Monday, February 23, 2009

Running Again...

By Frank

The route to recovery was a tough one. Tough because I wasn't able to do the things I like to, running. Nevertheless, I guess all was worth it as I rewarded a quick recovery since fracturing my right patella slightly more than a month ago, a few days before running the Great Eastern Pacesetters 30KM 2009.

Ever since going down with the injury, I was barred from doing most exercises that I do often. I even had to postpone my personal training sessions for at least 2 weeks. And though I did allow my right knee to be casted, I still had to wear a knee guard over it to help stabilise it as I move around. Not a good sight to behold and certainly not very comfortable. I was told by the doctor that I will be sidelined by at least 2 months. All I had in my mind that time was absolutely blank, except the thoughts of my friends and also what will become of me after 2 months.

Then a miracle happen. A second scan done 3 weeks after the first revealed that I was recovering well, that it even amazed the doctor himself. I was allowed to run a little, as in a light jog and also to perform some resistance exercises although being a seated version. Though it was certainly great to hear, I decided not risk it and stood back for another 2 weeks before I resume my training again. I started with resistance exercises using my trustworthy Gym In The Pocket resistance band before starting to run again today with an easy 5KM run, to start things off. It certainly felt weird to move the legs again but I was glad that there were no discomfort and that my fitness level isn't really badly affected. And yes, I wasn't even wearing the knee guard to run too.

My injury this time has taught me the importance of being patience. I have to admit that I was demoralised with it, but I was glad I had really good friends that stood by me, cheering me up and sending me e-mails. Thank you all of you! I was really tempted to run thinking that I will be able to substain the pain, but I was wrong as I failed trying on one attempt which I eventually gave up after running for less than 1KM. Morning on weekends allowed me to sleep longer though I did appear on one Saturday at the regular "Platinum car park" to catch up with my friends.

How did I recover so fast? Instead of 2 months, I recovered in just slightly more than one though it's not a full recovery. I will guess it will be plenty of rest coupled with the intake of food and supplements. Due to my nature of my job, I was allowed plenty of rest, just like athletes laying off when they are injured. Not forgetting that I was spoilt with food choices during the recent festive season and certainly took in a lot. I'm sure it certainly help "nourish" my injured patella. Not forgetting the supplements too which I had doubled the intake amount. Though not cheap, I was glad it really help.

Anyway, I'm just glad to be back running again. Time is certainly running out for my Sundown Marathon 2009 preparation. With short races this coming few weekends, I hope it will help in regaining my full fitness as I resume my adventure again. It's great to be back!


stanley said...

Welcome back Frank! You have shown great patience & determination to come back stronger on your road to recovery plus lady luck was by your side too i guessed.

Carboman said...

congrats on your comeback. take it easy for now. so that all your hardwork ie rest, can be reaped when it's time to ramp up the miles.

John said...

Welcome back. Take it easy and do not rush to do any long runs and speed work-outs.

Runnerz said...

Stanley: Thanks. I'm just glad to be where I am now.

Carboman & John: Thanks! Yeah, will use upcoming short races to build myself up again while concentrating on bigger events.