Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Twilight Zone...

By Frank

This coming 26 March 2011, I will enter the unknown by running the Twilight Ultra Challenge 2011 organised by a good friend of mine, Ben. A 16 hour no frills but yet no pressure running event held at East Coast Park, Singapore running in 10KM loops, I will most likely be outrunning my longest running time of 12:08:16 achieved from Sundown Ultra Marathon 2009.

I do not know how am I going to tackle this as running has been down the drain the past 1 week plus due to a bad stomach. I managed to put in a couple of short runs this week, and although things still look pretty good, I still have my worries. 16 hours of running is no joke. Fatigue, sleepiness and hunger is what we ultra runners will be facing. But on the positive side, I'm actually looking forward to it and also the event is held at the busy part of East Coast Park where eateries is everywhere. Besides, I'm sure Ben has make sure the good welfare for us runners.

Leading to my century distance race later this year, I'm expecting myself to peak at this event. Though it isn't the case now, I'm still going for it. I'm going to try to last the entire 16 hours, whether run, limp or crawl. This will allow my mind and body understand more what is awaiting me at the end of June 2011 later.

Besides the running adventure, it will be one hell of an amazing race for myself and my travel mate, Jamie as well. We are flying in commando style arriving at Singapore in the morning of 26 March 2011 and leaving back home immediately after the race the next day. We only have about a couple of hours to get to the airport after our run. Almost a pretty similar case as our The North Face 100 Singapore 2010 adventure, this is even more jam packed. Talk about rush hour for the both of us.

My arsenal for this event is all but ready. A huge THANK YOU to both K-Swiss and GU Energy Labs for sponsoring my race gears and nutritional needs. With all done from mainly my mind and race gears (physical not so though), the twilight zone awaits!

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