Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 84 V2.0...

By Frank

Just before the Macau Marathon 2009, I registered myself for yet another ultra marathon adventure at the Sundown Marathon 2010. A revisit to the event for my third year running will see a new route being introduce. At the moment, I have no idea on it but it's something that doesn't really matter as I will run whatever route is given and will give my feedback at a later stage.

Before my first ultra marathon last year, I mentioned that I will only be doing once in my running career. Guess, it didn't come true since I have did the MR25 Ultra Marathon 2009 just recently. I guess the ultra bug hit me hard, real hard.

Though I have yet to meet my marathon dream timing, I'm pretty sure there is still room for improvement in ultra marathon running. My aim for my first ultra marathon at Sundown Marathon 2009 was to complete it no matter the time. I did just that but at the end I was left disappointed with a few reasons. My second at Sundown Marathon 2010, my aim isn't just to complete it, but to complete it fast within 10 hours I hope. The reason, to qualify for the North Face Challenge 100K Solo, though I have yet to decide whether to run it this year as it's really tough as seen from my recent MR25 Ultra Marathon 2009. No matter, I will really like to qualify in advance first.

This year's Sundown Marathon 2010 will see quite a number of my fellow friends participating with myself and Steven trying to hack the 10 hours time. From Cheang and Choi who are taking on the 84KM distance for the first time, Keat Seong seeking redemption to Jennifer and Poh Seng trying the event for the first time, I'm sure it will be an event not to be forgotten.

At the time of writing, I have yet to start my training regime. I initially planned to start it at next week's Pacesetters NB30K 2010 run, but with my injury substain from the Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride 2009/2010, I do not know when. Will see how it goes, but training for a run doesn't mean everything has to do with the legs. So probaby work for Project 84 V2.0 have to start just about now!

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Anonymous said... route? What new route? What are they throwing at us this time?