Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fall From Grace...

By Frank

It's 80 days till my 84KM race at the Sundown Marathon 2010. And the best part is, I have yet to do anything about it. Building up to last year's edition, I had blog entries talking about my training regime. But looking at it this time, my blog seems a bit too quiet.

I told myself that I shall continue from where I left of at Macau Marathon 2009. All said, but nothing done. It started OK, with some events within the month of Decemeber 2009, but it all went down after I suffered my knee injury during the Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride 2009/2010. Continued with some long distance races but it wasn't enough as myself lost the motivation to run.

Things seem so different now. Perhaps I lost my magic, or perhaps I got lazy. The flame has died. My first ultra marathon last year, I received tremendous support which kept me going and going. As for now, I can't even get myself going. It seems that I am currently stuck at one place.

Perhaps the flame died here at Macau...

Today's morning run with Luc at the double hills course was a torturous one. Although I'm glad I completed it without walking, I was really breathless after it which I shouldn't be. And this isn't a good sign with a huge race coming up. And speaking about it, I have doubts of meeting my target of a 10 hours 84KM run, maybe not even 11 hours. I guess I have to fore go that now as it just seems so unrealistic.

I'm lost in a slumber world now. I know what I want, but I am not doing the right thing to achieve it. Perhaps it's the end of a chapter, or maybe a new one. Who knows?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Frank, do you think it's the big B? As in Burnout? Your posts always inspired me to keep running even when it's the last thing I wanted.

Raymond Hee said...

Think it's normal to be lazy at times. Training during off peak season can be a lil demotivating,but u gotta hurry get back to training mode since u r surrounded by the hyperactive THG people,it's much easier haha

Dont be like me. Im the big B!
I force myself to run thesedays to keep those stubborn fats out from my tummy darn!

michlooi said...

ray hee : that is baby fat lah... You still have it. How lucky.. :P
Frank :It does happen once in a while, maybe we can do something more exciting. How about trail running ?

Frank@Runnerz said...

Haza: Don't think so cause I haven't been running nor exercising a lot. I'm just demotivated and lazy.

RayHee: You aren't the big B. You're just tied down with your job at a hectic country.

michlooi: Trail running will be nice. At least it will help me get prepare for the North Face Challenge.