Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pacemakers Track Meet 2008...

Event: Pacemakers Track Meet 2008
Venue: Kampung Pandan Sport Complex, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 21 September 2008
Time: 7.00am
Distance: Various (200M, 400M, 800M, 1500M, 3000M, 4X400M)
Shoe: Mizuno
By Lionel

The following is on the 1500M distance participated by Lionel.

This was a half day track meet where you run at most three individual events and try to accumulate as many points from those events. However, I was more interested in reliving those memories of running the 1500m back in secondary school. So yah, just the 1500m for me. No eye on the overall champion prize. Back in secondary school, training was 4 - 5 times weekly with lots of hard interval runs. Now, I train differently – just 3 long runs weekly. For those rest days, they involve a bit of strength or other sports. Only recently did I have weekly interval trainings with the Pacemakers. But even with this, I still trained no more than 3 times a week.

So race day. I got up at 6.15am, earlier than expected. Since my race was scheduled at 8.55am, I decided to go for a full breakfast. I reached the race venue at Kampung Pandan around 8am and oh well, we were expectedly behind schedule. Yes, I don’t like that because excessive waiting tires me out. Thankfully, the weather was fine and my race eventually started at 9.30am.

Now, 1500m, and we gathered at the starting line. I thought they could follow the international procedure of starting distance track races. This was to line everyone half a meter behind the starting curve, and on the instruction of ready, everyone ushers themselves to the line. Before running off, an official will run across the starting line to ensure the runners are behind the line. Only after this does the starting gun/horn go off. Try that next time lah. We want a more exciting race =P.

Ok, we started off with no problems. No false start. Richard rocketed off and led the starting pack. In fact, this pack was very much together for the first 600m and I was boxed in several times. During then, my worst position was 8. .

Starting my run comfortably...

Measuring my condition after 600m, I made a move to give myself some running space and came into the final 2 laps second behind Richard. I was happy if I could finish this race behind him. After all, I was more concerned about knowing how my timing would compare to that of my secondary school days. If I wanted to challenge him, it had to be with speed. Endurance? NONO!! This meant I would stick to him as close as possible until the last 80m. If I could do that, I would challenge him to a final sprint.

I continued to maintain my focus on the third lap and managed to close up the gap with Richard. Given my condition, I decided to go one further and overtook him with 450m to go. Yes, I was prepared mentally if he produces some finishing kick. Typically, I would kick with 300m left. But I’m no longer training as a middle distance runner. So I decided to do so for the last 200m instead. While I did kick, I was also afraid from a kick from Richard as well. I looked back with 100m left (something I normally don’t do ok? =P), but my vision was somehow unclear. So ok lah, last 100m, everything for me to pia.

Making my move on Richard...

I was astonished when I crossed the finishing line. Not because I finished first, but more so for the timing. It was a freaking 00:04:48!!! I used to clock similar timings during secondary school and couldn’t believe this timing given the training I’m doing now. My 1500m PB is 00:04:44, done in 2001 and 2002. Richard on the other hand, did the 3000m earlier this morning in 00:10:18. Now, that’s super. My PB for 3000m is 00:10:41, done in 2002 =P. Next year, I’m most likely taking part in the 3000m, and perhaps the relay as well.

Crossing the finish line...

On the whole, I was very pleased with the huge turnout, though sadly, not enough (pretty) girls took part =P. There was a relay, race for kids and people with learning disabilities, plenty of refreshments, and competent officials. Hope to see more participants next year.

Thanks to Ah Fook for the photos. For the full results, hit the link.


C-CUBE said...

Lionel, Bravo...u have run a well calculated race and push yourself at the right time to pull away. It will be interesting to see if both u and Rich running in the 1500m or 3000m with fresh legs!!!!

lionel said...

hmm...perhaps...but i'll need some turbo saucony shoes from you to keep up...hahaha =p

lionel said...

yeah...thx...see u this saturday for the LSD =D