taken.

As for running achievements, nothing much actually. I do not know my running distance for this year as my online training journal at Buckeye Outdoors suffered a server crash back in March 2011 hence not able to track back. However, despite doing more ultra marathons this year and completing the gruelling 100KM distance, most was done below par. However, most was done in a very "happy go lucky" manner in which most importantly is that I enjoyed them.

My ultimate 2012 race...

I hope to be running more in year 2012. I've managed to qualify for the ultimate human race, the Comrades Marathon 2012 "Down" race that is scheduled to be held on 3 June 2012. Qualification is through running a sub 5 hours marathon at an AIMS certified route and I did it the tough way at the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011. The largest ultra marathon in the world and perhaps one of the most prestigious, training is something I really hope I will have time to do. Travelling halfway around the world, I will really want something out of it. And not forgetting that I will be running as part of charity to raise fund for cancer research, something I myself as a survivor have always wanted to do.

But anyhow, here's to a great 2012! And yes, I be racing again on New Year's day. What a start to it eh!


K3vski said...

See you at Newton Run (I assume?) to celebrate the new year!

Frank@Runnerz said...

Yeap... See you too. :D