Monday, October 27, 2008

Triple Action...

By Frank
It's the final push towards my fifth and sixth marathon being the Penang Bridge Marathon 2008 and Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008 respectively. With only 19 days till my fifth, I'm pretty happy with my progress. Despite battling fatigue a couple of weeks ago, I can proudly say that I'm back to my very peak now. Now into my final week of training before I start to taper off, I'm here to run my first triple 3 days back to backs runs. So here's how it went.

25 October 2008
Despite having a sore and tired gastrocnemius, I still decided to proceed with my plan and handed my Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 3 it's second 30KM run.

The turnout was huge with the usual group comprising of myself, Lawrence, Loke, Luc and Lynn, and those from Ronnie's group. However, the run was ran in 3 groups with Ronnie heading the first group being the fastest. Luc was with them too. I ran in the second group of only myself and Lynn, while the others were in the third group.

I was glad that I had Lynn with me for throughout the journey as it was certainly punishing to go through the route alone and it was sure easy to call it quits if it wasn't for her. We paced excellently together for till 21KM before Luc joined in for the journey back. Knowing that we can't follow Luc's blazing pace, I told him to go ahead with 5KM to go.

With a time of 02:57:18, both me and Lynn arrived safely back at the Bukit Aman carpark. It would have been a photo finish should it be a race! It was my fastest 30KM run and also my first under 3 hours! Although feeling battered and tired, I certainly felt good. And speaking of my pacing partner of today, I guess myself and Lynn now qualifies to be Luc's new padawan learner (student in the Star Wars universe) after both Jamie and Geraldine graduated recently. Haha...

We ran 30KM...

26 October 2008
It was suppose be my rest day, but I just couldn't resist Luc's invitation for a 20KM run therefore triggering off the triple back to back runs.

The turnout was just myself, Luc and Lynn. I decided to put on my Nike LunarTrainer+ to save my legs but I guess it was the wrong move. Reason why, read on...

I've though that this will be an easy run, but I was wrong, as both of them was on fire. I managed to pace with them till the Duta Highway crossover before losing them slightly. With every uphill, I managed to catch up but only to lose them again later. Arriving at the Petronas Station, I checked on my Achilles wound which I suffered from the Mizuno Wave Run 2008 as I felt some discomfort. Despite bandaging it, the already damaged Achilles just couldn't take the punishment from further chaffing from the thin collar of the Nike LunarTrainer+.

The journey back was ran in a pretty easy pace for me with the other 2 taking off. I was running like a damaged F1 car driving slowly trying to nurse it, in my case, my Achilles. It was at Kenny Hills with approximately 4KM to go that I totally lost both Luc and Lynn. I was pretty happy that I could keep up with them till this area though.

And in the end, I completed the run in 01:56:19. Though my Achilles was hurting and upon checking, it was slightly swollen yet again, I guess this run was pretty OK. I personally felt that if I have ran 20KM the day before, this will be a much tougher run if it was a 30KM. Now, just one more run to go to make it triple back to back, something I have not done before.

My poor Achilles...

27 October 2008
It's back to the Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 3 for this run as I needed the padded collar of the shoe to protect my Achilles which was double bandaged this time round.

What was suppose to be a 15KM run was upgraded to a 20KM instead with a pretty fast pace warm up session with Luc running the Carcosa Lake Gardens route. With just the 2 of us as Lynn was pretty stressed up with work, I tried my best to keep up my pace with him which I successfully managed to.

Met up with Ronnie and the rest back at the Bukit Aman carpark before taking the remaining 15KM on. It was a blazing pace for me during the first 7KM or so thanks to the earlier warm up. However, as blazing as I was, I couldn't match the hyper speed of Luc. I was trying to keep up with him as I needed to guide him through the route as he wasn't familiar with. It was only after exiting from double hills that I slowed down as I suffered from stitch, probably due to the fast pace and the gradient. But I was glad that Ronnie caught up and had to pass the baton to him to guide Luc.

Back near Kenny Hills for the second loop, I decided to give myself a minute's rest to allow my diaphragm to adjust it's place which was causing the stitch. This also allowed Kei Ming and Wern Tien to catch up which was part of the plan so that I have a pacing partner to bring me through the remaining kilometers.

It was at the remaining 3KM or so that I managed to get my rhythm back and I managed to stick with it till I arrived back at the Bukit Aman carpark clocking 01:51:45 which was rather fast!

And with this, I successfully completed my first ever triple back to back runs in 3 days totalling up to 70KM! Darn, it felt good! For now, a much needed rest is needed which I did not get after the run as I was dragged by Ronnie to Prabu's house for his Deepavali open house where I refueled with a variety of sumptuous Indian food. Back home, I fell into a coma. zzZZ...


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