Sunday, March 22, 2009

Running Out Of Time...

By Frank

I'm running out of time! My injury took it's toll on me as I was sidelined from running for more than a month. With just 69 days (at the point of writing this) till my 84KM adventure at the Sundown Marathon, my weekly mileage isn't an impressive one. I need to hit the roads more frequent now, and I have to do it hard and long.

I "re-started" my running about a month ago since recovering from my damaged knee. And most were short distance runs ranging from 5KM to 10KM including races. However, as my fitness level wasn't really "fine tune" yet, I have to settle for that distance in slowly regaining it. My first 20KM run was done last week, making my return to the Sri Hartamas route, and I really suffered.

Yesterday was a 21KM run. Felt good at the first 15KM or so, but dragged myself back at the remaining distance. And since I'm currently testing out various energy supplements whether for pre or post run, I tried the EAS Myoplex Lite yesterday. The reward was diarrhea! Reason behind all this testing is to determine which is the best for me to be used during the actual day. Anyway, I was glad my stomach held on at this morning's 21KM run. It's my first back to back runs since slightly more than a couple of months ago and today felt much better compared to yesterday.

Training for the 84KM race isn't easy. My current mileage just won't do it. And even Shine who completed the grueling race at last year's edition told me yesterday that even a single 42KM run won't be enough. That really sent shivers down my spine.

As of now, I'm currently feeling much better running a 21KM distance compared to last week. Probably is time to hit the 30KM distance soon and to polish it up before going further. I'm not sure on the furthest distance I might run for training as it will really be tough. The support is one reason, and another is hydration. No promises but I will try to hit 50KM on a single run. I just have to believe. And at the time of writing this, I have only confirmed on a couple of short distance races. I would just take those races as my speed training and also will probably do a 10KM run just before it to increase my mileage.

Though running the distance is tough, I'm glad I have really good running mates with me. Not all of us run at the same pace, but what most important is the company in starting together and gathering at the end of our run. So anyone for a 50KM run anytime soon?


C-CUBE said...

50k send shivers down my spine. honestly speaking i hv nvr run beyond 35k in my trng. maybe u can run with Ameba, she did ard 38k-40k on Sunday. So happened I was at LG delivering shoes at ard 10-ish and she just completed her run. Cinya salute her for the determination.

RunWitMe said...

I wanted to go Singapore n support you guys but Penang Tower Run is much to tempting to let go. So, goodluck! :)

Carboman said...

Gulp. Exhausted already just reading the 50! Good luck, and if I’m up to joining any of your runs, will be there. Perhaps the Plat runners can take turns relaying with those training for the ultra. Personally I’d be interested to find out how far I can run but timing isn’t good this year.

Tip: Alternate run/walk (10/1 or 10/2 ratio) from the start. It preserves the legs and is proven to keep you fresher. Your first ultra should be about finishing, not timing, so the run/walk could be a good approach for you. Just a suggestion and my method should I tackle an 84. For a 50K, I think I can still run all the way. But if you’re stronger you can adopt a more aggressive approach.

Runnerz said...

C-Cube: I was there when she just started her second loop. I personally find it dangerous for her to run alone. Perhaps can ask her to join our group.

RWM: No matter where you are, it will be great enough to know that you are supporting. THANKS!

carboman: Yeah, it's all about finishing it but I do want to finish it within the fastest time possible as the shorter the time is, the less amount of hurt will it for me and my legs. Am experimenting my body now to know how much pain I'm able to take so I can work on a strategy for race day. And your walk/run tip is exactly what Ben used last year, and it worked for him.