Monday, February 22, 2010


By Frank

I haven't been blogging much lately. In fact, I haven't been myself ever since returning from the Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride 2009/2010. I been slacking a lot since then, doing less of my usual everything and day dreaming. Not sure of the reason though. Perhaps I miss my friend, miss my usual training activities, grumpy of getting injured or even from some personal issues I'm facing. I do not know.

It's 3 months till my third ultra marathon, my second 84KM at the Sundown Marathon 2010 and I have yet to start my training. Officially, it has started at the New Balance Pacesetters 30KM 2010 but not in a way that I would like it to be. My injured leg at that time resulted in me walking 16KM back to the finish. However, my recent results at the Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010 hinted to me that I'm still pretty much in the game. Fitness suffered just a little but most important is that the leg is healing at an impressive rate.

So the body can be said to be all set for another tough training session. But how about mental? I pretty much guess that at this point, this is the only thing that is holding me back now. Perhaps I became lazy due to my injury or it can even be that I lost my motivation to continue on. As a Personal Trainer, I'm setting a bad example here. Seriously, something must have happen at this department and I haven't been doing anything about it. Instead, I just let each day goes by unproductively.

This weekend will be the Ironman Langkwai 2010 and I'll be there to give my fellow friends support. In the meantime too, to get away from the usual life and also to pay a visit to Langkawi Island since I never been there. I hope this trip there will be a productive one and perhaps I can absorb some motivation from the gruelling event itself. And then, it will be into March 2010 when a dear friend returns. Hopefully, everything will change then as right now, I'm living life behind a mask as what you see on me doesn't reflect what's inside me.


raymond Hee said...

Changes is good Frank. Everybody goes through this period once a while.

In fact, i find u more cheerful and it's a great sign. It better be hehehe.......

Raymond Hee

Frank@Runnerz said...

Thanks Ray. Appreciate your kind words. As for the cheerfulness that you saw, it's probably just a mask I was wearing.