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Injinji Tetratsok...

By Frank
Injinji pronounced as “In-gin-ji” is an African term which describes "when a drumming circle reaches a climax, the peak in the performance, when all of the participants are at one with the rhythm, when everyone hits a stride and there is unison among all".

So, what is this all about? Basically, Injinji are makers of Tetratsok, a quality technical sock for running, cycling, walking, casual and much more. Their trademark, toe socks. Unlike conventional tube socks, Injinji Tetratsok comes with 5 separate “toe pockets” which allows each toe to be separated from the others thus preventing chafing. And with high quality materials like COOLMAX, Nylon and Lycra used to construct the socks, it’s no wonder that Injinji Tetratsok offers superior comfort and performance to athletes all around.

Injinji Tetratsok Performance Mini-Crew as seen above...

Off the shelves...

OK… Enough of all the intro. Here’s a short review. I have been running a lot lately. I have been hammering myself with races after races each week. Even without races, I will myself in a long run. Although I’m able to take it, my poor feet succumbed to blisters. Without enough time to heal, I find myself back in the running scene again. Therefore, I told myself that I needed to do something about it. And thus, just a couple of weeks ago while I was down at Singapore participating in the Sundown Marathon 2008, I dropped by at The Running Lab at Novena Square to buy myself a pair of Injinji Tetratsok Performance Mini-Crew. It costs me SGD23 and although being expensive, it was a worthy investment for my poor feet.

The first time I slip the socks on, it felt weird. It takes a little while to get use to slipping each toe into each individual “toe pockets”, especially when it’s new. After wearing and washing it a couple of times, it should be fine. The socks actually take time to “mold” itself to the feet, just like those memory foam technologies. And when it does, the sock will be ready to show its full potential. First feeling wearing a technical sock is that it sure felt light and cooling. The COOLMAX fabric certainly lives up to its name being able to wick moisture as I ran in the socks. No more soggy feeling and its dryness all the way. As for the toes, no more chafing! Even though if the toes rub against each others, the “toe pockets” which holds each toe in it will “shield” it thus preventing chafing. And not only that, Injinji states that this will help promote healthy circulation as there won’t be any restriction to the feet’s movement.

How it looks like when it's slipped on (those are not my feet though)...

Although I just wore them a couple of times, I’m already loving my Injinji. It’s goodbye to traditional cotton tube socks and trust me that you will love the socks despite the price. Imagine the time you have to spend to endure in the pain of blisters and buying the plasters and medication to ease the pain which is time consuming. Prevention is always better than cure. And Injinji Tetratsok is the answer to it.

For further enquiries on Injinji, please do not hesitate to contact Runnerz Circle at +603-6142 6787 / +6012-395 9598 or at

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