Sunday, June 13, 2010

MPSJ-NST Carnival & 10KM Run 2010...

Event: MPSJ-NST Carnival & 10KM Run 2010
Venue: Kompleks Sukan MPSJ, Subang Jaya
Date:13 June 2010
Time: 7.00am
Distance: 10KM
Shoe: K-Swiss K-Ona C
By Frank

The MPSJ-NST Carnival & 10KM Run or popularly known as the Subang 10KM Run is one of my favourite short distance run. It also holds some memories as this was my first running event with Andrew and William back in year 2006 to test out the distance before I officially started my running career.

Despite being stressed out, I felt good yesterday. With the feeling, I asked myself whether should I try to outrun my 10KM personal best. Agreed to myself that I will try for the route is pretty friendly except for some minor climbs.

However, disaster struck as I woke up at 6am, despite setting my alarm clock at 2am. For those who know me, I usually wake up early to prepare myself and to get to the race venue early. It wasn't the case this time, as I just simply showered and rush out of my house. A personal best for rushing out of the house. No breakfast at all.

I arrived at the race venue close to 6.45am, geared up and jog to the complex as part of my warm up. However, I felt something amiss about the starting time of 7am which was stated on the registration form. It was 7.30am instead as announced by the emcee. OK, probably a blessing in disguise too as I felt discomfort on my tummy.

Did my deposit and reported myself and immediately I was told to pin up my racing bib on my vest. I had in on my race belt as I did not want to damage my vest and besides, this is the way to be now. Not wanting to argue, I just walk off. I won't qualify for a medal anyway since they are only giving out 5 of it so no hard feelings.

At 7.30am, the race was started by the Selangor Chief Minister. Though I know that without breakfast, I won't last long, I still went ahead into race mode. Am still giving my shot at the personal best.

2KM into the race, Keat Seong called me out. Just gave him a nod and off I went as I did not want others pace to disturb mine. 4KM into the race, that's it. My sugar level took a dive and I started seeing double. With this, I know my race for a personal best is all over. I was struggling but still pushing even at times when the word "Quit" came into my mind. I needed food and it was all about nursing myself back to the complex.

About 6KM, Keat Seong caught up. We didn't chat too long though as he was helping Michelle as I overheard their conversation. I was still running at my own despite both of them being there. Told myself to endure and not fall back to their pace. I tried my best, but at times, I still slowed.

Re-entering the stretch approaching the complex was a good sight as I know the end is near. The only obstacle now is the dreaded u-turn which I have to make which is about 1KM in distance. Did it, and off I went and into the complex and cross the finish line in 00:49:45, 2 minutes 19 seconds slower from my personal best. No personal best, but I'm glad I did a sub 50 minutes race.

Upon completing the race, I was hallucinating. I know my sugar level was critically low and I had problems speaking. My apologies to some of my friends who tried to speak to me. I just wasn't in the correct state. Took me a while to recover as I queued for isotonic drinks and the goodie bag which had food in it. Once there are into my stomach and bloodstream, I felt a lot better. Before leaving, I stayed to support and cheer for Michelle who came in second in her category. Way to go!

Lesson learned. Don't take alarm clocks for granted. Once it rings, climb out of bed! And breakfast is very important!

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